Sydney Digital Marketing Hustle 25 What’s Your Digital Marketing Battle Strategy?

Strategy The most famous battles in the world have been decided on strategy And each battle has armies / army’s made up of different units with different functions

You don’t send in your infantry first – you send in the commandos to do some reconnaissance or suss out the enemy and their weak spots Now I don’t condone war or fighting but the analagy can be used with your online marketing Each platform / social media, your website, email marketing and search marketing all have a strategic role to play in your marketing plan so you can win – against the competition Let’s break this down very simply into where each one fits in your battle First off we always carry out a competitive analysis / let’s see who the competition is online /- what keywords are they using and how much traffic are they generating – what’s their adwords spend and what are the ads they’re using to drive customers and prospects to their websites? Armed with this knowledge we can then start to understand what work needs to be carried out when building our own strategy and what sort of budgets will we need to compete

and win the battle you don’t know where to start then hit the link above and we’ll run one for you Next – social media marketing – this is where we use the targeting and reach of social Media to build awareness of our brand or product 2 this is the content marketing crossover – your going to want to deliver content that engages educates informs and adds value to their day or life This can be in the form of video, a PDF or ebook download or if you’re geared up for it a webinar or podcast i- f your thinking of podcasting check out anchorfm as a great podcasting tool Remember the idea is we need to get people across to our website so we can then capture their email adress so we own the conversation not Facebook LinkedIn or Instagram

Then once we have them on our website we can now remarket to them yet they leave with an incentive to return such as free shipping 2 for 1 or a coupon code to receive a discount Now you know when you visit a website and that annoying pop over comes up that asks you to sign up and get 15% off your first order ? The reason companies do that is to build there database – they know that once they have your email they can then hammer you with emails to get additional purchases from on you – in fact it’s almost worth offering the most you can off the first purchase as you have the potential customer right here on your store – just the fact they are here indicates some level of interest so do your best to convert them there on the spot You can always make up the lost margin or profit from the next purchases Now this sits outside of this hustle but customer experience – you need to surprise and delight your customer with the service they receive once they become a customer / this builds loyalty / and advocacy – where they start to tell friends A bit like getting a share on Facebook – likes and comments are great but shares are where it’s at Feel free to hit the share button right now if you like ! So once you have a new subscriber you want to ensure you have an automated flow of messaging set up on your email marketing platform – and then going forward you can start to segment your database into various groups

And lastly no digital campaign is complete without a small or large adwords campaign for search – this is the intent part of the strategy and alongside organic search this should be your highest converting channel – the only thing we haven’t touched on here is SEO (search engine optimisation) which I’m going to talk about next week So to recap Competitive analysis – see what the competition is doing – if you don’t know how to do this ahead on over to our site from the link above Social media marketing – chose a platform or platforms and remember the message or call to action needs to vary according to where your ad is placed – Facebook messaging should be different to LinkedIn Number 3 – focus on growing your email database so you can Own the conversation and make sure you segment your base according to the actions each subscriber has taken And finally Adwords ensure you have a smart adwords campaign set up with tightly focused keywords so your cost per click is as low as possible Next week we’ll talk about SEO and a I’ll have some tips for a few quick wins you can achieve by yourself That’s it for now this is the Hustle – I'm simon Gould I'm the Managing Director at Sydney Digital Marketing – we help business achieve growth sales and more profits using smart digital strategy

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