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Theres three top things on the social media marketing agenda this week firstly Facebook have launched their very own brands collabs manager this is essentially a new type of ads manager specifically on the Facebook platform and is all about pairing up brands with influencers now this might be a thorn in the side for the hundreds of influencer marketing agencies which have popped up and created their own platforms but this could be a hugely positive step both for brands looking to dip their toe in influencer marketing and also influencers who are looking to get more partnerships with fantastic brands this has not yet been launched into the wild and is currently just available to a select number of brands and influencers but we expect it will be rolled out over the next two weeks There have been three major updates on the Instagram platform this week most of them are affecting how users will use Instagram firstly they have launched video chat enabling users to speak to each other on a video call they've also launched a new Explorer tab enabling users to get through their content in a slightly different way and interestingly they've also launched Instagram Lite this is a really data lightweight version of Instagram which has stripped out some of the functionality and video posts meaning people can access Instagram using hardly any data this comes just two and a half months after Facebook launched Facebook Lite which is trying to widen their appeal to people in various countries that don't have strong or fast internet connections And finally Snapchat are making their way into gaming it feels like over the last few weeks we've constantly announced new things that Snapchat are doing on their platform however this one has some strategic significance where they're trying to attract and maintain the attention of their core user base and bring people to spend more time on the platform we've previously seen this work on other social platforms like the integration of FarmVille or Texas Hold'em poker on Facebook and hopefully this can be a new strategy that will people spending more time and becoming more used to living and loving on Snapchat

This week I had the very good fortune of exploring this news a little bit further with Hopper HQ's very own content marketer Aminur Rashid and you can find this full conversation on Social Bullet's brand new podcast links available below here is a sneak peek at the conversation between Aminur and Idoes it make it harder for influencers it's now like you're literally next to another influencer who could potentially take that campaign away from you -yes- you gotta work twice as hard to show you have the better reach but how do you

Isn't that good though? for us as brands – As brands yeah- you're talking brands and influencers and ultimately I think one thing I've seen in the influencer marketing space which has been painful is brands were used to paying so much for influencer marketing and in the bubble which happened maybe two years ago they almost lost sight of what return on investment was and this almost will hopefully bring that back down to value by putting relevant competition in place and a marketplace behind it I don't know if you saw the Snapchat filters that came up at the past couple months and little silly games you had like raise your eyebrows to slice a tomato or something which I like the way you're now calling them silly but when they came out we spent almost the whole day on them I was on them for a while But apparently they're trying to step into proper mobile gameswh wh how, what is that? Thanks so much for joining us I hope you have an amazing week both on and off social media and we will be back in next week with the latest news and insights for your social have a great one Any final words? If FarmVille comes back to Snapchat I will surely be downloading it what FarmVille came back to Facebook that's interesting you say that 'cus I'm going to say no -really- be controversial yeah

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