Tatango – How to Send Mass Text Messages

August 7, 2018

I'm Derek Johnson with tatangocom

Today I'm gonna show you how to send a mass text message to your subscribers using the Tatango software So, the first thing is, you have to get customers to opt-in In this specific case in this demo campaign, they're opting in with their mobile phone by texting a keyword to a short code A short code is a five to six digit phone number In this campaign I only have one subscriber, but you can imagine that you would have thousands or even millions of subscribers in your campaign for your business

When you're ready to send a message, all you have to do is click Messaging And then you click New Message And it's gonna give you the option to send an SMS or an MMS message Right now, I'm gonna show you how to send an SMS message or a text message And a text message is 160 characters of plain text

Now, that plain text can include a phone number or link or just regular text An MMS message, on the other hand, can include up to 500 characters of text, a subject line, and some type of media content, such as a static image, an animated image or a gif, or a video So, again, I'm gonna show you what an SMS message looks like Now, again, I only have one subscriber in my campaign, but you can imagine this could be, you know, thousands or millions of subscribers here on this page So, I have 160 characters because in the United States a text message or an SMS message is limited to 160 characters

So, as I type out my message, let's say, you know, "acme retail: show this text message for 50% off your purchase" As I type out my message, you can see here the counter of the characters that are available continues to go down, and once you reach zero it won't let you send the message So you have to keep it within 160 characters So there are a lot of differentnow, this is just the basic message If you wanna click send message right now, it will go out to all your subscribers This is the basic kind of functionality of the Tatango software Then as you can see, there's a lot of different features and functionality that can be added to a basic message

So, the first one is you can shorten a URL And you can actually track how many people click on that URL I'm going to shorten the URL tatangocom and it automatically puts it into the message as you can see here in this preview And then Tatango will track how many people click on that link and give you that data so you can look at and analyze the success of your message

Another option is to insert merge tags So, a merge tag essentially takes information about each subscriber that is going to receive the message and puts it into the message itself So, popular merge tags are things like their first name, or their email address, or their ZIP Code I'm going to select the phone number just as an example So, show your, you know, phone number, something like that

And this essentially, this merge tag, will pull in and insert or merge, each person's phone number that is receiving this message Now, what's really nice about Tatango is there's a preview screen here, but if I click View Dynamic Data, it will actually let me go throughNow, if I had multiple subscribers, I could go through and click through each subscriber

But, since this is the only subscriber I have, I can see that the merge tag here is being replaced by my actual phone number So, it's a great way to just ensure that you're structuring the message correctly Then another feature is you can insert coupon codes And as you can see here we have many different coupon code sets Now, a coupon code is a unique code that is sent to only one subscriber, and each individual subscriber will receive their own unique coupon code

And as I was going through these right here, I just uploaded the TEST_UPLOAD coupon code set And it looks like I have one coupon code left out of the three that I've uploaded to that set So, if I go in here and I click refresh, it will show that the coupon code for this specific subscriber, this phone number, will be 123 If I have multiple subscribers, they will get a different coupon code but from that same set This is usually used by businesses that can in their point-of-sale system track or restrict coupon codes for only one-time use

So, this means I can't share this coupon code with all my friends and then they get the 50% off as well Once it's used once at the point of sale, it's canceled out So, some pretty cool features that you can insert into a basic text message Then you come down here and you have the option to send the message now, which once you click send, it sends to everybody or you can click Schedule There's a bunch of different options down here on how you can schedule your message

The first option is when you'd like to schedule your message On Exactly is going to be a message that is scheduled in the future that sends to all of your subscribers at the same time This one is used primarily for coupons or promotions from businesses Now, there are some different options down here which are, After All Opt-in, After Initial Opt-in, After Non-Initial Opt-in and then Birthday These After Opt-in messages are usually scheduled once and then left for the entire lifetime of the campaign

Those messages are for usually, rewards or coupons after someone opts in and they're sent immediately after they opt in So, that can be set and kind of forgot Birthday messages can be triggered before or after a person's birthday if you have their birthday stored in Tatango But for this demo, I'm just gonna use On Exactly I'm gonna click this calendar here

And I can go in, and I can schedule messages years in advance, or days in advance I'm gonna go in and schedule it for one day in advance, I'm gonna change it from 1:00 am to 1:00 pm

And then, as I go down here you'll see I have two options, I can send based on my time zone, which is the business time zone I am in Pacific time zone Or if you're a national business, you can send based on your subscriber's time zone So, if, let's say, my business is headquartered in the Pacific time zone, but I have locations in all different time zones, and I have customers in all different time zones, I'd usually wanna select this option because it'll send at let's say 1:00 pm

in each time zone So, the message will be continually sending during the day to hit each one of the time zones and make sure your message arrives at the exact same time for all your subscribers no matter what time zone they're in Another great feature here besides just looking at the message in the preview over here is you can send a test message Now, this test message can be to yourself So, this would be to me

Or, I can include team numbers on to the text message, or the test message by just putting a comma, and a space So, I could put, you know, team members' phone numbers as well into here, and they would receive the message as well as I would All I do is click Send Test Message, and then a test would be sent to those phone numbers So, I can see how it looks on the phone, click on the link, make sure it's all working, and see if there's any issues I need to resolve before sending to everybody on my list The one last feature we have at the very, very bottom down here is, if you wanna send to everybody on your list, you don't need to worry about this, you just need to click "Send to the entire list

" But, if there's some reason that you want to segment your list and only send to a specific portion of your list, you're gonna want to "Send to segments within the list" You're gonna wanna select this radio button As you can see here, it drops down and gives you some options You can say subscribers match any or all of the following options Most people select "any," and that's what I'm gonna do for this demo

I'm gonna add a segment So, the segment is "Subscribers match any of the following conditions" And then I can go in here and I can select any one of these custom fields or default fields with Tatango, and I can segment my message to only subscribers that match these fields So, because I only have one subscriber, it's not gonna show you exactly the power of this feature, but I can go through and make a quick segment just to give you an idea So, let's say, first I want to send a message to subscribers that where the state is, and I'm gonna select California, and the age is, let's say, less than 32 years old

So, this is really cool, I can build a segment of subscribers Now, let's say I have a million subscribers, million phone numbers that have opted in I can go in here and narrow this down to a couple thousand phone numbers because this would be people that either match their state is in California or their age is less than 32 I could also go and select "all," and that would mean that the person has to be in California and has to betheir age has to be less than 32 So, you can go in here and again customize any of this You can delete a segment, add a segment You can add as many segments as you want to here

And you can always click Refresh Segment here to see how big that segment will be Now, because I only have one subscriber, this zero segment Either there's zero subscribers that match, you know, these specific segments that I've built here But you get that idea Then, all you have to do is, once your message has been completely set, your segments have been set, you've sent a test message to yourself and maybe to your team and they've got approval on that message

Then, all you need to do is click schedule the message and then we'll have a pop-up confirmation, once you click again "Schedule SMS message," it's going to go to either all your subscribers, if you have not segmented your message, or that specific set of your subscribers Once it sends, after a while you'll start getting data back on the sent message report, and that'll include things like how many messages were successfully sent, if people replied to the message, even how many people clicked on the link if you're using a link that can be tracked So, again, that's how to send a SMS message using the Tatango SMS marketing software

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