Digital Marketing Essentials – Adam Franklin

[Music] My name is Adam Franklin and I'm the co-author of the book web marketing that works and CEO of Blue Wire Media At Harbour

Space I teach the Masters course called digital marketing essentials for business It's important for students to take this course because what we actually do is we document a digital marketing strategy but more importantly we actually go ahead and start implementing that as well, so students can start by creating things like lead magnets, landing pages, email sequences, we focus on SEO as well as social media And by the end of the programme, the students have completed this body of work which they can then take to market If you're a prospective student looking to enroll in my course I would definitely encourage you to, especially if you have a real business that you're focusing on and if you want to actually build a web marketing asset that's the strategy and actually building it too, so you actually walk away from the course with a body of work that you've created The students have grown phenomenally in the three weeks that I've been teaching many I saw at the start and saw what they had been working on, but by the end of this three weeks and seeing their presentations today it's amazing what they've actually created Many have actually published stuff online they have connected with influencers and they have some really impressive work [Music]

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