EP 05 Insider Facebook Ads and Marketing Secrets with Meg Brunson

Aloha and welcome to the Stacia Kennedy Show episode 5 with Meg Brunson former Facebook employee my personal facebook ads consultant she is going to be talking about insider Facebook ads and marketing secrets I'm happy to introduce Meg Brunson the marketing mama of the day all right all right welcome to the Stacia Canidae show we're using a new platform bee-lieve I've used it before but this is the first time I'm using it again kind of trying it out so you guys can let me know what you think and this episode episode actually I think for I have to double check man it's going to buy back your Facebook Ads roadmap is the name of this episode I'm super excited because I've met the awesome marketing mama Meg Brunson here today and we're going to be talking about Facebook she's a former facebook employee for Facebook ads and has worked with some of the top gurus in the industry so I'm very excited welcome to the show Meg Brunson thank you for having me station I'm excited to be here thank you she is like I said well-known expert guys she's graciously consented to do this interview I'm super excited I met her at one of our mentors event been three she's done some faithful guides for him and some many other well-known names I just had to name-drop and she's also worked with Russell Brunson but has no relation so we're going to talk about today guys how to generate profits through Facebook Ads for small business owners because there's a lot of you guys out there that have no clue and are afraid to use Facebook ads or maybe tried it you know there's always been those people say I've tried it but it doesn't work or I don't know what I'm doing so before we – those wrote the roadmap and the steps may tell us a little bit about what makes you so awesome uh well I think at least what makes me awesome when it comes to Facebook Ads is my experience working for them but also that I'm not really a trained marketer so I graduated with a degree in criminal justice I've never taken a business course in my life uh I was at a totally different path and as life happened you know as it does you make all these pivots and you end up where you are now and sometimes I I wonder like how exactly did I get here like that road was so crazy um but I think coming from a background that wasn't business focus it makes it easy for me to break concepts down I don't talk heavily in the jargon I mean now I sometimes so like drop a word that people get like a little confused or scared about um but I think I've got an app for really breaking those concepts down to help people who like me didn't go to school for business they didn't set out to be a business owner but somewhere along the line of passion was triggered in them and now they're trying to figure out how to how to scale that and monetize that passion that's awesome yes totally different view so I like it and people need to have a more simplistic view of how to do this so well you guys you guys are getting some really awesome stuff here from someone who worked at the Facebook heads at headquarters you guys so obviously we know that we have the right expert here when it comes to Facebook ads and marketing so let's get into it with a few steps so what is the first step entrepreneurs need to know about when we talk about Facebook ads and marketing so I think the first step is to outline your customers journey you need to really understand what that whole funnel looks like what that whole process looks like each step in the funnel um and then once you have your ultimate goal then you can kind of reverse-engineer things to figure out how to meet that goal by leveraging Facebook a lot of times people are quick to run Facebook Ads you here that they were you see that they were you know people post publicly about it and so you're super excited you've got an extra twenty bucks and you're gonna boost this post and become a millionaire and then it doesn't happen because it wasn't strategic you didn't take the time to figure out what your goals were and then whether that ad is even going to push you towards that goal or not so step one is identify your ultimate goal and know what each step in that funnel what each step is in that funnel that your customer is going to take to get to that to that goal mm-hmm yeah definitely so um a lot of times I'm always sharing with people give value you know what kind of value do you think so maybe certain where would someone actually start in a funnel like giving an offer promoting a webinar like what what can we do or what would be that basic first step someone kid could focus on those steps to getting them through the journey and again and I think that like you mentioned webinars and things like that and I think those are actually in the middle of the funnel so at the top of the funnel is what you mentioned first which is giving some value putting your face in front of people and letting people get to know you you're not gonna webinars are a dime a dozen like you can find them you know if you want to take a webinar there's a dozen out there you can take that are starting in the next five minutes but unique so you need to get your yourself your personality in front of people just to build those relationships so step one create some videos go live or if that totally freaks you out you'll get over it eventually but in the meantime do some pre-recorded videos that's fine be real let your personality come out allow yourself to give up people don't expect perfection I guarantee I'm gonna mess something up in this show guarantee yet it happens I'm human my kids are coming home from camp my dog is in the room he's gonna bark like stuff's gonna happen and it makes you relatable because people watching them or in the same situation so it's like allow yourself to be imperfect don't stress out too much but put yourself out there build those relationships build that know like and trust factor that love it I love it yeah and then once you're you've been in front of somebody a handful of times you can like step down that's when you're like hey if you give me your email I'll send you some cool stuff and they're like well I've seen her a lot like I know her I