How To Start An Email Marketing Business | 5 Free Tips (2018 Strategy)

in this video I'm gonna show you how to start an email marketing business from scratch Ben Martin here and welcome to my youtube channel profits and paradise before we get into this today make sure you go ahead and do the following three things first off make sure to LIKE this video then make sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell so that you can get updated about brand new videos at lease and finally leave me a comment below this video and let me know what your favorite part about this email marketing tutorial was so with that being said stick around to the very end because whether you're new to this or whether you're a seasoned pro you are gonna get some valuable email marketing tips on this okay let's head over to the laptop I'm getting to this video on how to start an email marketing business and one more thing make sure to grab a pen and paper because you're gonna want to take notes okay let's go okay so let's get into this video on how to start an email marketing business now of course in the few minutes that you're watching this video I'm not going to be able to go into massive massive massive depth about the different elements of how you would go about starting an email marketing business but needless to say I'm gonna give you enough solid information for you to get some real golden nuggets that are gonna help you along the way and let me just remind you know any questions you have feel free to ask them in the comment section below this video or if you happen to be finding this video on my blog feel free to comment on my blog too anyways essentially there are let's see one two three but really five different parts I was just counting because I've got some screens open that you can't see but I've got about five different parts and I want to show you an email marketing business and I'm going to tell you what they are now and then we're going to dive into just a little bit more about each one of those parts so part one you need an autoresponder you should probably write this down part two you need capture page software part three you need a product to promote part four you need to know where to get traffic and where preferably to get as quickly as possible and part five you basically need to know how to write emails which is nowhere near as difficult as you probably think you know maybe if you're watching this video you're already doing the emailing but it's not working for you while you need to stick around and listen to this video carefully because I got something for you at the end if that's you so we're on my a weber screen right now remember I said step one or part one is you need an autoresponder well the autoresponder I uses Aweber and this is what an autoresponder is an autoresponder is basically a piece of software that stores your leads for you so that you can email people basically either daily you can go in and write an e-mail or you can pre-schedule some emails to go out on autopilot but just know this is a piece of software that stores your leads for you and you're going to need this obviously if you want to start an email marketing business now there are other alternatives out there there are some free alternatives out there I recommend that you do not go down the free route because they're not really worth wasting your time on there absolute garbage and I'm only going to mention anywhere in this video because that's what I've used for all four or five plus years maybe even six years now and it's being the best one for me but I encourage you to you know you can go out there and research your own but I will also leave links to the tools that I mention in description box on today's video so step one if you didn't write it down already you need an autoresponder because that's what stores your leads and obviously you can have an email marketing business you gotta have leads to email with authors and Aweber is available on a believin sub $1 trial for the first 30 days and then it's less than nine less than twenty books to get started then after you get so many leads you pay a little bit more and a little bit more and so on and so forth but by that point you should be making so much profits in your email business that what your pee whatever should have almost become irrelevant so that's step one next step you're going to need is you're going to need capture page software so basically typically what happens when you're building an email list and starting an email business you're gonna get targeted traffic but it's basically means visitors who are interested in your offer and you're gonna try and drive them to a capture page which is a page where you basically say hey here's something really cool for free that's gonna help you solve whatever problem you're going through hey you're looking to make money online while he's a free cool gift to help you do that or these days typically I don't tend to find the need to give away free gifts but it you could do that so you you drive the traffic to a capture page person enters their email and/or name – then they get automatically added to your Aweber autoresponder so you can begin mailing them either manually or on autopilot which is the beauty about email Markson and the capture page software I use and by the way some of these terminologies going over your head again go over this video several times and also ask me questions below the capture page software I use is click funnels it's not the cheapest one on the market at $97 a month but it works for me again you can research any of the tools you want to that I talked about in this video and you find alternatives clickfunnels is also available on a 14-day I believe it's free trial 14-day free trial you can also be an affiliate for Clinton also make money by referring others to I will leave a link to this in the description box alongside the other resources I talked about in this video I wanted to see if there's any if I've got any capture pages anywhere so I can give you a quick demo I'm just trying to think right now looks like so I delete I think I might have deleted them because the way I collect leads right now just so you know is I have my own online system which is what we said on capture page and some other things so I actually can't show you I don't think I can show you anyways an example of one of the capture pages I use but just give me a moment let me let me root around a little bit maybe I will find an old one lurking around in here okay here we go here we go thought I had one