Episode 14: Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile Marketing

August 9, 2018

– Hello everybody, today I'm gonna talk to you about something that people are loving on our blog It's about the dos and don'ts of mobile marketing

So I'm very excited to share a topic straight from the blog I hope you guys love this And if you have any more questions, please go ahead and ask them in the comment section, and if you have anything to share on this topic, again go ahead and share it in the comments section We wanna hear from you, but we wanna talk to you about this topic, because it's very hot and we've getting a lot of requests on dos and don'ts of mobile marketing I'm just gonna share a little bit from what's on the blog, but you can go ahead and click on the link after the live feed is over and check out the blog

So let's, let's go ahead and get on with it So, dos and don'ts of mobile marketing Did you guys know that mobile commerce is growing rapidly, at a fast, fast, fast pace, so by next year, mobile advertising is expected to represent 72% of all US digital ad spending, according to market planet, and that is huge

72% huge, you have to know what to do I mean it's very, very important for your business, and four in five smartphone owners use them, use a smartphones for online shopping, which is a very big opportunity, if you're not doing digital ads, you're not spending your money on digital and mobile marketing, then you have a gap to fill for sure So there's a huge benefit for small business there, and what works best for your desktop might not work best for your mobile, so don't just think that because you're work, you're working on posting on desktop, or creating ads for your desktop, that is the same thing for mobile, no No, no, no, so wanna make sure that you are optimizing for mobile, again if you have any questions, go ahead and ask them in the comments, but you can go ahead and ask questions as I speak as well, and go ahead and click on the blog for more information, 'cause this is very important, 72% by 2019 So let's talk about some key, mobile lead generating tactics to consider and again, I'm just gonna touch on a little bit of the points that we've shared on the blog, so go ahead and refer back to it

Target mobile as I've explained, target mobile users separately, so your mobile visitors have different needs and goals, (mumbles) are visitors They're on the go, they don't have the time, they don't have the patience, they could be on public transportation, they could be running low on data, and they just want information right then and there, so they, they don't, they don't have the patience They, when it comes to lead generation, it's the more targeted your optime form gets, the better result you will receive So one of the best things you can do to boost mobile conversions is to create separate formed targeting for mobile users rather than using the same form all across all the devices Again, desktop people have more time, people are scrolling, mobile people are on the go

So this is mobile, they grab their phones, and they're just scrolling, and you could miss them like this, so let's go ahead and talk about mobile lead capture Capturing means a mobile plays a big perative in today's primary, primarily mobile work, I mean it's, it's, everyone's on their phones, so however attention spans (mumbles) are smaller, so keep these key things in mind, to optimize on conversion rates Reduce the number of scorn wheels You don't wanna have all these things, that they have to fill out to capture leads, no Wanna make sure that you have a name, last name, email, phone number, make it easier for them to give you their information, so here's a few actual tips you can use to build, to boost your mobile optime conversions

Double check if each field is necessary, when creating an optime form, so do you need their address right then and there? They're on mobile, they don't wanna enter their things What if it's not compatible for their device? There's so many different devices There's Android, iPhone, there's school book pixel, so many different ones, so make sure you make it as, as simple with the fields as possible Avoid asking for phone numbers, if they are not absolutely crucial for your business In fact, studies show that asking for phone numbers can cause a five percent dip in conversion rates, and you don't wanna have any percentage when it comes to dips in conversion rates, so let's, let's make sure that you are optimizing foreign mobile, lead capture

If you have any more questions on mobile lead capture, go ahead and ask them in the comments But if not, go ahead and check out the blog After the live feed is on, I will link, I will post the link, so match the content to the channel, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat, Twitter, where to begin I mean, there's just so many different social platforms now that you have to cater to, but you do have to cater to them, 'cause you have to play it by their rules, so begin by pairing your message with the appropriate channel, you know, if it's on Twitter, it's gonna have some hashtags, the message gonna be shorter If you're looking to hire also, instead of using Linkedin, a popular professional platform interested in selling a consumer product maybe, that is for Facebook, so Facebook is a better avenue to reach a more general audience, like a bigger, broader audience

One of the most popular platforms amongst millennials is Instagram and Snapchat, so seven out of 10 users are millennials, that's a lot, so if you have a build that's your market, you'll wanna go ahead and get on Instagram, get on Snapchat, once you've found the right platform for your message, really dig in to understand the kind of content that works best for each platform It's not all gonna be the same, and I'm not just talking about content and messaging wise I mean content is the pictures, is the articles, is it videos, there's so much to consider, and you have to be able to demonstrate value to those prospects of people who might wanna follow you, people who might run across your page, people who already follow you, so again, I may be saying and sharing a lot, but there's a lot more information on the block, so go ahead and click on that Talking about demonstrating value, create and distribute quality content, including blog posts, video content, and newsletters, keep the content short but valuable for that follower, that consumer who in turn is a follower, is a person who gave you a like, is a friend, you know, for instance a cafe owner might produce a short video that demonstrates how to create the perfect poured over coffee, ideal for mobile users to just look on their phone, and have a quick watch, quick bite-sized video, and they'll be able to share it, because it's a cool video and your name will be a the top, so make sure that you are giving them bite-sized information and also that you're sharing things that are sharable, so in order to get your video and your content out there, you have to post things that people want to share Especially in mobile, let's talk about mobile

How many of us are watching videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, reading our colleagues or you know, people in our networks, comments on Linkedin, we're all doing it on phone, so make sure that you have the appropriate messaging and that you We talked about content and we talked about how important it is for you to optimize for mobile, so there's lots of dos and don'ts and more dos and don'ts on the blog, but thank you for tuning in to our live show, and we will see you next week

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