like her style you know she's done with her kids that that vibes with me I think if I think I can trust her with my email address so then they give you their your email or their email and then you can keep building it up now you can hit them once a week with an email still get them on Facebook and at that point you can start to pursue or start to let them know that hey I've got this webinar then you get them into the webinar you know what I mean and you you you just what's the right I'm looking forward here's where it's e messing up I'm losing my words then you can really nurture that relationship right so yeah I think a lot of people want to jump into the sample oh goodness I was just gonna say that so some people were like well I want to make money I need to make money now and Facebook guys is going to be the answer to get more sales so no no no you guys this is like courting you don't go and ask to go home with them on the first date so we're going to have you start it's not to be long-term success like you could you can't just call up someone and ask them you know a quickie or whatever but it's not gonna be long-term success like you're not going to get married you're not gonna get the white picket fence so you have to take it slow get to know someone so your first step is to provide value maybe do some Facebook Ads mainly I mean Facebook live videos and then you can do you would you recommend just starting with a the objection or the objection objective of getting more views to that video with just value would that be first up if your if your content is a video which I highly recommend then I would definitely start with a video view ad right now video view that objective the average is like 1 to 3 cents per video view and 3 to use is relatively high so it's really averaging closer to a penny per video view so it's a really effective way to get your message in front of a lot of people very inexpensively great so what would be the next step like would would you do you ask people to budget a certain amount there's a lot of people were like well I don't know what's a good amount should I try or test or what's your advice on that there's a lot of factors your budget what object like if we're still operating off of the video views objective then small is fine because you're able to get a video view for like I said 1 2 3 cents even if you put a dollar a day though I don't like doing anything less than five dollars a day that's that's me but you can do we get you can go down as low as a dollar a day um but even with a dollar a day and penny views that's a hundred people a day seeing your message assuming that you're getting those penny views I'm the off shot that you're getting three cent views it's so 30 people so you're allowing the ad enough traction to optimize however you can't take that same budget advice and apply that towards the lead campaign where you're trying to get names emails and or phone numbers because it's not as easy to get those so it's more expensive to get a lead so with a lead campaign it's all gonna come down to what the cost of your lead is you lead for you is going to be a different cost than a lead for me because we have different products different audiences and you know everybody reacts differently to those things so what I like to do with the way I really like to look at it is that you want to get 25 of whatever you're optimizing for within those first three days 25 like conversions within that first three days right if you're doing it you if you're doing a video view 25 video views like right off the bat get them as soon as possible if you can get them in one day great if you can't three days is kind of the back-up plan like that's when you get out of the learning mode right there's a thing called learning the learning mode was recently changed to 50 Oh but give you up to a week to get 50 so if you if you hit 25 and three days you're going to hit 50 in a week does it make sense oh yeah the budget is totally dependent on your audience and the objectives I feel like I can typically guess to me based on you know the business model the you know what type of a lead you're trying to get are you looking for buyers because you're a real estate agent or are you a marketing expert that's looking for a business you like b2b business leads and you make an educated guess in the beginning what to budget that ads and then you tweak it you know if you're not if you're not getting the the results that you want right so let's forgive it let's do an example then so if I had a client who say in the real estate industry and I tell them hey I want you to do some a really great video about the value of that you know maybe the six mistakes that every homebuyer makes and how to avoid them and then we optimize that objective to do the video views' what would your next step need to run that for a week and then run something else or what would you have them do yeah so I'd run the video view campaign with that video for a week or so depending upon budget and and strategy things like that and then the second step I would create a retargeting audience of the people who've watched that video I try to hit 25% typically of you know viewers who watched up to 25% or more of that video and then retarget them with another another off or another ad so it might be in second video if he's done a second video in the series if not that might be the lead ad to get me to generate the information that we want to like a lead magnet to their first hard-on limo right and it kind of pre qualifies people because you take this big prospecting audience you show them the video you you find the people who are watching a portion of that video indicating that they have some interest and what you're saying and then you hit them with an ad after they've seen that little bit and they're also familiar with you so they're going to recall seeing you in their newsfeed just a couple days though so from there what would be the next step maybe the the second part or maybe the pop-up would be that could be maybe even a coach or real estate agent may be trying to get an appointment what would you do if the second step was an appointment if the next step is an appointment I would still try