Jvzoo Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

hi there are you FMS on here with my Jvzoo affiliate marketing tutorial oh the ABC and you can sign up for free start to promote different Jvzoo affiliate marketing products within different niches and if you make money that way but now I'm gonna login to them dashboard and view a bit more about that Jvzoo affiliate marketing so I'll see you in the inside so when you have logged into your membership you will see any click on the sales made here with Jvzoo affiliate marketing and when you're gonna get started you just have to fill in some details about how to get paid and so on so you go to my account and the payment profiles now you can show us a different way to get paid and pay through and I have shown some PayPal but you can use tribal authorities met on a mailing address and so but let's go now to the overview so here in the affiliate tab you can see for instance your approved products and those say you have requested to promote and you gotta prove you can find Jvzoo affiliate marketing products here and maybe search within a niche for something or if you know a name of a weather or a product you can search for it there so let's go there now to search for problem so here are the different products those in green is my approved product and here are different you can request and you can do search the protesser through category subcategory and filter by produce all products for us another option about that how many rows you want to display Anke what you can put in the nice she wanted yeah fine product for maybe blogging or something like that and they will show up here now I'm going to go back to my approved products and area to show you something and a few dates then click on approve products I'm gonna check out something I'm gonna share with you and you actually can build your list for promoting products at the AVC you can connect get response account and choose a list and as soon as someone buy from you they get added to your list you can promote whatever you want so okay it's something wrong yeah that's right I'm not you shouldn't get free click on get link you should click on add extras and I will show you something so yeah you can get your links but here is to get response integration so to integrate you get response account you create the list Royal Navy soo bias and then you go to you get response that things actually calm API and then you copy and paste your API key copy and paste it in here and then you save and here you click on which lists and get responsible use and then click Save so each time that someone buys from you they will get on your list there are the Prada hope to see if you use sin lane a fillet dae-su ipn integration and if you have a bonus which can be great to offer your buyers to motivate and buy from you you can enter the name of your bonuses and enter the URL where your buyers can get access the bonus oh you can upload your volume is directly the ABC and then you have to upload it in asset format so now if you're thinking about if you have a desire to create your own product as it can be very profitable if you know how to do it and you want to launch it that jvzoo for instance and you want the step-by-step training how to do it how to create the product and how to launch it and everything then I highly recommend you click the link below this video thanks much for watching make sure to subscribe to my channel have a nice day bye bye

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