How to get a million views on Facebook video with Marija Dzemionaite

The key in the end is content! So one thing we did ,we nail down the formula for viral video, so our videos normally generate on Facebook around a million views and we produce them every day and the formula basically was we nail down the thumbnail because the first thing you have to do is to get people stop scrolling through the feed So we followed the best practices for the thumbnail the format of the video you add the subtitles because most of the people watch it without sound, then you just it's a two around two minute video that you want to produce because people don't stay as long as on YouTube, on Facebook another thing that you really want to do

The key in the end is content! So you really you don't want to bore people with an hour presentation when actually the only good thing was two minutes of conversation So you really nail down to you bring out the subtitles the big text on the screen you show the face and you have a good end slide that encourages people to follow you or comment on the video So that really worked very well for us for growing social media, our Facebook page to be precise

Source: Youtube