Do This Before You Switch Text Message Marketing Software Providers

July 6, 2018

Hey, everyone Derek Johnson with tatango

com I just got home, and I've been filming all day with Innovista Law, home of the TCPA Defense Force, and we've been filming TCPA reviews So it's essentially we take cases, TCPA text message marketing cases, and we look at why these brands were being sued under the TCPA, how they defended themselves, and most importantly, how a brand can learn from what these other brands have gone through to not make these same mistakes in the future And as I was heading home, I was thinking about the consistency between the cases, and the one thing that was consistent was that each case was won because of evidence And what I'm talking about in evidence for text message marketing, and TCPA specifically, is the actual text message logs

So, this is all the text messages that were sent in and out on the short code A lot of the times, these cases were won because of the text messaging logs, because they have records of what was being sent, what was being responded to, how the consumer interacted, all of these things So, number one, I think, thing that you can take away from this video is, make sure that your current text message provider provides text messaging logs Make sure they're logging all this Make sure they're also not destroying the logs after a certain amount of time

That's critical Number two, which I don't think a lot of people are thinking about when they transfer SMS software providers, this means you move your short code to another software provider, and it happens all the time in our industry, when you do that, make sure before you do that you get a full export of all of the text messages in and out on that short code and you save that information Because it could be years in the future and you could receive a text messaging lawsuit or you have to defend yourself, and that's when you would have to go back and look at that export But I think a lot of companies right now, when they're transferring SMS providers, they're in such a rush to transfer that they move over all the subscribers, maybe they move over their help and stop message in the short code and things of that nature, but they forget to download all of the messaging logs from the entire history of that short code with that old SMS provider So, two things

Number one, make sure your current SMS provider allows you to access those logs and they're not deleting those logs There's no reason to delete those logs They should be kept essentially, I would say, forever And then number two is if you transfer SMS providers, make sure you are getting an export, a full export This is not just some of the, you know, messages or just outbound messages

This is every single outbound and inbound message on your short code during the history that you had with that software provider So, hopefully that helps Hopefully you never have to use those logs Hopefully everything goes well and no consumers are ever angry, but if they are or if it is somebody that wants to do harm to your business, you will have those logs to back up, you know, your use case and how you've been using text messaging marketing, making it much easier to defend yourself and your business if a TCPA lawsuit comes your way Hopefully that helps

My name is Derek Johnson with tatangocom Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can Thanks, everyone

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