The #1 Email Marketing Strategy In 2018 (Free Tips & Tutorial)

in this video I'm gonna give you an email marketing strategy for making big money with emails in 2018 in fact the method which I'm gonna give you is an evergreen method which has been working for me since 2013 and as long as you follow the simple steps I give you in this video this method will work for you for years and years to come now this training is based upon a recent presentation I gave to over 200 entrepreneurs in Florida and they all pay 297 dollars to be in the room people also flew in from as far away as Australia to grab this information that I'm gonna give to you today for 100% free to grab a pen and paper and let's go inside and get ready to take notes because this email marketing strategy is an absolute goldmine let's go hey Ben Martin here and welcome to this presentation now what you're about to hear is a recorded version of the exact presentation I gave on the 20th of April 2018 an event over in Florida where over 200 entrepreneurs all flew in to Orlando to hear myself and a group of other speakers give presentations on internet marketing now each of those entrepreneurs in the room paid 297 dollars to be there plus F plus the cost of staying as a hotel for 3 to 5 days so what you're gonna get here is well over $500 in value and we're going to deliver the exact same presentation that they paid for and this is an exclusive bonus I've never released this at any time before so if you do have this in your possession I highly recommend that you hold onto this and you go through and you implement it now before we dive into this training presentation I want to ask you a very very serious question the question is this what do you do when you wake up one morning and you suddenly realize that all of your hopes and dreams of death you know when you've hit rock bottom and you've tried to pick yourself up over and over and over again but you just keep on hitting brick wall after brick wall after brick wall where do you go from there because you know I've been there my friend and and maybe you're there right now and if you are then what I promise you is at the end of this presentation you are going to have a breakthrough if you take what I share with you in this presentation and you apply it you were gonna have a breakthrough that's so powerful in your life and business over the next few months that you will scarcely believe that that breakthrough happened to you but if I could summarize my life between 2010 and really late 2013 I would summarize it in this way debt depression and death those were really the three words I would use to most accurately sum up my existence between the years 2010 and 2013 and I say existence because there's a big difference between living and existing and maybe you feel like right now you're just existing in life well I know exactly how you feel because I've been there and you know when I say death this is exactly what I mean I mean going to bed at night and praying that God would take me in my sleep because I just couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel for my crappy life I mean waking up in the morning I'm wishing I had a loaded gun so that I could hold it to my head and pulled the trigger now I was in a financial spiritual and mental Prison and no this is not a cartoonist impression of medium time in Guantanamo Bay this is a picture to express the kind of financial spiritual mental prison that I was in that many many people who I speak to are currently living in and maybe you feel like you're living in this prison right now now obviously you're not in a room with me now but if if you can go through this with me as if you are in the room you know when you see things like this slide actually go through with me raise your hand nod your head do something to signify that you can identify with this so raise your hand if you've ever been in such a dark place in your life that you couldn't see the way else maybe that's you you're probably wondering well how did you escape this situation when you turn your life around well Ilia realized that one stage of the game that you're just ten many email away and I want you to hold on to that thoughts and hold on to that phrase because it's something that is going to be the foundation that helps you to break free out of the prison that you're currently potentially in so this is my life before what I like to call the code the email code I was basically living a broken sad life in a dark bedroom in the UK you know I was just like living a hand-to-mouth existence and barely even that at times you know I was going through moments where couldn't pay bills I couldn't put groceries on the table on more than two occasions I've gone three nights three days and nights without being able to eat because I just simply couldn't afford to get food now I've been in some pretty tight situations in my life I'm the room that I used to live in actually overlooked to drug dance it's crazy but it's no joke heroin addicts and drug dealers used to do business by the gray apartment blocks across the street from my window now this is my life after the code once I discovered the simple truth that you're just a 10-minute email away I was able to live this happy life with my girlfriend on a beautiful Caribbean island and actually since between 2014 and now 2018 when were in May two thousand eighteen I believe around about the ninth or the 10th of May at the time of this recording I've been blessed enough to live in two different Caribbean countries over the last couple of over the last couple of years you know I've swum of stingrays I get to hang out drinking coconut water on the beach on a Monday with strange people photobombing me now I get to enjoy Christmas time in the States and I've just