How to Make $100-$200/Day with $5 [Using Affiliate Revival Method]

hey what's up what's up is Sherisse the afropunk entrepreneur coming at you and today I'm gonna be showing you guys how you can make between 100 to 200 dollars per day with only a 5 dollar per day budget using the affiliate revival method so this is going to be discussing affiliate marketing marketing in relation to Facebook Ads so before before we start a couple things if you're new to my channel I talked about making money online affiliate marketing SEO a whole bunch of good stuff so if you're new to my channel please subscribe and sign up for my alerts so that you are up-to-date on what I'm doing ok so next thing is I have to apologize for the kind of slightly ghetto nature of this video I hurt my back so I'm actually sitting on my bed I wouldn't normally do that so please forgive me for being kind of looking a little bit ghetto today so anyway I'm really excited to bring you this product review and show you the affiliate revival method because it's something that will basically show you how to basically show you Facebook ads for newbies for beginners from start to finish so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to show you the sales page I'm going to show you the membership area that you'll see inside and then I have some bonuses for you so before we get begin I want to show you guys a little bit of income <font color="#000000">proof that feat the product creator Kobi</font> has so I'm gonna cut to that that way <font color="#000000">you can see the kind of money that he's</font> been making with that method and when we come back I'm going to show you the sales page and we're gonna go through all that good stuff so just a second hey guys and welcome to these girls my name is Kavita Paz and first of all I want to thank you for taking your time and money and investing in this course now I'm <font color="#000000">gonna be alone so with you I'm gonna be</font> every step of the way I'm going to help you now before we dive in I just want to show you some of my results now this is not to show off it's just to show that I know what I'm talking about my methods are working and I am here to help you achieve that the same results or even more so these are some of the results that I got from promoting products on jvzoo these are some of the results that I got when I promoted products from Clickbank and as you can see here these are results from traffic that I read from Facebook so we got more than 4,000 leads at the cost of below 2 dollars per lead here we invested 50 almost 1500 bucks and you generated $13,000 almost and then to generated $13,000 almost and then to show you more pigment so let me refresh ok as you can see here it says my name so you see this some of the transactions that happen in Clickbank always get a home oh these are some of the results that I got when I promoted products in Israel so basically the methods are the same it works in any language in any niche in any country whatever you want you just simply use the method then you can promote any product that you want ok so we're back so now I'm going to show you guys the sales page and go over all the good stuff that I promised so first of all let's hit the sales page case study how Kobi builds passive traffic machines that bring in 100 to 200 dollars per day and passive affiliate commissions and so again this is basically a facebook course from beginning to end and it's actually quite robust of course it took me a couple hours to go go through it because again I still try to go through all these courses before I review them that way I can give you the best possible synopsis as possible so it's a fresh case study the working traffic method for 2018 and beyond obviously people have been doing Facebook ads for a while it is an easy way to get a started with philia marketing he's going to show you how to set up a Facebook fan page how to set up your Facebook pixel your business account all this other stuff eventually it will become passive affiliate commissions but you will have to set it up and that will take a little bit of a learning curve if you're brand new to Facebook Ads it is 100% new newbie friendly it doesn't require any SEO or product creation and it will work in any niche so you guys can kind of take a look at the overall sales page again there's a bit of income proof these are click results and this these screenshots here are actually from a form a marketplace called jvzoo if you're not familiar with that that's one of many well-known affiliate networks I'm sorry I'm having a little bit of trouble talking today because my back is killing me so anyway these are the creator Stephan see on Co Co betta pot to PA's and Greg Cano Cano kind of ours mess of his name sorry Greg just whatever anyway so basically you guys can take a look at the sales page before I go into the the membership area I just want to talk to you guys about some bonuses that I have Facebook Ads is a really great thing to get started with so I try to give you some bonuses that are some bonuses that are congruent and some bonuses that I think you guys will just like because it'll help you learn how to make some money on that line especially if you're brand new so the first one I'm excited to announce so I have a course coming out I'm an SEO and have a course coming out at the end of August but as my bonus I'm giving away for one free module one of the longer modules to my free course so you'll get access to that for free and that's going to help you with YouTube ranking which is a big and it's also the course itself will show you how to rank YouTube and blog but blogs but anyway this is a free module so that will help Facebook Ads the one of the most powerful things that you can do with Facebook Ads is run a video add video ads on Facebook or kind of in competition with YouTube so if you know how to make a good catchy video for Facebook then you have a chance of getting more conversions more traffic so there's a free web-based software that I use to make my videos and like I said it's free and you can make really stellar videos to put on your fan pages bonus number three is basically showing you I always like to show you guys how I create these pages because if you're going to get into affiliate marketing