How to Get More Sales From Your Facebook Ads

we're gonna look at some real data from a campaign that puts still images up against video The results are pretty astonishing

I've been running video ads on Facebook for my businesses and clients for about five years now I always tell my clients that they should invest in video ads but I never had hard data about the actual difference in performance of those ads Now I have some very solid real-world data that proves video is by far the king of the Facebook ad world For this test I'm running Facebook Ads for my client Rocky Mountain laser College The overall goal of the campaign is to drive relevant traffic to the website

At first we're running just still image ads since we didn't have any video content After a couple months we had the targeting and segmentation dialed on Facebook I went to my clients office and shot a relatively simple and low budget video that I turned into an ad Yeah it's nothing special For the first 11 days of the test month we served our top performing image ads since the video ad wasn't ready yet

Then 11 days into the month the video ad started running The performance was so good I had to make sure there wasn't some kind of measurement error and there wasn't The video ad crushed the existing image ads in every single metric by a landslide By the end of the month I amassed some crazy data that can be summed up by looking at a couple key data points Cost per thousand, link click-through rate, and link cost per click

Now remember this is the same month to the same target market all I did was place a video ad into the existing ad set in the Facebook campaign Cost per thousand drops An improvement any marketer would welcome several months into an ad campaign Link click-through rate, this is not just broad click or action metrics, link click-through rate drives traffic directly to my clients landing page and that increased from 107% to 3

05% that's an increase of 185 percent Cost per link click dropped from a $153 to just 36 cents that's a decrease in cost of 76 percent Once again nothing in the Facebook ad campaign changed besides activating the video ad Yet the addition of a video ad elevated this campaign into an insane level of metrics every marketer dreams of

185 percent increase in click-through rate and a 76 percent decrease in link click costs, that is awesome! The still image ads looked like a waste of money or the very least show that still ads are an inefficient way of spending an ad budget compared to video The video is nothing special in terms of production value It was created with ad use in mind We captured some nice clean shots of my client services then made an edit to communicate the message so the messaging made sense when a viewer sees it without the sound on That's it

Now don't go ditching all your image ads they still have a purpose especially in retargeting However you need video ads If you're on a budget just use your phone and shoot a video add yourself or if you're in the Denver area hit me up, be happy to create an ad for you Other more expensive options; marketing agencies, video production companies they can all make you a video for price Regardless of how you get your video you need to invest in video to get the most out of your Facebook ad budget I'm Francis Donovan This is Mystemic marketing

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