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Hello friends my name is Sahil Khanna and you are watching Intellectual Indies and today's is not a educational video this video is for announcement,where I will announce 2 things first one is our first batch is about to end and the entries of next batch has started after the end of this video

you can see my e-mail,website and mobile number do cal or mail but in working hours and book your seat fees is Rs 35000,but if you register now within one week then you would receive a discount of Rs 5000 means you need to pay only Rs 30000 we do provide hostel facility if you are outside of delhi and wanted to join us hostel charge for non ac is Rs 5000 per bed and Rs 6000 for ac per bed you too can stay outside as per your convenience Here are the photos of my room related to course I had already made a video on thatTo know press the i button and do understand all the module our classes run on saturday and sunday and it's duration is 7 to 8 hours we will provide you google adword,analytics and lapaas certificate

all total it will be 11 to 12 certificates will be there it will entirly depend on you how much you work hardWe only help you in preparation for getting the certificates and you get the certificates from Google We don't provide any certificates I believe in honesty If you give the test genuinely then you get one and if you are coming for certificates then please do not come if you want to grow your business and for that you want to learn digital marketing then this is the best course for you because here we are learning web development social media marketing also how to do business I am repeating my old video here we basically study the business whenever you join us you need to have an business modal after that we will check all its feasibility all do's and don't I will review plus the 12 students too we have only 12 seats,we have only limited seats and some seats are sold out,I don't know how much may be 4 seats are sold out you have only 8 seats left,if you want then you can book so basically how you can grow your business we will learn hereAlso we will make websites for your business,all things which we will learn you have to apply here so basically in three months duration you will learn digital marketing also we will do digital marketing for your business,plus you will lean how to do plus we will create your website also if you wanna to do a freelancing you can do that also side by side and in future no one can beat you in the field of digital marketing If you have a question then do comment below I thing to tell that this institute is in Delhi,with physical classes and not online most of the calls we get regarding online courses this is only a physical coure with a 12 batch capacity only still you have any doubt then call us tomorrow at office timings our team will help you or e-mail us

As I personally replay to the emails my second announcement is our meetup we will have a meetup quickly,do comment and tell me when to place a meetup because after the batch I will be having a 15 days break so I am planning to have a meetup in that period so 2nd week of august we gonna to start our batch so do register now,do not make feel us sorry for not getting the seats as we have only 12 seats and do write a meetup date in comment section below when and where,but only in Delhi if I would visit outside Delhi then I will notify you in my Sahil Khanna channel also I will post in my community pole for where I am goingDo follow me on instagram as I oftenly post there also about my meetup so buy good night,good morning whenever you are watching

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