#UXRETAIL: Adrià Montiel, Mobile Product Owner en MANGO

July 11, 2018

The UX is necessary in retail and fashion because it is a way of thinking That is, it is looking for solutions to problems

So, the people who dedicate themselves to the UX, whatever title they have, they have a very specific way of thinking It will affect the retail market and will affect the market of how to produce chairs That is, you will always need someone to think about that design and make it usable It is necessary in any field, not only in retail I see it much more dispersed than it is now

I see more specialized profiles UX profiles in physical store, for example, that dominate the whole merchandising theme In fact they are profiles that exist, that are not called UX But if it is interesting that, maybe with the "expertise" that there is today in digital, people that already exist with "merchan" profiles in store, Apply as for example, research techniques in your physical store area That necessary work that you have to do with different stakeholders, to find omnichannel solutions, people who have great emotional intelligence, service designers, product designers, that are capable of gathering specialized minds in different areas and unite them to create solutions, those people are the ones who will pull forward and that is a great challenge that exists in retail and fashion

Source: Youtube