to follow it up with another video and huge video fan so if we could get another video where that person was talking about the benefits of meeting with him one-on-one like I've provided you these nine mistakes most people made but then so now why do I have to talk to you so maybe for me in my situation it might be I can give you these Facebook tips right but the truth of the matter is every one of you has different struggles because you have different clients in different situations so really meeting with me one-on-one is the best way to really deep dive into what you have going on and solve your issues so I'd want something like that from the client and I would run the ad but I would just run the video as you sorry I would just run the video as the creative okay over the lead ad you know to generate leads mm-hmm wouldn't be a video of you add it would be a weak ad with the video is the creatives image yeah it would be like a lead generation ad huge fan of the lead gen ads okay you could do it as a conversion ad to like an opt-in page um but there's a lot more room for error there hmm and I just like keeping everything in the lead the lead ads it's possible and again you can test them out I totally believe in always testing things so I typically would test both and the lead ads are typically more successful though because they're optimized for mobile and that's where everybody is and how long would you run these for about another week and test them see how they are what would be the next step after that it depends on if it's working mm-hmm right so I tried never to touch an ad in the first three days we're giving it time to really optimize before we're making any harsh decisions day one is always the worst so you're always going to get some high costs right out of the gate does facebook's trying to figure out who to serve this ad to and then it'll start to level out mmm oh that's no because people will get scared and be like what $20 a lead we're like what and that's how it's going to happen in the beginning because the way the algorithm works is that you've given it let's just say a million people in your audience that you want to serve this ad to so you're gonna put Facebook's got a million people to show it to they've got to figure out like who to start with so in the beginning they're just kind of randomly shooting the ad out to people within that mailing them waiting for a fish to bite then once once people start biting the algorithm is able to look at those fighters and figure out what why like why are they responding to your ad over other people and then optimize delivery to try to get you more people that are likely to opt in does they make them what so no beginning it's kind of random well it's trying to find people you know you're trying to find that spot in the lake or the fish are ad and it takes you a long time and it's expensive because it's a auction based system but once it starts to optimize and things love a lot so I always try to tell people like walk away for 24 hours don't even look at it Facebook will send you a notice if something is wrong like you'll get that the message and message there that says it's approved they'll send you an email if there's any issues so just don't look at it for 24 hours then take a peek but try not to make any significant edits until after you've gone through a three-day period and let it try to do its work let's do it thing awesome are there any other major steps at this point with Facebook ads and our paintings that they the middle need to know one thing I didn't mention that I wish I would have so when I'm setting up my video of you ad and I know that I'm going to remarket to a video view audience afterwards I would actually create create that audience of people who watched 25% of the video and exclude them from seeing the initial video of you ad because this way once they've watched 25% of the video they're not being served that ad over and over again hmm and they fall into that retargeting bucket so if you are gonna run both ads at the same time they're not going to get both they're only gonna get the one that is the most relevant to them so that's something I should have mentioned before oh good yeah if you know you're gonna remark it to that that bucket of people who've seen 25% or more than exclude them from the video view audience so that they're not being inundated you know it'll help keep your frequency low it'll help you penetrate deeper into your audience and then like I said you won't have to worry about overlap once you start retargeting so thinking about tools which is my next question is there a tool that people need to know about to do this I know that some of these people might be thinking what retargeting what what okay the first thing that you really need like the most important Facebook thing ever is the pixel um I don't know if that's what you had in mind but that's like the number one tool that you need first so you have to get the pixel the pit blow me back up the pixel is a little piece of HTML coding a little snippet of code that you take from your ads manager and you put it on your website and what that allows you to do is three things it allows you to optimize your ads for actions that happen on your website it allows you to create audiences and people who hit your website or specific pages of your website and I always forget the third thing matter which to I say first Oh in analytics and so provides it provides in-depth analytics so with the pixel you can trap across devices and up to 28 days attribution which is really amazing so if I'm at the grocery store with my kids and I see your ad on my phone and that looks like something cool I'd love to buy that but I'm at the grocery store with my kids and they don't let me do anything for more than 30 seconds but then when I get home I can google it get back to your shop and buy your product traditionally like Google Analytics will tell you that person that purchased came from Google because I google it then I bought it but Facebook the pixel is smart enough to know that no no I showed her an ad on her cell phone three hours later she went on desk on her desktop and made the purchase and that's really for those of you that