Trends 2018 – Mobile

August 1, 2018

We see mobile continuing to be an important trend in 2018, especially in four areas One, the shift of access control to mobile – using your smartphone as the key to open doors

Two, the increased use of mobile phones as an authenticator for online banking Three, the shift to having your driver's license on your phone And four, the shift to using your phone as your ticket to a sporting event or concert In the area of access control, until recently, the notion of a credential on a mobile phone was a niche for a small segment of the market However, that is changing

2017 was the year mobile access went mainstream and we see this accelerating in 2018 Mobile access is providing efficiency and, in fact, delivering higher security compared to legacy access control implementations The smartphone is becoming a central platform for so many different applications, and it is no different to the world of trusted identities This has become a mobile-first world; cloud services and mobile phones open new possibilities to provide better control, more transparency and, let's face it, a cool factor that people love

Source: Youtube