Selbstvertrauen für Facebook-Videos | Folge 53 Facebook-Marketing leicht gemacht

Hello, my dears and welcome to facebook marketing made easy I Today I have a theme that always comes to my mind again and again: "Me I'm not good enough in front of the camera to make live videos

"I have to now definitely appeal, because all those who have this belief, You have to listen or watch this episode, because it is really important that you make live videos Why exactly, of course, I still explain, but I know that many of you just do not dare I know that very well well, that's a super good excuse that I had earlier when it was the live Videos did not even exist I did the videos when it was live Videos as they are today – since 2016 – has not really given And that was actually going on for me with 1-minute videos

I have one in 2015 minutes of videos made for facebook so put a small mini tip into it and then uploaded it to facebook and got a playlist out of it I also uploaded that to youtube and the videos are real miserable, I've only got to really make videos where I am Show yourself I was clever at the one minutes videos because I have just shown my screen yes and not not myself and really dared to show myself I have only after the kathrin luz 's challenge was a video challenge at that time and then we had to record videos and I know how I am Sitting on the couch and talking about my story and living that looked to me so that I sat on the couch I have that tripod put my camera mounted on it then had a digicam i've pressed on record and i've got about every ten I had a mistake because I tried the text to one to talk and to really memorize I had me wrote it down and then wanted it as I wrote it down to me then again there was a tinny listen So it was like I did not rehearse that was what I had and I have constantly made mistakes that is the video I think it was about cut at least 100 times for three minutes if not even more often and it was just miserable I thought then I do nice crossfades back in those days with the windows movie maker i did back then I used it so that it is not so obvious that I am here constantly made any mistakes and that's what it looked like at the time I cut very much I did not feel well at all That's why I tried very hard to learn and there really was very much changed why do we have the problem now that if we do not have any make videos if we do not trust that we then facebook not so can use as us the platform what really offers and it is just so we have to start and I just realized than me I started this challenge, the first videos were miserable and it has it took me a long time to give it a long time For example, I noticed that my background warns my wall was painted yellow so a yellowish tone that I might not be so good tolerated with my pink top part yes that was the first that I good light i need good technique and webcam for example had i didnt do anything then i just took my laptop webcam as i did after that more frequent videos were done so i really only had the technique I just have the disposal I have the sound only on the laptop camera made and I really have a relatively expensive here I think 15 euros headset so very basic in my equipment and that was already my master course also ran that means all the webinars I did about it i did my very first webinar with this simple technique a yellow background and I was wondering why that somehow so funny It looks like it was somehow late at night and the light has been in the room totally thrown the shadow on my face but that was me in the moment No matter and I think that's very important why is it just now problem that you do not dare because we have on facebook yes, this time possibility to go live this is not so long the case 2017 was like that really this live video yes and I still notice that extremely many It does not make that extremely many people do not go live on facebook and these Do not use the range because I really can take a look behind the scenes take in my statistics, the only thing I am really good works and what is right reach currently are live videos just such a recorded video does not even approximate the reach a live video brings me alone through the interaction yes that means we want the range is a problem if you do not get out because you give away a lot of reach, that's one thing, but the other is also trust what we build here yes we just have a video one completely different confidence building and I see another advantage me 've Last time again a video on the phone not live transferred on facebook but I have recorded it simply held in the hand on the phone the cell phone and have it recorded and then wanted it later highland has it It took me over an hour to really deal with this for a long time It has taken too long to be synonymous that is a big problem if we record because we are unsure for example it does not get better it will only cost us more time we may just start to I'll be happy to see you cut you even dare the camera when you mark it but I recommend you go live make it as simple as possible and you need a little exercise that's it's up to you The live videos are just a lot faster, you can do a lot act more authentic because once there is on facebook that you live what will here synonymous forgive a lot if you have a promise in it, for example, yes So that's a big advantage the live videos are definitely important is that you know that many so many statistic shows that use less than four percent of companies on facebook live video or the use facebook-pages live videos and that's just extremely few me Just hope that you can manage a bit over your shadow just jump and try it the way I did yes, because if you do not do that now if we are actually getting you now Do not make live videos yet and that's just a lot of fun then it so that you will continue to stay in range below videos will be on facebook one of the more important media that