somewhere so remember just to reiterate to make money on the internet with an email list you need to drive targeted traffic so we'll get to traffic in a minute add some visitors who are interested in the product you are promoting and we'll get to the products in a minute to when you need to drive them to a capture page which is connected to your autoresponder and you'll also notice as I just try to leave my capture page to show you something else this here is called an exit pop-up and you will want to use an exit popup on your capture pages basically an exit pop-up says two people who try to leave the page of our opting into your email list hey you really sure you want to go without getting your free gift or without solving your problem it gives them a second chance to opt in and it's going to crease your opt-in conversion rates but you can see from my capture pages and you know you can go ahead and freakin just copy this if you want to this works very well for me you might be thinking really been something so plain something so ugly something so simple this actual cut to capture page has a 50 to 70 percent conversion rate with cold traffic depending on which traffic source I'm using one thing I found about capture pages right is that the simple you keep them that better they convert generally a white background with black writing opt-in box and button up hide is going to do the job and if you can get more people opt-in in obviously you're gonna grow your email marketing and business even faster which is fantastic for you now the great thing about clickfunnels besides it being available on a1 actually I think it's a fever free or $1 14-day trial is that you get capture page templates inside so you don't have to build this stuff yourself you can use editable templates and it's super easy they walk you through hooking it up with your email marketing so your autoresponder provider and it's super super super super simple to use it's all drug dragged rack on its peak today so I'll drag and drop click copy paste type stuff so step one let's go back over he needs an autoresponder so you'll need a weber or an equivalent step two you need a capture page software and i just gave you an example of a capture page that works really well for me step three you are going to need these a few commissions that come in today not that much actually so far today so only two-thirds in the afternoon but typically most days I'm gonna make a minimum with just this one freakin affiliates account a minimum of like 250 to 300 books so step 3 anyway is you need an offer to promote now there are many many places you can go and get offers to promote you can go to clip by clicking to worry applause I happen to be inside of jvzoo right now so you can go to jvzoocom I'll try and leave a link in the description box and this is how you find products what you once you signed up for a free account you go to affiliates well actually this is one way I'm going to show you I'm show you my favorite way actually this is what I do you go into products you go to top sellers and I'm a top sellers page you're gonna be able to see what the top sellers are today these are typically the newer products I've just come out what the top stars are for yesterday in the past seven days in the past thirty days now I IVA like to hit the top styles from today because these products are new and typically people get excited about new products or I like to go for the top styles over the past thirty days because they've been proven to sell well over an entire month so once I find something I will literally just take a look and I'm like okay push button traffic 3

0 sounds interesting let me click on affiliate details and let me see what this is all about sale price seventeen dollars twelve price 50% Commission 50% Commission's for me which basically means I'm earning eight dollars fifty what is that eight dollars fifty six per sale and the product is part of a sales funnel which includes up to 16 of our products so there are upsells a bunch of upsells that I will also typically get paid 50% Commission's up now from there what I will do is not going to do it now but I will click this button before I make a decision on whether to promote this or not and I'll go over to the sales page and basically I'll check out the sales video the sales copying off see if it feels like something that gets me excited and I would use if it doors I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna check whatever boxes they asked me and I'm basically you know I'm gonna leave them a note if I need to leave a note you need to read all this but I'm just gonna go request approval and then typically if you're new to jvzoo you're gonna have to probably wait 24 to 48 hours to get approval status I've been automatically approved because obviously I make a lot of sales on jvzoo now basically how the flow works and again we're gonna talk about traffic in a minute and we're also going to talk about well how would you come up with these freakin emails well I want to I want to first address the float because right now we've talked about getting set up with an autoresponder and we've also talked about setting up your capture page with clip funnels and basically what happens is once you get traffic and I'm going to show you how you can get basically leads starting within the next 72 hours you you get your traffic vendor to drive the traffic to your capture page the leads opt-in and then they're going to but let's just open this sales page hey let me let me open it up I'm just being lazy because it's really hot here today in the Caribbean I'm in my back bedroom shooting this video and I'm I'm I'm like so humid so let's do that again you've got your email autoresponder and we'll talk about traffic and stuff in a minute but you've hooked it up to your Clips one-offs capture page you've spoken to a vendor and explained I'll explain speaking to vendors in a minute – we speak to the vendor and they drive you traffic to this capture page people opt-in to your capture page and then on the other side of your capture page there that automatically added to your email list so you now have a subscriber you have somebody you can email and monetize over and over again if you do a good job but as soon as they opt in to your email list they see the author that you decided to promote and in this video I'm not going to go into how to connect this all up because that's really for another video plus clip files will walk you through doing that but hopefully you can see the process you drive the