Five Pack Offer : Affiliate Marketing Beginners

What's up YouTube, this is my Five Pack Offer : Affiliate Marketing Beginners That I'm gonna be running starting tomorrow morning sometime got my email list You'll get an email about it

I'm also gonna link it below there somewhere Hopefully you subscribed by now I'm just one light up my face here There we go I'm looking on this – yes So anyways, um This is what the video is gonna be about it's gonna be about the Five Pack Offer : Affiliate Marketing Beginners I'm gonna go over a few other things that have gone on this week Yeah, it's gonna show you some numbers, etc So stay tuned here comes the video What's up YouTube I am back We're going to talk about the Five Pack Offer : Affiliate Marketing Beginners I have going on this week Right now, I'm just kind of sort of taking a step back with a lot of affiliate marketing stuff not quitting or anything like that, then they were radical, but I'm taking all the information that's been my information overload and just Reorganizing it in coming up with my own plan of doing things

So anyways, this Five Pack Offer : Affiliate Marketing Beginners I put together as a it's a private offer on where your plus and What I'm doing is I just took stock a lot of the assets I have and The things that I can actually provide that provide you Value for the person coming to my page which will be linked below and all that good stuff so if I pect Deal is an affiliate marketing Ginter pack Basically, and what I've done is I packaged Five Pack Offer : Affiliate Marketing Beginners and Get them for a buck now granites you could probably give them for free but The point of this is to make sure that you're really a serious person that wants to give me an internet marketing because Personally, I'm the entire seeing all these videos and offers It's all free traffic You don't need a list You don't need this You don't need that That's a bunch of hogwash earlier in the end of the day Affiliate marketing will have to spend some money So I think the the items I've put together give you a really good solid foundation and One of the things I did this week And some of you may have been following me closer I didn't have air conditioning since like May 25th totally sucked but they did get me focused

I focused my anger basically to Let me get a drink of water here real quick Focus my anger and actually sat down and actually learn how to get an offer on warrior plus it's over to the word plus screen now, so I created a little offer which is actually a funnel Yes It's a actual funnel It'll take you to a file so if you come to The Five Pack Offer : Affiliate Marketing Beginners page, which is right here, which is where i'm going to sell these five different items five different Ebooks you reports whatever you want to call them Their information and People will say well they're you're charging a dollar for it yeah, it's dollar Nance flippin dollar if you can't afford a Dollar that why are you in internet marketing to start with? I think it's a travesty that We have to put stuff out there that says, you know free no traffic no email lists No nothing You don't need a damn thing, but you're gonna make money Come on

Think about that for a minute Think about that statement does that statement even sound real the sound of a bunch of bullshit if you ask me, so The reason why you should spend a dollar on this is there's actually good information in here And even if you said no thanks to this, you know It's gonna take you through the funnel because I have created a full-on funnel with eight different little product offerings in that You can buy one by men You just hitting know things and don't buy anything I mean, it's a solely up to you I think it'd be worth your while if you're just getting into internet marketing To get this stuff So with that being said I did that this week

Of course I've got the Associated blog post that I wrote on the Empire digital resources website Now some of the things I've been doing And I hope you all have gotten loom because the audio quality of them is so much better than when I was using before I'm a lot happier with it and it's so much easier to create a video really quickly if I need to in fact I'm actually doing intro videos now Five Pack Offer : Affiliate Marketing Beginners Before the whole intro tag line comes on my youtube channel, but one of things I did Probably two weeks ago I saw this really interesting article about Pay-per-click campaigns and taking over to my clickbank now I didn't make you know quite the money that I probably could have if I would have done it a little differently But again, I was experimenting so I didn't, you know, make fifty two dollars fifty three dollars, roughly On Clickbank and that may be something I may be showing you how to do there's a course out there actually showing you Eric k-katie CAG I kg I don't know how you pronounce it Anyways, he put out a video I don't have the link to that

Maybe if I have time I'll find it If not, whatever you can go ahead and Google for it But there is ways to make money on Clickbank It's clearly enough It does work I Would say follow most of his tutorial almost to the t-i a veer it off of it, which is one of my problems I'm trying to solve right now That is quit Doing the shiny object thing and just stick with one thing

So anyways, this sort of work made 52 bucks 53 bucks You can't complain just gotta definitely Figure out how to do it better I decided to do it again So once again, the Five Pack Offer : Affiliate Marketing Beginners is just basically the five pack of information, you know If you're serious about this affiliate marketing stuff, you won't have a problem spending one buck, you know one dollar That's it If you live here just in for shits and grins or whatever then you know, don't bother just remember Vaughn say no Thanks, whatever There are some other things that the funnel there that are pretty cool even an older book, but I found It's actually It shares all but guess what? it has a lot of good information it a lot of stuff that if you kind of skip past the BS like We're talking about MySpace, you know, which is no longer around but still the same some of the information in there is really really good and Some of it is great to read over again because it reinforces a lot of good habits, but whatever dismiss anything like that so once again this week Promotion will be the Five Pack Offer : Affiliate Marketing Beginners and will probably hopefully have an actual offer to promote Let's go back to my dashboard here where your plus Oops That was my home page And how is that That good, where is tip seven affiliates? Oh, yeah

This is where they showed yesterday today blah and They show you how many hops? visited and they show that I Scored a big fat zero right now for this week whatever Can't dwell on what's not happening You just have to keep pushing forward at all times anyways This is the Five Pack Offer : Affiliate Marketing Beginners deal video and Hope to see you again soon With some better news of things that are going better as I focus in on, you know, the one thing that will work And I think that is the main goal of why things have been kind of scattered lately for me personally as far as like Income coming in affiliate marketing is pretty much It hasn't been a focus thing and that's something that we all probably better at they're failing at this So anyways until next time once again, this is the Five Pack Offer : Affiliate Marketing Beginners deal I don't know exactly where my title is video something like that But this is Mark Z for entire digital resources peace out Let me see if I can get this better that time is better than I like There you go Try it again Five Pack Offer : Affiliate Marketing Beginners Five Pack Offer : Affiliate Marketing Beginners

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