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How To Make $500 Dollars Per Week with CPA Marketing and YouTube | Yoonla Elite Review

June 22, 2018

– [Jaffry] Hey guys, Jaffry Ward, the modern internet marketer, and today I'm gonna teach you how to make $500 or more per week using CPA and YouTube And before I get started with this tutorial, I wanna make sure you guys know to like and subscribe to my channel, and if you know other internet entrepreneurs that make money online or wanna get into the make money online niche and you wanted to share this video with them, there will be a share button below on YouTube, share it with them so they also can get the correct information

So the site then, the CPA opportunity that I'm talking about is called Evolve, and it's Yoomla, it's a Yoomla system And in the past two and a half weeks, well two and yeah, around two and a half weeks of, on the 13th, it'll make the third week I've been here, I've already made $952 Now what this is is a CPA offer that you don't have to put in an application for per se With this system, I know with other CPA offers, you have to put in an application, do a whole phone process, with this one, the only thing you have to do is get set up with a autoresponder through Yoomla and a actual website, and the hosting for your website, so you're paying for your hosting and your autoresponder, and then you will get access to the elite membership and become an affiliate with Evolve, as you can see right here, and you can get access to the pay per lead program You can see I get paid $4 for the US and English speaking countries, and $2 for other countries that don't speak English, or don't use English as their main language

And most of this, all of this is coming from YouTube, on this website, which I'll leave a link to this website in the link below You can just click to it and go to it You can see that I actually show the whole process, including the back offices of Yoomla, and this is nothing new to me, I've been in CPA companies before, this is one of them, iGain This is my account, so you can see the past seven days, $363, but the last, it'll refresh, and it should be around $500 that this week, once they refresh on Saturday But it did kind of get off to a slow start this week, but it is picking up, and you can see so far what I made in 2018, which is around $3646, so this is nothing new to me, this whole CPA space

I've been in it, about June, it'll be comin' up a year, about 10 months and some change, and it really has taken my business to a whole nother level when it comes to CPA marketing, and CPA affiliate marketing, don't lie So the reason why I'm so gung ho on Yoomla, because Yoomla doesn't require you to actually like I said make an application and do all the other stuff You can just get into this super easy, you don't have to go through any jumps and hoops, you just become an affiliate, and once you become an affiliate, use your own website and your own capture page, and you start collecting leads, you actually get to keep those leads, I forgot to say that, you're gonna get autoresponder through Yoomla If you already have an autoresponder, you need to get another one through Yoomla, because that's how they make their money, they make their money with the autoresponder, and you buying the hosting for the website So just wanted to point that out, a lot of people been asking how does Yoomla make their money? That's how they make their money, so that's what it costs to become an elite member, doesn't cost anything extravagant, you're not gonna be spending a whole lotta money, it's about $30 in total

So you get set up with Yoomla and you become a Yoomla affiliate, and you're gonna make that back in the first week because of the training that they have in the back office, and also just promoting, as you're getting paid per lead So it's not hard to make your money back because even if they don't sign up for an elite membership, you still get paid So that's the whole overall concept of the program You wanna get paid upfront, and then if they join, you also get paid for Evolve affiliate So this is what I'm doin' for the people who join me in Yoomla, and listen very, very closely

I'm currently working on a, well I'm not workin', it's not new, but I have a course that I did on Skillshare that's now been taken down, it's a how to make money with print on demand t-shirts I'm currently in the process of gettin' that up on a new website in May, in and around the first week of May So the people that join me in Yoomla and send me an actual screen shot of their actual back office and they join through me and they become an elite member and able to earn the two to four dollars commissions, which is the elite membership, you have to be an elite member If you become an elite member, send me a picture of your welcome email from Yoomla, and I'm gonna save your email address, and when I drop the how to make money using print on demand websites and print on demand t-shirts again, you'll be able to get access to that for free Other people will have to pay for that course, being that it used to be on Skillshare, but now it's taken down, so I'm gonna host it on my own website, and the people that join me in Yoomla will have access to that course

So let me just show you what that course has done for people Let me go to Skillshare Let's go to Skillshare and show you guys what that course has already, even though they took it down, I can still see the course It had 778 students in this class, it's an hour and 50 minutes, and you can just see some of the people that have joined the course, and some of the people said thank you for the course, got great reviews for it Even though you're seein' it right now, it is off Skillshare, they took it off for some odd reason, I guess they don't like internet marketing content

But this is the course with patent proof and everything that I'm going to give you access to if you join me in Yoomla So in order to do that, click the link in the description, it's gonna take you to this website, sign up for Yoomla and look at some of the other stuff that I have down here too Once you sign up for Yoomla, become an elite member, which this page is gonna show you how to do that This video is straight step-by-step, that's why I don't wanna over explain it in this video, but once you join, you send me that email of the picture of you becoming the Evolve elite member, and I will keep you in the email, and you can get my email address right here, so it's at the top of this, right? It's just successwithjaffry@gmailcom

You just email me and once you become set up with Yoomla, I will add you to the email list, and when I drop the course, you will get it for free So other than that, that's all I got for you guys today, just a simple way for you to earn money with CPA and YouTube If this helps you, leave a like Also subscribe, if you have subscribed, hit the notification bell Also if you need to get in contact with me, this is my contact information at the top

You can just hit me, tweet me, Instagram me, email me, just get in contact with me if you need to I'll talk to you guys in the next video, and peace out

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