are used there we just see it for example facebook is also part of instagram instagram now gets vertical videos also longer videos ie they are not only limited to a few seconds minutes that means also at instagram it becomes more important and you just notice on facebook with facebook watch where we are all together can watch videos and also with tv shows the here too So we can also support the TV here live watch videos and show all shot it is just exciting and we see that facebook here in any case great value sets you will think I just believe in the long run is a lot have more confidence here on facebook just when build a trust person brand and it is natural that you are not a customer wins so I just see that alone through the videos I make Really people are also becoming aware of me, not just that they are shared but also that in these videos so very different information so transporting can be a huge advantage in any case I'll bet you if you start making videos then a rich one will rise Today I might not have the first video with you because I have already said this is a learning process as I said my first videos were bad grotto you can also like to watch but I notice just that I have gotten extremely many exercises here and now tell I meanwhile you my little trick of mine and that's just through this exercise I say at least 20 30 live videos you probably do I really need to get that feeling because I'm such a billboard I have a few notes that I have to make a few stitch points I always write, but then I can talk well and I can then work off my points that was not always so I had to I also do not have much to take notes in the meantime and if I do not go live if I've planned the video easily before and it on the draftsman then that does not work so well for me then i have less no idea i have less tension or it is on everyone case all alone this will know this i am now live myself People can see, even if it may not be so many in the beginning which is not a problem at all then it is really different for me feeling that means all one go live is a matter of getting used to it you have to do it again and again and if you do I promise you will keep up with the times get more coverage so that's important point you'll get away with it, of course I also get more clients and I like facebook of course if you do that regularly so I create regular content say for example that you do a tv show every week For example, keeping time short now does not have to be that long at the beginning This helps to make it really short so as not to get too bogged down here, that you are really at work point on the point my tip anyway that you really only pro video A point to speak so only a question answered for example because then you can also later add people to this send videos if you are pissed on this question here and that is important that means look for a topic out pigs talk about it Just ask one of the last questions you ask from your customer Of course, you have anonymously publicize it do not have to speak of the customer now but that's just this kind of exercise I want to see and it's interesting I always see that again with me I have my free challenge that goes five days long and on day four i got a lot of e-mails that worked really well i got a great reach but i dare to do the task of day 5 Do not touch me and that is you can guess the live video I want a live video to be made on the day five and almost all over the ones I'm talking about with my challenge are totally thrilled which reach increases you get through these four first tasks and Almost everyone tells me that they do not do the fifth and live it always comes the comment one task is still open the live video but I will someday still one mostly the excuse but it is not implemented and me knows it can be due to different things I would now like to eradicate the technique immediately then as I said I have too I started with the simplest of techniques and I want you to be uncertain if you just take it either in a laptop where the camera and micro already in it or you should your mobile g1 live on the phone I want that and then not on the technology about it thinking you can still equip yourself later with good technology But first make ten live videos without the technology just for you get used to live videos in order not generally to gain videos to get the first feedback and the first self-confidence push yes This first push so that you really realize that this is really something and I just want you to jump over his shadow and you dare to go to the camera no excuses anymore the technology may to be an excuse, I want you to do that because I promise you that range increases if this is not the case then please let me know Of course there are still strategies that you can optimize live videos for that you can listen to my other podcast but i want to go first that you just start not to optimistic think do not even look what I can do better as I get more coverage with the videos but it makes war first a little exercise makes you stuck in the calendar pure so that it really translates and then i just hope you'll have the day five of mine the day five of mine Challenge actually sales please still look at my e-mails and looking for you out if you have already made the challenge we are already over 5000 people who have gone through this challenge and I have so great feedback and I wanted to talk again so many then so many fail in these fifth tasks and I just think so very sad that for me it is actually the most important task for me you and I just hope that you implement that and now live best go now immediately take your phone live and increase your reach We are back next week I celebrate one year from my podcast baby I am very happy and there is of course a small one Surprise for any case and I'm looking forward to the next time with you until then

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