and you're going to be offering bonuses you need to learn how to create these kind of neat looking pages and and kind of have it all in one place bonus number four is going to show you how to create meme style videos for Facebook because again memes are all the rage now you know those videos where you see like a no message at the top and the message at the bottom so I'm going to show you how to do that not using your laptop but just using your phone so that's all you have you're going to be able to make some memes on videos and upload those to your fan page and run some ads to them this is some exclusive bonuses meaning you'll see other affiliates offering these these bonuses the other ones you could only get through me so there's hideaway traffic which is of course by Stefan CNC oh and they also have bonus a Twitter traffic profit boost which is going to show you how to get traffic from Twitter the 300k visitors case studies going to show you how he got additional three thirty thousand dollars of thirty thousand visitors per month using this new strategy and he's gonna reveal that and this for in this model and it's going to work in any niche an exclusive mastermind access so there you know I'm assuming that's gonna take the place of take the form of a Facebook group but you'll see once we get inside a couple of the little bonuses I'm just throwing in as Bing ads mastery because uh Facebook Ads are a form of pay-per-click marketing being as is another form of pay-per-click marketing so if you can kind of learn both of them over time you will chant have your chances of making money online will greatly increase and the last one is basically how to make money with Facebook groups because again you can run Facebook ads but if you don't have that kind of budget even if you don't have to $5 a day you can get you don't have to $5 a day you can get into Facebook groups and that'll help you build your traffic and build a free list so anyway to get my bonuses you just need to click on this button here my directions here are going to show you how to get the bonuses so anyway let's get into the course the course itself is really really it's really really well done there's prop there's five totaled modules and each module has I think like four or five videos of it so just to kind of kind of go through he's going to show you his results here and I kind of showed that a little bit at the beginning of my intro he's going to show you the core concept of like the different types of ads that you may want run once you get and decide a facebook as you'll see that there's different types of things you can optimize for he's going to tell you all of that and that's important to know that's important information to know and to get a handle of right away he's going to show you basically all the different tools that she'll be able to use the correct layout of the ads just other basic stuff how to open add account as module number four and that's actually going to be the you know one of the most important because you can't do any of this stuff if you don't have an ads account so and then he's basically going to show you the ad structure I don't want to give too much of that away so I'm going to screw it short straw past that but he's really laying and laying it out for you how you need to construct your whole campaigns and like if you're like me a visual learner it really makes sense to kind of see it that way he's going to talk to you about ad placements and then the last one in the module one is going to show you how to set up a fan page so in module two – – so he's going to show you how to find a great nation and then that's like pretty much every affiliate marketing course you will find that's going to be you know a big part of it because you know there's niches that you're gonna think are gonna be profitable and won't be and then vice versa so he's going to help you kind of work through that the second module is creating an avatar if you don't know what avatar it is avatar is it's basically your ideal customer like you know where they're from how old they are what gender that gender they are they're their income and all this other stuff and once you target that perfect customer you know the things that they like that you know the types of magazines the types of books of you know all that kind of stuff you have a better chance of pinpointing your audience and actually spending less money on your Facebook Ads so she's going to show you how to promote your products how to find your customers and how to create a lead magnet and he's gonna explain to you what a lead magnet is I'm not gonna explain to that to you he's going to explain to you he's going to give you a couple different examples of lead magnets in this Maat in this module and we're going to go on to module 3 so this module is very important I think this is one of the ones that's long there's one in here that's like 30 minutes long and you and you definitely want to take take note of that and maybe take some notes so there's five most effective different types of Facebook post he's going to show you the most important five and he's going to explain to you different examples of those types of posts he's going to show you a concept called Ada and he's going to tell you what that stands for and that's going to be really helpful that's good content to know he's going to show you the different types of posts obviously a content post curiosity posts a long text post and a video post and a hero story story post so I won't go into what that is but you have to check out the module and see for yourself oh I also know at the end of each module he's kind of giving you a little of assignments which I actually think will keep you keep you on track with this course so module number four is going to be your font your funnel you know as affiliate marketers internet markers one of the most important things the most important thing is building a list so in order to build a list you need to autoresponder so he's going to show you how to construct your your funnel from start to finish getting it auto responder set up with Aweber I use get response and there's a whole bunch of other ones that you can use skip he's going to show you how to use Aweber he's going to show you how to set the fake Facebook pixel