What Is Cpa? I Tips On Cpa Marketing

June 22, 2018

hello Tommy Wilson here or so in this video I'm gonna give answers to what is CPA I also will give a few tips when it comes to cashing in with CPA marketing what is cpa CPA stands for cost per action or cost per acquisition and what this means is when I wonder that's useless CPA marketing as an offer he or she can pay commissions on different things they have decided to pay out on like when someone subscribed to news weaponry and becomes a lead when they watch so video where they're taking a trial for a for product or something like that it could be pretty much anything and now CPA marketing is regarded one of the easiest way to make money online simply because quite a lot of vendors pace actually pays Commission for well when someone opts in no signs of Foreman becomes a lead now regarding what is cpa CPA marketing I have a few tips to give and that is even though all you have to do when you're doing CPA marketing it said the traffic quality fact traffic I might add to the the windows landing pages you should always create your own landing page and build your list that way because sure the vendor will follow up with your leads and try to make sales through them but then you have no benefit of those leads you need to build your list yourself so you can promote different things later on to them even if they don't join this CPA offer you have and also when it's about CPI marketing you should always send the quality traffic because you will not get paid by the vendor if you some poor traffic poor traffic can be when low quality leads can be when people never takes action on of all the different offers when they not when they never invest money in something maybe they create an account at some online business and then remove it and stuff like that so always use quality traffic quality traffic can be through Bing ads Facebook ads in some cases social media sites and things like that YouTube ads and stuff like that now if you are interested to cash in on cpa marketing and also want to access our new newbie friendly training but a training fits both newbies and more experienced marketer then i highly recommend that you click the link below this video so thanks so much for watching my videoabout what is cpa, my name is Tommy Olsson and make it a great day bye bye

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