Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing For Youtubers

– If you're a YouTuber looking to get more views on your videos, and let's face it, who isn't, then you'll be excited to learn about this new and fresh way to market your YouTube videos In this video, I'm gonna walk you through how to use a Facebook Messenger Bot to market your channel and your videos

Hi, I'm Heather Terveen of heatherterveencom, and I help online entrepreneurs increase their income and impact with Facebook Messenger Bot marketing And if you haven't had a chance yet, be sure to subscribe to my channel, and hit the bell, where you will be notified each and every week when I drop a new Messenger Bot marketing strategy video Before we dive into my five tips on how you can use a Facebook Messenger Bot to market your YouTube channel and your YouTube videos, I just wanna give you this really cool stat Right now, up to 80 to 90% of your Messenger Bot subscribers are going to see the messages that you send to them

Compare that right now to your email list, where maybe 15 to 20% of your email subscribers are actually going to see your emails, so that's a pretty impressive stat Okay, so tip number one is to add your YouTube channel to your Bot's Main Menu Now your Bot's Main Menu is a main menu that sits at the bottom of your Bot, so that every time somebody is interacting with your Bot, they can see the main menu, and see the different options that you have there Tip number two You're gonna invite your YouTube viewers to become subscribers to your Bot, and the way you're gonna do this is you are going to put a special link into the description of your YouTube videos, so that way you have a chance to connect with your YouTube viewers off of YouTube as well, and if you look below this video, you'll see that I have a link to my Ultimate Messenger Marketing Getting Started Guide, that is a special Messenger Bot custom link that I have created so that people cannot only be delivered my freebie guide on Messenger Bot marketing, but they can also become subscribers to my Bot

Tip number three You're going to send a Messenger Bot broadcast to your subscribers within 24 hours each and every time you drop a new YouTube video to your channel For one, it's exciting that up to 80 to 90% of your subscribers are gonna see that message, and a bunch of them are gonna be super excited, hop on over and watch your video during that precious 24 hour initial period, when you've actually dropped it Tip number four After you've sent that Messenger BotCast out to your subscribers, letting them know that you've had a new video drop, within 24 to 48 hours after that, up to a week, you are gonna send a follow-up message getting feedback on the video, or asking follow-up questions as it pertains to what the content of your video was

If it's applicable, if you're teaching, or if you are showing something exciting, following up and getting feedback will give you a chance to interact with your YouTube viewers off of YouTube and get precious feedback on your YouTube videos and also learn how you can serve your audience even better Tip number five is that your Facebook Messenger Bot is going to give you an opportunity to start segmenting your audience into groups, based on what they're interested in Now in the previous tip, I told you that you could get feedback and then the tip before that I told you that you're gonna be sending Messenger broadcasts out to your list Well the cool thing is, is that you will be able to tag buttons and parts of that Messenger broadcast so that you can start keeping track of the folks who are actually clicking out to watch certain videos, and then you can play around with different topics on your videos and keep track inside of your Bot to see which videos are getting better traction with your super-fans, and start segmenting them and putting them into different buckets, so that you can serve them and communicate with them, and serve them content, even better Well, there you have it, my top five ways to use Facebook Messenger Bot marketing, as a YouTuber, to grow your channel, and get more views on your videos

But wait, there's even more If you wanna dive even deeper and learn more about how Messenger Bots can help your business, be sure to snag my completely free Ultimate Messenger Marketing Getting Started Guide It is the definitive guide that is going to help you increase your income and impact with a smart Messenger marketing strategy And also, if you wanna join a group of other like-minded entrepreneurs who are learning about using Messenger Bots in their business, be sure to hop on over and join my free Facebook Messenger Bots Community Links to the guide and the community can be found in the description below this video

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