basically had some very very cool experiences today in this presentation I want to talk to you about email marketing jailbreak and how to turn simple stories into four hundred and fifty-one thousand seven hundred forty nine dollars per year cash in your bank in only thirty minutes per day or less and the good news is you don't need to be a copywriter or National Spelling Bee champion to do this so here's some quick housekeeping rules I like to grab a pen and paper to take notes off this presentation I want you to shut off your phone on Facebook and I'm being serious here learn to focus on the task at hand it's that this focus is a big big key to success so shut out all distractions right now you may hear some distractions over on my end of the recording dogs barking whatever butcher shut out every distraction and pay very close attention to the words that I'm saying and obviously I can't take questions at the end because this is a recording but you can email me at is n for November Ben Martin at gmail

com with any questions you may have and I'll try and answer there as promptly as possible so I want to also know that what I'm going to share with you in this presentation has nothing to do with anything technical now I'm not a technical person at all in fact back in 2010 I didn't even know what email marketing was in fact I could barely even open an email never mind write one and even to this day you know when it comes to technical stuff I just know the basics of what I need to know to do a few things outside of that I'm pretty much clueless again I want to remind you that I was in this financial spiritual and mental prison and you might feel like you're in one of those right now I promise you stick around to the end of this training video implement what I say and you'll soon be free from that prison now here's some signs you're a prisoner just in case you're wondering maybe spending all day on social media maybe you're spamming Facebook groups may be your forever buying bright shiny objects maybe you stay online for hours and you're rarely making any money maybe you're doing stuff but nothing as effective maybe you're never having enough money to pay your bills maybe you're living from paycheck to paycheck now be honest with me can you relate to any of the things I just mentioned on the previous slides and maybe you came to this presentation feeling at rock-bottom maybe you scraped and saved every penny not to be in this room but maybe you're scraping and saving every penny you can just to keep your online business going and just to get by in life now maybe you feel confused about making money online maybe you need a breakthrough in your business maybe you just want a simple method that works well remember you're just a 10-minute email away do you want to be free well I'm going to tell you how to create freedom in your life starting today and just excuse me I just bumped forwards a million slides but you know I'm not gonna I'm not gonna go back and rerecord this is like just things happen right gotta learn to roll with the punches in life and that's kind of a good you know object lesson right there things can come up all the time that you're not expecting that to throw you off in life and in business you just have to learn to roll with the punches but I'm gonna tell you how to create freedom in your life starting today and you're gonna discover how anybody can get results like this easily so again this is not to impress you but to impress upon you what is possible for just normal people like me and more importantly like you he's some snapshots of earnings made in one day three thousand three hundred dollars in a day six hundred fifty six thousand forty eight cents in a day he's a snapshot of how I made 17 thousand four hundred and four dollars and nine cents in just one single day I know I regularly taught leaderboards normally I do affiliate contest on my own and I pretty much win them or come in the top two or three will here you can see me at the top of a leaderboard where I actually teamed up with somebody under the name team Expendables here's somebody I helped out and you know it's not all about making millions for some people maybe this is you too it's just about making your first dollar or first hundred dollars a friend of mine Brian Alice said I sent out two emails a day and he said I can't lie it feels good to be consistently having positive income days online it's taken me a while to get here it's been the greatest struggle of my life and then he goes on to thank me and some other people for helping him get there now do you want to know the three biggest keys to make in my 10 minute a mail system work well here they are key number one subject lines that grab people's attention and keep its key number two entertaining stories key number three diagnosis sickness and prescribe the cure so let's talk about key number one in detail subjet lines that grab people's attention and keep it's so attention-grabbing subject lines writes you got to be grabbing attention somebody far wiser than me once said to me BAM if you want to make a lot of money in life you've got to learn how to get people's attention you got to grab it and then how to keep it because if people won't give you that time and attention then there sure is how won't give you their morning so your subject lines must grab attention you must use variety numbered lists XYZ guru is wrong etc etc so you know think gossip magazines and and you know those kind of headlines 21 easy ways to lose weight to lose 10 pounds of next three days or XYZ guru is wrong why Russell Brunson is wrong you know use variety use power words like money faster quicker easier simple bigger we all want to do things faster quicker easier we all like simple we all want to make bigger