– What's up, everybody? Welcome to Disruptu, episode 40 – [Man] 49 or 50 – Ah, pause Pause, pause – [Man] Just roll with it

– Pause, pause pause Gray this part out or something Alright – [Man] Everywhere you go- – I'm going to YouTube – Cuz Shawn's out there, like burp-shnartin

– [Man] I'm sorry – [Man] That's what that was? – [Man] I tried to hold it in (laughing) – Alright, we gotta stop — We gotta start the whole fuckin' thing (percussive music) – What's up everybody? Welcome to DisruptU, episode 47, I'm Ryan Thogmartin, and this is the Internet's only funeral marketing web show We're back in the saddle we've been traveling over the last two and half months, to various conventions, speaking opportunities, a little bit of family vacation time mixed in there as well I'm happy to be back, check out our new background Shout out to my main man, Bryan Waters, for hooking us up with the dingleberry shirt If you do not understand the meaning behind dingleberry, then you don't go to the dictionary or thesaurus, or Google it, go to our YouTube and find our meme internet comments video

Watch that, you'll understand dingleberry Is there some way to link that video? Link it, link it, fine Click here and link out, and watch that video and then come back if you don't understand the dingleberry reference Okay, happy to be back, three fire questions Here we go, question number One

Gosh dangit, where's the picture at? Or picture, where's the question? Alright, here we go What if Facebook goes away? Uh, this is an interesting question because this is an actual fear that funeral directors have What if we invest all of this money in Facebook, and Facebook just, goes away and isn't relevant anymore Um, who cares? It's a very simple answer Who gives a crap? We're not pitching hell to Facebook, like needing Facebook to be able to grow business, we're leveraging Facebook to be able to grow business

If Facebook goes away, that's fine 22 billion people every month that engage on the platform will go somewhere else There are 14 billion people every single day that log on to Facebook across the globe, anywhere that there are 1

4 billion people every single day engaging on that platform, and you've got the ability to create content to be in front of them, you absolutely should be there So, if Facebook goes away tomorrow, is wiped off the face of the map, to never exist again? Who gives an eff, because there will be something else where all that attention will go, and then it'll all make sense for you, as a funeral home, to be engaging on that platform, and marketing to that consumer So, Facebook is not the relationship of, it's not where we're putting all our bet is on Facebook the company, we're putting all out money into that platform, and the engagement, because the audience that's there It could be Instagram, it could be Roadbook, it could be whatever, if there's 14 billion people engaging there every single day, in your demographic, that we want to engage, that's most profitable for a funeral home is engaging there, then you should absolutely be there as well

So, who cares? Alright, question two That was a very nice flight Very nice Is Instagram there yet? This is another interesting conversation, and the first thing I want to say about this, is there's a fundamental problem when the majority of people asking this question are funeral homes that aren't winning on Facebook yet So stop worrying about what other platforms are there, and start winning on the platforms that are already there, and there's, again, 1

4 billion people, every single day, engaging on the platform, and there's tremendous upside if you do it correctly So, is Instagram there yet? No Does Instagram need to be on your radar, if you're engaging in a Facebook strategy, and you're winning on Facebook, and you're driving leads through Facebook? Yes, Instagram should be on the radar, because that is where the demographic, as they shift from Facebook, or start adopting other networks outside of Facebook as well, that 45-65 year old isn't fully on present on Instagram, like they are on Facebook, so most of the time, we're dealing with limited funds, and limited marketing dollars, so it makes more sense to go all in on Facebook, because there is the largest return and upside there Does it make sense to create content on Instagram, and start playing on that platform so you understand it, and understand attention? Yes, because Instagram absolutely grabs attention, and users spend time on Instagram are seeding different relationship relationships with a brand, not like the relationships, comment back and forth like you have on Facebook, but just awareness of a brand, and engagement with a brand, that builds that brand awareness and the relationship from a brand standpoint, and awareness standpoint, because of attention that's given to a single post that loads on the screen at one time So, there is a lot of value in Instagram, it's not fully there yet, from the standpoint that the demographic the funeral home wants to engage with most, but if we look at demographic that is most engaged, that 25-35 year old, that larger growing demographic there, that is value, because that's the millennial demographic that's going to be eventually planning funerals for parents, and that's who you're going to need to marketing to, and win that attention, so, Instagram, super valuable, but if you're not winning on Facebook yet, let's focus on Facebook and win there, and start building an audience, and then leverage that into growth onto Instagram

Okay, spud me! Okay, now we're getting serious Roller-blades Why do we even have roller-blades at the office? Why do you have roller blades? [Man] Help with filming – Help with filming Okay, interesting

Alright, when does social media become effective? Oh boy, this is a great topic as well, because there is a misconception that Facebook is something that you invest for six or twelve months, into building a Facebook presence, and then you don't have to invest anymore money, and it's just organic, and flurries, and flourishes, and creates a lot of organic engagement, and super valuable, or you just pull the plug on it and go a different direction Facebook absolutely takes time, social media takes time, because if you look at the fundamentals of Facebook, the reason Facebook was created was to connect people This is an engagement and relationship tool This is not a sales platform The biproduct of building good relationships, and having transparency, and having trust, in the engagement with a consumer, to build that, is the ability to then sell, and leverage those relationships, and leverage that trust to sell a product

It's not a sales-first network, it's an engagement network And engagement and building relationship isn't something you only invest six months in then stop So, if you're investing money into Facebook, and you're not seeing results, One, you're probably doing it wrong, and you need to figure out a strategy in the things to do correctly, so you can start measuring ROI Or, you're measuring ROI in the wrong ways Like, the number of likes that your page has

That is a vanity metric, that is not a metric to determine success There are metrics inside of Facebook, where Facebook can map the tendencies of your user and the engagement they have with their brand, and map them and set a bench mark of their ability to then recall something from your brand that they saw on Facebook, which makes them more valuable then someone who just liked you page, and never engages with your content So, there's a lot of different metrics that you should be measuring for success, but this is absolutely not a 6 month investment, or a 12 month and be done investment If you've invested into Facebook for 12 months, then you need to figure out how to make it work, because the upside is huge, where we have clients spending as little as $250 a month on Facebook lead ads, where we're driving leads, after we've build a strategy in engagement, we then leverage that to be able to drive leads, $250 months, average $15,000 in premium sales from that So, super, super valuable, the upside is huge, but it only works when you follow the steps, and you do it correctly

Otherwise you're investing money, and you're going, "Okay, we're pulling the plug after 12 months because we didn't see huge returns," That's not valuable Facebook becomes effective as soon as you give it the respect that it is due, and you actually treat it like a valuable marketing outlet, and not just a side thing kids play on, because it absolutely is not that So, if you want Facebook to be effective, then you need to make the dollar investment, and make it a serious part of your marketing strategy, then, you will see the results, and understand how effective, and how quickly, Facebook can be effective Alright, that wraps up episode 47 I was probably a little rusty, but it feels good to get back on the couch, and answer some questions that we get on a reoccurring basis as we travel

So look for a lot more content coming from us now, that we're back off the road for a little while A lot of exciting things happening in the funeral profession, and this conversation is becoming more understandable to a large majority of funeral professionals, and there's some real serious players, that are getting into the game and understanding the value of social, and we're also working with a number of very small family owned funeral homes, who are finding the opportunity to level the playing field, with larger competitors, and actually steal market share from those competitors, in areas where they have not been able to do so before, because of the underpriced attention that is available across Facebook So, until next time, keep disrupting (percussive music)

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