June 22, 2018

I'm here in San Antonio Texas at my parents house and I just got done creating and sending off one of my first large client marketing outlines for one of my first advisory appointments and the marketing outline is about 4600 + words strong Full of my marketing philosophies, full of my strategic channels that I believe are untapped okay? Untapped, from a tax preparation perspective and as I was making this long outline for you no one of our first meetings and looking even looking at what competitors are doing in the space… what I realized is that searching on LinkedIn you know searching for marketing experts on LinkedIn… I just realized that a lot of people in marketing… it doesn't even have to be CPA or law marketing but a lot of people in marketing on LinkedIn in their bio will say that they’re marketing experts okay marketing experts

You know I as I was going through my outline with all of my philosophies and insights and like I said untapped channels I believe I don't claim to be a marketing expert or a marketing Guru okay there's people that will you'll see on ads They’ll pop up, “Hey I'm the marketing expert I'm the marketing Guru” I don't claim to be any of that but I do believe that my clients especially these first few clients will gain a competitive advantage from what their competitors are currently doing in the space okay That's it

I don't claim to be a marketing expert but I definitely know that my clients are going to benefit and get leverage in these marketing channels… get a competitive edge against their competitors You know the thing that I realized searching… if you can go on LinkedIn right now and you search for marketing expert, you'll see you know all these people pop up and you know not to slight competition because I'm really not going to talk about my competition that much I'm just going to bring the results to my clients but a lot of these marketing experts what they'll do is basically run SEO and you know have their ads set up on Facebook and Linkedin through clickfunnels so that their conversion so that their KPIs look really good from a data standpoint… but then the one thing that a lot of these marketing experts are missing is branding and one thing that I believe CPA firms, tax preparation software companies, law firms are lacking is branding in a 2018-2019 environment

So that being said I definitely want to let you know that we also do SEO we also do clickfunnels and we also look at KPIs but one of the main things we focus on is branding in a meaningful way to where in the next year and next two years, I mean clients will, potential clients will know who my clients, who my CPA firms and my law firms, they will just know who they are through branding and not cheesy type of branding and not cheesy type of ads But you will never hear me say that I am a marketing expert you will never hear that from me You'll never see that in my LinkedIn bio As a matter of fact in my linked in bio, to start this whole thing out, to start this venture out… I'm not even calling myself a founder I’m not calling myself a CEO, right? And so, there's a lot of these Marketers out there that will tell you that they're experts when really they just run these click-funnels to get these KPIs to make it look really nice to make to make it look like they're doing a really nice job right? And we do that too and we have people on our team that are really amazing at SEO But SEO isn't the end all be and it definitely isn't the thing that is going to take SEO is not going to be the thing that's going to take your CPA firm your Law Firm your business to the next level and so I'm really excited to talk with one of my first clients on this advisory appointment go over the whole marketing outline, go through some of my philosophies and nowhere in that discussion am I going to say oh I'm a marketing expert, oh I’m a marketing Guru

You know even when even when I'm proclaiming this right now though, I said I wouldn't say I’m a marketing expert but even when they do start calling me a marketing expert or marketing Guru or he's really good at branding in the space There's a lot of people that are really good at that But what you really have to look at is untapped channels untapped potential of your marketing strategy okay You have to look at untapped areas of marketing ads spend and spend marketing dollars in the best way possible You have to spend marketing dollars where the ads, the deals, the affiliate deals, the influencer marketing deals are basically undervalued and so that's what I help my clients do

I basically help them look at the most undervalued channels, the most undervalued ad spends, and then we attack there so that we can get a step ahead of the competition right? So basically all I'm saying here is… say we’re in a million-dollar, a Million Dollar Cook-Off for marketing dollars right? Million Dollar Cook-Off my clients against I don't know a big 4 firm I definitely think my client is going to win because they're going to know where to spend their money their marketing dollars and get a lot of bang for their buck So that's just my thoughts today on what I saw on LinkedIn But go ahead look for yourself search marketing expert, marketing guru All that all that type of nonsense on LinkedIn you know search for yourself and I hope, I hope you get… I'm going to make a lot more videos like this and you know this is pretty raw, raw footage

I'm not in a suit today or anything like that and what you're going to be able to see What you're going to be able to see if you're thinking about working with me is the way I produce my content The way I roll out things, the way I market myself That in a sense, that can be applied to different businesses I'm not saying I market myself the way I market CPA firms or law firms

What I am saying is you'll just be able to see my marketing philosophy my marketing philosophy just by what I'm doing But if you want to be like one of my first clients and get a lot of my insights, a lot of my undervalued strategic marketing channels that I believe you know we can go in there and basically be super-efficient with these ad dollars And if you know anything about boxing be like Floyd Mayweather super-efficient right? He just beat Conor McGregor I know Conor McGregor is not a classic fundamental boxer, but Floyd Mayweather is efficient So that's how I want to have my clients

We want to work really hard We want to work really really hard but we also want to be very efficient to get that extra edge on the competition So I hope that brings you some value today and have a nice day guys Let’s go, that’s the hustle, that’s the process I’m going to make a lot more of these things

I’m going to make a lot more moves and like I said in this video… I don't know if you could even hear me on live but I'm not going to call myself a marketing expert I’m not going to call myself a branding expert or branding guru I mean it's just going to happen and it's going to be evident through the clients I work with and the success that my clients have So very excited

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