income never ever ever use click beats you got to make your subject lines attention-grabbing but fooling people pisses them off so don't just use a subject line just to try and get and open in the hopes that you can trick somebody into buying you will ruin your reputation and you know experiment experiment experiment experiment play around and find which type of subject line works best for you but before although do not be boring repetitive and sound like every other cookie cutter marketer on the planet who sends people into deep sleep to have their email subject lines subject lines such as how to make $100 per day in the next 3 seconds how many times have you got that kind of stuff in your inbox you know you probably see 50 million times a day right or 247 good day automated system and sides now do I use Uzi subjet lines in my business yes I do from time to time but you have to mix them up with subject lines which scream personal touch like why I kick my chihuahua in the face this morning and don't worry I didn't purposely dropkick my chihuahua in the face it was actually an accident and there's a whole story behind it or snake in the toilets or you a YouTube celebrity three email tips from Count Dracula can you feel the difference between my subject lines and most of the subject lines you get in your inbox remember your just attend many email away so let's talk about key number two entertaining stories entertaining stories are what makes you the money when it comes to email marketer so all I do is focus on sharing stories with my subscribers which bring entertainment to their dreary lives and then I relate it back to a product the reality is that people are very bored with their life and they're looking for a distraction and you can bring that destruction and that entertainment in the form of a story and you're probably thinking well that's great then but where do you even get these stories from while you get those stories from your own life but then nothing anxiety never happens in my dull and dreary snoozefest of alive woe is me yes it does it really does you've just been moving way too fast to see the morning my friends from now on what I want to do is I want you to slow down and notice the small details notice the birds chirping in the trees notice as I'm recording us four dogs barking in the distance and the tree frogs chirping which sounds like car alarms treat your life like a movie every hour in your life is a brand new scene emails are happening around you all the time you just need to slow down take notes about the small things and learn how to turn those small events into money later now here are some daily events which can be used in emails driving to work through rush-hour traffic could become an email taking the garbage out could become an email going fishing could be an email eating lunch at your favorite restaurant could be an email feeding your dog could be an email putting gas in your car could be an email a snake in your toilet which is something very real that happened to me in the Bahamas could be an email so let's talk about that email and that events that I turned into an email right now so I wrote this email with the subject line snake in the toilets and the email said this this morning while going to the bathroom to pee something happened which shocked me to my core as I open the bathroom door and began to undo my zipper I suddenly noticed a Python crawling out of my toilets no freaking kidding Chico this really happened so what did I do but like the brave soul I am I put my hand over my eyes and moon walked back out the door this one expecting event reminds me of the snake oil salesmen in affiliate marketing you know the ones who always seem to sliver around styling crap too and expecting victims sadly the internet is full of these deceitful serpents but one of the guys online I trust with my life has Tom he's a stand-up dude who truly loves helping newbies have their fears one hundred dollar day and he just released a brand new software which helps you get free traffic to your affiliate links and unlike most other software's like this which promise you heaven and earth but massively under deliver this won't come back to bite you in the ass but it will help you sliver easy commissions into your bank accounts visit this page now to see in action Ben Martin now are you beginning to see how easy this is I just took a story from my everyday life I turned it into an email where I told the story and then I related it back to affiliate marketing in fact you know or I can actually do this but I was gonna say and this is what I said when I did this live I said let's have a challenge right now I've got somebody to raise their hand for me and give me something which happened in their life that day that I could turn into an email I can't do this in a recording but you know maybe maybe if you're one of the first three people to email me with a something that happened to you I'll turn it into an email for you and send it back to you and you can use it in your business to make some money remember my friend you're just a 10-minute email away so let's talk about key number three then diagnosis sickness and prescribe the cure for the most part your subscribers are trapped they're in it they're in a prison they're trapped in this mental physical spiritual financial emotional prison now the job of your email is to highlight and even agitate the pain in their lives but if you were to start there then you wouldn't make any money and your subscriber would still be left in pain excuse me for the funky display not sure what's going on there but hey as I said you just got to learn to roll with the punches you know you have to prescribe the cure diagnosing the pain on its own is not enough if you're gonna diagnose