which is one of the most confusing but the most important part of doing a Facebook ad you absolutely have to know how to use your pixel because that's going to eventually allow you to create custom audiences which is going to lower your ad spend over time because it's going to become very targeted traffic to your ads basically only the people who would be most likely to purchase from you will see those ads over time module number four is going to show you how to create a landing bit page and then again he's gonna give you some resources and some kind of some homework and the last module is basically going I think this is this is one of the ones that's long but how to create the whole campaign from start to finish and that's a really really useful model of because you can kind of if you're just starting out go through go through the whole process with him so and it's going to be very it'll be very helpful to you to kind of it's almost kind of older over their shoulder look at his approach custom audiences again is reliant on the Facebook pixel which we talked about and he's gonna explain to you in the previous module so definitely pay attention to custom audiences because again that's going to lower your ads but over time custom conversions or a different type of optimization basically these next modules are about how to optimize your campaigns ultimately you want to be spending the little amount of money per day on your ad so you know that requires you kind of you know fine-tuning who you're targeting and all this other stuff so he's going to give you some case studies which are out you know always very important because what's the point of you buying these courses from someone that had doesn't have any results so he's going to show you that he has results and what results he got and what ad he did and you can almost you know kind of not copy it but get a general idea and had that be your very first ad I mean it's just gonna kind of give you his final thoughts and all this other stuff so just make sure you take note if his uh notes here and you're in your homework assignments and all this other stuff so that's basically the course in a nutshell like I said it is quite long and it's actually very I thought it was very good I mean I'm pretty decent at Facebook Ads I don't focus them as my primary source of traffic but if you're brand new to Facebook ads this is a really great course so we're gonna talk to you about pricing structure because it's for the money that you're going to pay for it you're getting a lot of value and against all right let me just my my back it's really it's rude it's killing me being old I just turned 40 and getting and getting older sucks sometimes anyway so my bonus is where I'm yet so I want to talk to you about the the price structure it's starting off at nine ninety five if you don't know what a dime so it is it means kind the price is gonna slowly just kind of continue to creep up I believe it's ultimately going to end at $17 I'm not entirely sure but to end at $17 I'm not entirely sure but still if you grab it on the first day or even like the second day it'll be close to like ten dollars or so and this is going to be his case study and like all the stuff that I showed you in the in the members area OTO number three is exclusive software and I have it basically it's going to spit out done-for-you campaigns which take out the hard parts it's gonna have copy and graphics which are things are if you that if you're a brand new would be actually very helpful eat for you sometimes when I do these reviews I'm like you don't need the OTO s this one if nothing else I would say grab OTO one if you can't afford it again I'm not in the business of telling people to buy things that they cannot afford because I know what that feels like but just have a look at my bullet points here OTO number two is 67 that's going to be more case studies case studies will allow you to kind of give you give you something to kind of copy basically and but it also has done for your niches offers squeeze pages Thank You pages ad copy and images so it again if it's in your budget to do so and you want to have something done for you to kind of get you off and running it's a good thing I never ever ever tell people would get reseller rights again maybe other people would hate me for that but I just you know I don't want to sell this course as my own I'm gonna create my own course and I think that you know as you learn things you should create them too so again here is my bullet points it's as newbie friendly no product creation passive income after initial setup all this other stuff and again my bonus is you can only get through me the first handful of bonuses that I showed you are only through me everyone is going to be most affiliates you're going to see these other bonuses and that's just fine and then I give I'm giving you a couple of other little things it's just kind of just to kind of help you out so anyway I really hope that you enjoyed my affiliate revival review and also again I wanting to show you you know the point of this video is how to make 100 to 200 dollars per day with only five five dollars five dollars is like the typical amount they tell you to spend per day for Facebook ads and you know unless you're really really struggling five dollars a day is not as not is not bad at all for the amount of money that she <font color="#000000">could make back in return using the</font> <font color="#000000">affiliate revival methods so anyway I</font> hope it's you guys enjoy this video there's a 14th 14 day and no questions asked money-back guarantee <font color="#000000">some people do 30 days and this can't in</font> this case 14 days so you got two weeks to check it out if not then you know you can do a refund and stuff but I'm pretty sure that you guys would like this course if you're serious about taking action this bun is Paige Wilkes and in about a week and again these are the directions on how you can access your purchase so again I wish you guys a great day an amazing week keep crushing it if you're new to my channel subscribe the links to the product and my blog and to subscribe and all the other good stuff is in the description below so keep crushing it peace

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