lead to a capture page the lead opsin you collect the lead inside your autoresponder so you can keep mailing them over and over again because most people won't buy the first time they see the offer but as soon as they opt-in they get automatically redirected to this offer and if they buy they do so through your affiliate link and you get paid on whatever they purchased in that funnel so step one would you need an autoresponder step two was you need a capture page step three which were on right now is you need an offer to promote it's gonna close some of these windows of opens just so it gets a little less confusing okay now step four is need to know how to get traffic now to do that best way of getting started is for something called solo watts because it's quick it's instant it's easy you don't really have to do anything apart from make a purchase and speak to the vendor for those of you watching you don't know a solo odds is when you go to somebody within the same niche as you whether that be make money online the dating niche the dog niche whatever niche you're in you go to that person in the same niche issue who has a big list and you say hey can I pay you to send a set amount of visitors to my capture page so that I can build my list and hopefully I can solve some of the offers I want to promote now in this video I'm concentrating on finding solo ad vendors in the make money online niche so this is what I do I go on I go on to Facebook and I would type in solo ads testimonials and basically I find all the groups the solar testimonials groups I've already joined this one cuz it's one of the best ones I'm not gonna go in the group and inside of this group it lists all the best performing vendors in the solo ad world full for the make money online type traffic that you want so what I do is you can see five hours ago this was a customer who purchased off the soul alive and and he said salad Sean wrong type mix clicks clicks ordered a hundred clicks receive the 110 opt-in rates fifty six point seven zero which means out of a hundred people who this solo ad vendor sent to this customer fifty six people signed up to his email list so he but now at fifty six brand new people he could market his products to Tier one basically way says eighty percent that means t1r countries like the USA UK Canada Ireland Scotland New Zealand Australia countries where they speak English primarily and they have credit cards to pay so the Tier one percent it was eighty percent and the higher the T one percentage the better the better and then they leave a comment very good run and they give their review and basically off the back of these testimonials you're able to contact these solid vendors for yourself and set up a traffic order and in most cases your orders gonna begin within 24 to 72 hours you're gonna begin getting leads and hopefully if you picked a good offer you're gonna begin making sales so step one you needed an autoresponder step two you need a capture page step three you needed an offer to promote step four you need traffic what's the last missing piece of the puzzle here well you need to be able to craft great emails and this is some thing where I see a lot of people struggle but that really is no need to struggle and he is why creating emails is something that I can basically help you to do in ten minutes or less and I can help you making a hundred and fifteen dollars and one cent or more day after day within about thirty days as long as you drive in traffic and you follow what I say because I released a flagship system called mailing for money which is basically the paint-by-numbers method that shows you how to become a boss or a lady boss or a guy boss an email marketing right and listen this is what I this is what I do full-time a fact let me let me show you something really quickly not to not to impress you but you impress upon you what's possible any money you see come into my jvzoo account is generated via email marketing now if I click this button real quick just so you know that I do know my stuff if I go to all-time and I click refresh just inside this one jvzoo account and I have two jvzoo accounts just inside this one jvzoo accounts I'm gonna show you what I've earned over like the course of me using jvzoo as if it loads up just bear with me a second while that loads it's going a little freaking slow here we go I think and you can see I've made a hundred and sixty four thousand nine hundred fourteen dollars and ninety three cents in just as one jvzoo account there's my name at the top obviously yet I'm doing this life there's no trickery or anything going on and basically inside of my mailing for money course I'm gonna show you how you can take everyday events on your life and turn them into 10-minute simple emails that make you tons of money in your email marketing business so you know I'm gonna leave the links and you know nothing to hide by the way price point for this is 197 dollars one time and you know you're not you not obliged or obligated to buy this I'm just showing you the system I created that basically makes me money from emails and maybe if you're serious about email marketing you'll want to pick up this too and the other tools I'm recommending if not no big deal you know it's entirely up to you where you go and how fast you want to move forward but anyways those were my steps on how to start an email marketing business again step one I'm gonna need an autoresponder step two you'll need a capture page step three you need an offer to promote step four you need traffic step five you need to know how to come up with emails and I'm gonna leave the links to all of these resources in the description box below if you're watching this on youtube if you're over on my blog they'll be in my blog linked throughout my blog anyways I hope you got a lot of value from this if you did please leave me a like make sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell so that you can get all dated if when I release new videos and leave me a comment below letting me know what was your favorite part about this video and what questions do you have what would you like me to make videos on where I go into more depth would you like me to go into more depth on traffic building capture pages you decide whatever you guys vote for the most in the comment section is what I'm going to do without being said thank you very much only one more thing to remember and that's this you're just a 10-minute email away I'll see you in the next video

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