the pain prescribe them the cure – so we're gonna break down this subject line snake in the toilets so I started off again this email this morning while going to the bathroom to pee something happened which shot me to my core as I open the bathroom door and began to undo my zipper I suddenly noticed a python crawling out on my toilet no freaking kidding Chico this really happened so what did I do well like the brave soul I am I put my hand over my eyes and moon what's out though of the door so here I'm just telling a story I'm setting the scene but then I transition this is called the transition or the segue I'm about to transition and segue from a funny story into sallying the product bought because I entertained my subscriber they're not gonna feel like I'm sorry they're not gonna see me as a pushy car salesman they're just gonna see him as a friend who's basically showing them the cure to their pain so I said this unexpected event reminds me with the snake oil salesman and affiliate marketing and basically what I did here is I created an enemy and someone that they can blame whether you realize this or not people do not do not want to blame themselves for the problems and pains in their life most people want to blame other people even when it's their fault so do not fight against this natural tendency people have create an enemy and someone else they can blame which in this case was a snake oil salesman of affiliate marketing and then I went on to say you know the ones who always seem to sliver around selling crap to and expecting victims suddenly the internet is full these deceitful serpents but one of the guys online I trust of my life is Tom he's a stand-up dude who true those helping newbies have their first hundred dollar day so what I did here was I created a hero who leads them to the money now the hero could be a person it could be a software it could be a combination of the two but the point is creating a hero somebody who's gonna come and rescue your subscriber like Superman in the movies it's very powerful and I said he just released a brand new software which helps you get free traffic to your affiliate links the cure to their pain is a software that does the work for them typically people are lazy and they don't want to do a bunch of work they want a software or a mechanism or a system that does a lot of the heavy lifting for them so give that to them give people what they want and then I say unlike most of the software's like this which promise you heaven and earth but massively on to deliver this won't come back to bite you in the ass so I highlight the pain that they'd previously been for I talk about all the times they've been let down in the past by other products and software's that just didn't live up to the hype but it will help you sliver easy commissions into your bank accounts so I give them a cure again money in their bank account people want to get morning and then I say visit this page now to see in an action I clearly tell people what to do next I give them a call to action the amount of times I see people write emails and then give no call to action to buy something is astonishing if you're going to go through the time and effort of writing an email and highlighting people's pain give them a cure and give them a call to action do yourself and them a favor you get paid they get the problem in their life solved so I want to ask you a question have you enjoyed this training session did some light bulbs go off in your head in the 24 minutes and five seconds we've been on here so far because here's a summary one you need to get people on your list using free and paid traffic or buyers traffic whatever kind of targeted traffic you can get you can use jvzoo to find quality affiliate offers that cure people's pain you can visit the sales pages of those offers and grab subject line ideas you can take those ideas and stories from your own life and turn them into email campaigns which once you practice this for the next 30 60 or 90 days will literally take you ten minutes per email or even less in many cases and by doing this this is the type of life I've been able to create this is this is actually the view or was the view from the house I was living out over here in Antigua I've actually moved now to be Chloe even closer to the beach I can literally almost touch the ocean from my front door now and remember your life is a movie each hours a brand new scene you're just a 10-minute email away listen if you got massive value from this presentation then depending on where you're watching us you know if you're watching this on YouTube which is highly likely then in the description box below you're gonna find a link to my flagship email marketing course called mailing for money if you want to go even in even more depth about my you know my email system because obviously in the twenty five minutes here I couldn't go into massive depth on every aspect of my 10-minute system but I sure hope I gave you a great taste and something you could actually use and that is actually actionable in terms of making money but if you want to go deeper click the link in the description box below this video and go check out mailing for money and I highly recommend you pick that up on the inside you're gonna get my full ten-minute email system you're gonna get all the training steps it's very very very simple and also you're gonna get a bonus of a an interview I did with one of the top solo ad vendors out there where we talked about how to grow your list with traffic in particular solo wise thank you for tuning into this also feel free to leave me a comment below in the comment section if you're watching this on YouTube – I'll see you on the beaches of the world

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