Facebook Chatbots – Create a Manychat Chatbot in Minutes!

hi it's Katie so I just want to drop a 90-second marketing tip for you and today it's all about chatbots so chat bots are completely free they're really simple to set up and it's a great way to be speaking to customers when they want to speak to you so everyone's on their phones really demanding they want to be able to message you at 2:00 in the morning and you can be getting responses overnight most of the messages I get in have come in overnight and so by the time I log on in the morning they're pre-qualified they've already been talking to the chat bot and I've got some information to carry on the conversation with them now many chats what we use is brilliant you can see here this in pre-built templates and we created hours from scratch and you can completely customise it to your business so what I do I have some basic responses and some options for them and but I also have a follow-up notifications that go out so if you think about this a little bit like an email follow-up program except the opening click rates are amazing so if you think an email gets 10 to 15 percent open rate have a look at this ninety-four percent open rate thirty-eight percent click rate and that's just from one of the messages in there so if you get a message on messenger you always read it it's just so much more responsive than email and this is completely free not hard to gather their email address it's brilliant so if you want any help setting up a chatbot then just let me know drop a like below as well and we'll make sure we've got more 90 second marketing tips next week

Source: Youtube