Network Marketing Tipp 13 I Erfolg auf Facebook

Hi here is the Frank Heister and in this one Video you get from me 5 valuable Tips for Facebook Let's get to our topic today, be a star on Facebook

5 tips the make your Facebook profile better, after bring up Tip # 1: Show how well you are This is important that you show how good you are goes You should not bluff there, so do not run into the car dealerships, Imagine a Ferrari of you not heard and doing one here, I earn a Euro But shows how good it is you go

There are days where it is you bad, but that's nothing what we have to show on Facebook That's nothing we folks to the people Want to go hand in hand because people are going it's always bad And we must be those who show people it gives a better way Even if you just be there for a while and not at all really, in your eyes successful are What do I mean by that? If you go for a walk with your dog and you start on Fridays Photo, for example, post that morning on Monday at 11 Clock

And write "time for the nice things in life " What do you think if you do that every Monday now do if you take pictures on Weekend and make the first -ich sometimes it's hard to fall, but first on Mondays at 11 clock post

Like you on the Rhine Walk as you walk the Main, like you Grill with friends on the weekend If on mondays at 11 o'clock, 12 o'clock or 13 o'clock post-without lying, attention, do not write: "It's Monday and I'm on it Rhein "We are not lying We can but still write: "Finally time for the beautiful things "And even if you only You can stand the machine Monday is taking a picture

But that is not a lie This has nothing to do with Karma Tip # 2: Always stay yourself Very important, you should not change You Do not start spinning now

If you're someone like me with a T-shirt, then do not start, you on Beach with a suit to photograph Are you staying? itself Of course, some of you have a company where it is desired in a suit to run, where it's easy to do business with belongs In our business it is not that's not the case with Frank Heister so Just stay authentic, be it myself

Number 3, for me the most important tip Make Facebook your diary What people see want what people want to see is something of you, Reality TV Why believe their formats are like DSDS too still on the market after 15 years? Why are formats like Big Brother, or now currently "I'm a batty, get me out of here! " Man, but people want to see it That's what people see about you want

People do not care if you have a huge business But those People want to see that you are fine and they want to pursue your life you want to look up to you The reason why I have many people in my life I was sponsored because of myself giving people the chance I have to look in my life So make Facebook your diary

It is extremely important if you have a product for sale, whether you are just promote, or if you have more friends want to build up, (Facebook likes etc) just do Facebook to your diary Step No 4: Do not complain You have just invited people

We are almost 90 people, one or the other now gone out again, but the one or others say, "Hey, that's interesting for me, that may not be Networker "He may simply say: Hey the people are positive, the whining not, what's up with them? What's wrong with them not? "Since I can only say, Do not fret because people are doing it already bad anyway The want someone to look up to that can Tip # 5: Also one of the main rules, the 80/20 rule 80% private 20% business ie there, too, shows people 80% of your private life, only 20% business

Unfortunately, many understand that wrong Most networkers make the mistake when the Be "geadded" by someone, then send the first time such a message: "Hello, nice for our fresh ones Connection, thank you, blablabla, here is my link, sign up If you are financial financial freedom, a Ferrari " bam bam bam bam But that is not right, that is not that what brings you there, where you go want, but the people are annoyed and deterred by you The Another thing is: quite often I see any people who have any products as a chronicle image I know that there are teams that do it yourself They do it above the chronicle picture purely eg 90 days diet, or Cosmetics products That scares you everyone off

If you have someone now Add as a friend, then the will but theoretically immediately know what you are want So, definitely leave that out Do not be like that the normal networker -We have 860,000 in Germany, but be different, show the human like you really are So, now you've heard 5 tips Another 20 tips on how to get up Facebook promotes you well and like you sponsor with Facebook

Like you really Facebook as Can take marketing tools, like you enroll people with Facebook can, there is in our "mission web" How can you? get information for that, free information? You open wwwfrankheistercom/mission-webhtml If you liked this video then I'm going to become my YouTube subscriber, do not forget the alarm bell turn and become a fan on the Frank Heister Facebook Fanpage, if you but really want action when yours Want to bring business to the top then click on the link above or under this video

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