The #1 Strategy to Promote Affiliate Products Online

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Welcome to this free video training In this video, I'm gonna talk to you guys about affiliate marketing And specifically, how to promote affiliate offers properly the right way to help you get started with your affiliate marketing business, to help you make commissions online fast as possible And today, I'm gonna be talking you about the number one strategy you should be doing to promote affiliate offers, products online, and everything you need to build your online business You're gonna learn how to make money, like super affiliates do

And some people get really lazy when promoting products online They don't really know how to do it properly, but if you do this one step that other super affiliates are doing, differently than what you're probably doing, you're going to start seeing some awesome results And if you haven't already, please subscribe to my YouTube video channel, where I'll be providing you with awesome value information about affiliate marketing and how to get started with affiliate marketing Also, click on the bell notification button so you can get notified when a new video is out Please like and share this video and feel free to leave any comments you may have about getting started with affiliate marketing

Plus, don't forget to checkout my free training course Commission Hijack, my step-by-step strategies on exactly how you can get started online as an affiliate marketer Alright, let's get started (pop music) So, when it comes to selling affiliate products online, there's just one thing that a lot of newbies don't do, and or selling anything And the fact is that you have to have a good reason why they would wanna buy products from you Plus, they need to gain trust from you when selling the offer

And this is where preselling comes in So what is preselling? In a nutshell, preselling is the process of getting someone to buy any product or service that you're recommending And this is an important strategy to implement Because if don't do this, people won't buy from you And you won't be able to make any money online

You just can't go and send traffic to an offer hoping someone's gonna buy it As I said, I made this mistake myself and it took me a while to figure out why people are not buying products from me And you gotta presell the offer This is really important So, how do you do it? So I'm gonna give you some examples so don't worry if you don't know how

So, what you need to do is create what's called a presell page So instead of sending traffic straight to the offer, so, let me just draw it out here for you guys So say this is your offer here, it could be a ClickBank product or (mumbles) or any affiliate offer Just write it out here And say you gotta send traffic to this offer

There is one thing you should be doing before you send traffic directly to this offer A lot of people don't do this So, instead of sending traffic directly like that, we need to add what's called a presell page So, we need to add an another step inside the funnel, the sales funnel And this is called the presell

Here we are, presell page And what we need to do is presell the offer before you send them directly back to this page here like that And this is gonna do a lot for you and by doing this step, it's really important So, even though you have a really good offer and send people directly to the offer, people aren't gonna buy straight away So, let's talk about the contents of this page, of the presell page

So, what I usually do is what I do is when I'm promoting affiliate products or services, is I review the product that I'm promoting in a form of a blog post And this is the first thing that I usually do Is I put a headline on top of the page And the headline has to be congruent to the offer So, if you have access to the offer, try to get the sales page and you can put the headline, mimic the sales page, as long as its congruent to the offer

Make sure it's not misleading or anything And so the headline's really important And then, what you want to do after the headline is do a video And doing a video is really important because it does a couple of things It gives you authority

Giving authority from people who will buy from you And what I usually do is I like to show them inside the product and what they're going to be getting As I have said, this helps to build trust, and authority, and credibility If you don't even have this on your page, then that's okay Don't worry about it because if you don't know how to do it, I'm gonna talk to you about that inside my course, Commission Hijack

So, then what I do after I have this video here, I put a call to action button I put a button here that sends them straight to the offer And then, after that, what you need to do is I'm gonna talk about what the product is all about I talk about prices and upsells And then I do something different what other affiliates don't do

And then what I do is prefer what's called (mumbles) bonuses Because you're getting competing with so many affiliates out there And by having your own bonuses, it's really important because as I said, you're competing with so many other people out there And you want to really stand out from the crowd And the best way to stand out is to provide something to your buyers that will compliment the training and which will help your customers out even further

If you see what other super affiliates are doing, then you're gonna see that they are actually providing bonuses So, providing bonuses is really important as I said And after this section, what I like to do is put some income proof such as (mumbles) So, if you can get some (mumbles) from the sales page, that's really good And then what I do after that is I have another button call to action that sends them straight back to their (mumbles) or sales page

And this is what other super affiliates are doing as well And if you're not sure how to structure your reviews, put bonuses together, don't worry about it, because that's all easy And it's really easy to do and build And if you take these extra steps to build pages like this, you're gonna find that your sales are going to improve Yeah, so, if you start putting these pages like this together

And inside my course, Commission Hijacks, I'm gonna show you step by step on how to actually set up all this stuff Plus, I'm gonna show you how to get free traffic to these pages too So, all you have to do now guys is take action and implement this, what I have shown you into your business And I'm pretty sure that you're gonna start setting more results in your affiliate marketing business And if you wanna know more about how to put these pages together, it's not really that hard

All you have to do is get my free course which by clicking on the link in the description area below this video So, I hope you have found this training informative I'm looking forward to seeing your success stories and we'll see you inside of Commission Hijack (pop music)

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