are selling like actual tangible products that's the way things work is that the impression for the sale like the the impression happens on the phone and the purchase happens on the desktop because people don't make purchases from their phone I mean I can't it drives me nuts having to type my name and email on my phone screen much less on my credit card information so people are going back to their desktops to purchase so the pixel is the number one essential tool it is it sounds scarier than it is if you're on WordPress there's a plugin that helps if you're on like Shopify it's integrated you just copy/paste and most platforms is a copy-paste process you just need to figure out where to paste the code and simple google search can help you with that awesome you guys if you have any questions please comment below in the comments and last but not least I wanted to ask you one more question before I let you go what is the perfect mindset that an entrepreneur could or should have about Facebook ads and marketing hmm gosh I feel like you've gone hundred directions with this I think that I would I would just say that you use Facebook Facebook as a social media platform and a lot of people want to treat it as a marketing platform but that's not what it is it's social media people are on Facebook because they're looking for social interaction Facebook their mission is to provide this social platform that connects people so keep all of those things in mind and use the platform to build that rapport to build that know like and trust factor use it to be social the selling will come when people know like and trust you but the the real goal should be to build that to establish that relationship with with your client so I think if you keep that in mind it's gonna set you up for for success it's not gonna be as quick as you want it to be I can almost guarantee that nothing is overnight and often I think we get caught up in comparing our today's to somebody else's like you know comparing our year one to somebody else's your 10 you know their year one was very similar to yours and you have to go through the motions but use this platform is so powerful there are so many people are on Facebook the things that the ads manager can do are out of this world but the first in the beginning it's really just getting your face in front of people providing that value helping being social building those relationships social media that would be number one thing awesome that's so awesome yep because people don't go to Facebook to go they don't go there to buy something they want to check things out and see what's going on with their friends and their family right they want to buy something they'll go to Amazon or Ebay but that that being said it is an effective way to sell things you just have to leverage it in the right way awesome great so um thank you so much meg Brunson for a great interview I'm sure all entrepreneurs out there in our audience now have a much clearer understanding of where to get started with Facebook ads and marketing it's pretty much laid out for you here but I know some of you still might be scratching your head where can people find more information from you or get your help and support with Facebook guys sure so my website is Meg Bruns ENCOM and I also run like a done-for-you Facebook marketing agency that's called dia IO marketing calm and then I'm on social media everywhere pretty much asked the Meg Brunson so there's a God in there a little late claiming my hahaha I'll have to change that the Meg Brunson sorry about that awesome great guys so that's where you guys think find me Meg Brunson dot-com oh no the website is Meg Brunson Thai cottage media like Facebook Instagram Pinterest I'm at da my Brunson okay good sorry yeah actually on Twitter is the only place I couldn't get my new married name so it's the only place that I have Stacia underscore Kennedy as my welcome purse isn't it and I even tried to tweet the person who had it and see if she would give it to me but she wouldn't give it up awesome well thanks again guys I'm Statia Kennedy your host hopefully you guys saw value in this you can always find the replay and more at station Kennedy comm we will put all the show notes there as well to really excited meg has helped me figure out some things as well with Facebook guys and some of my clients and she is also available for you guys as well if you guys have questions and I looked at her website she has awesome things as well and information on her blog there to help you guys because some of the stuff is very confusing but I mean literally we are in a time that it's really not that much when you can literally on a budget grow a business ten times with Facebook advertising back in the day people used to have to do TV advertising billboards like this is nothing compared to what you can do now we're going to fight right awesome and she's our more affordable than ever way more affordable and if you do it correctly you know it it's going to profit for you guys um I also wanted to mention actually I forgot to mention that you know Meg is just like me a mom preneur and she has a new podcast that's out that I think is awesome can you tell them a little bit about that too as well sure so my podcast is called family preneur and it was inspired by my journey you know leaving Facebook leaving the corporate world and branching out on my own as an entrepreneur with four kids at home and how that process looked and my kids are very entrepreneurial their spirits are very entrepreneurial so they're launching a podcast this summer and my oldest has her own little business and the podcast family preneur is really about parent entrepreneurs encouraging our kids to be entrepreneurial I love it I think my son kind of he holds back that entrepreneurship but he oh he's already doing it easy they'd been video editing and people have been paying your money to do that and he's only 17 so okay awesome do you guys check out her podcast check out her website schedule some coaching if you need personal one-on-one coaching she is so awesome guys thanks again for being here and much love and aloha have a great day thanks Meg

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