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If you want, I will add them to next week's show and let's jump right into question number one- What are the differences between what I should post on Instagram and what I should post on Facebook? So I think think this is a really common point of confusion for people where they feel like Instagram, Facebook, they seem a lot alike, let's use 'em pretty much the same way, Instagram's owned by Facebook, the advertising kind of works in sync, but they're very, very different platforms and we need to start treating them differently You need to understand a few things so that you know what you should post where The biggest difference between the two is that Instagram is very much a like platform It's a place where you swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, and you double tap and you like and you keep swiping, you double tap and you like, and that's really all the engagement that you hope to get out of people Of course, you can comment there

People can leave a comment, people can reply to a comment, there can be that happening there But, the rate at which people will comment on Instagram compared to Facebook is a lot lower It's not really what we're aiming to do on Instagram, We're just trying to get your brand or your post in front of people, get them to like it, show some engagement and let them move on That's the reason why videos don't really perform any better, in fact, I believe that they perform worse than photos on Instagram, because people don't want to slow down and watch something, even if they're capped at a minute If it's six seconds, maybe they'll slow down enough to watch it, but no one, or, shouldn't say no one, I wonl;t say absolutes, not many people are slowing down to watch a minute of video on Instagram, it's just not how people are using it, which is why Instagram brought out IGTV because they want people to be able to post videos, especially longer form videos, but not have it come through their timeline because that's not how people use an Instagram timeline, they scroll, they double tap, they scroll

So it's place for likes, Facebook is not a place for likes anymore, it used to be, you want to get likes, that was a good thing to get, but now likes are worth so little And we can have a post that gets 40 likes on our little linear media Facebook page with only like 450 followers, and we might just get 100% reach, which is great, I mean that's really good reach to reach all 450 people But if we had just five likes but a bunch of comments and you know a couple shares, you would reach 200 to 300% reach We could reach 1,500 people The comments are what Facebook's all about

Facebook is a dialogue platform That's the real big difference between the two Instagram is a like and swipe platform, Facebook's a dialogue platform That's what big post came out in January from Mark Zuckerberg about how he wants it to be a place where people are socializing or having discussions, or having dialogue so that's what's happening on Facebook That way you need to make your posts, that way you're trying to entice other people is to have dialogue

So that's how the two posts will be different On Instagram compared to what you're doing on Facebook, is that Instagram you just want to be really, really, really visually appealing Appealing enough that it stops someone in their scroll, they double tap, they consume it briefly, and they move on On Facebook you really, really, really need to try and get dialogue out of people You want comments, you want them answering your questions, you want them tagging a friend, and not just tagging a friend but tagging them and then adding something to it, like hey did you see this or did you know this, actually getting that dialogue happening, their friend replies and they have this ongoing discussion

That's a huge win if you can get that, you know two friends having a dialogue on your comment thread, that's your big win So your content needs to be different in that way, and that doesn't mean that you have to have completely different content, like could still have maybe a wide-angle photo that goes on Facebook and then you take that exact same photo and then crop it to square and throw it on Instagram but then your copying, you know, the text that's above it on Facebook, below it on Instagram, that text needs to be optimized to the platform, in that on Instagram it just says something very quick and catchy probably Some people are using their Instagram to write a whole blog post, but you're not like asking questions, like you might on Facebook, it's just something that compliments the photo and of course then you can use hashtags on Instagram and I'll get into that in a sec too Whereas on Facebook you know, don't put hashtags in your copy, no one is search Facebook by hashtags really, the users just aren't using it in that way Even though I know it's possible

So in that way, you can actually use the same content still but change the copy, optimize the post for each platform, so that it is actually a different post So the other thing that's different between them is what I just mentioned about hashtags Because on Instagram the way that you get discovered is through hashtags, by tagging people, by tagging your location, things like that That's how you can get discovered And that's kind of a little bit of a weakness, I guess, or just a kinda like hurdle of when you're running your Instagram because it's harder to grow because your users can't share your post

Like that's something that's very different about how Instagram and how Facebook works People can't go to Instagram, oh I love this post I want my friends to see it, hit share, that option doesn't exist On Facebook you have a great post, you have a great video and you can get people to share it and now you haven't just reached, you know the thousand people who like your page, you've reached 10,000 because those people have shared with their friends and that's a huge piece of how you get discovered on Facebook, how you get more followers, is getting your people to share it On Instagram you have to nail how to use the hashtags, how to use location tagging, how to tag other users, and that's how those two platforms are very different The other thing that's really different is on Facebook someone comes to your page, your timeline and so to your business page, and they can see what you post most recently, if they scroll they can see something else, scroll they see more, but there's no view that shows like all that you posted in the past month right? So on Instagram there is and people have to go there before they follow you

So if they find you by hashtag or something they see your one little post but then in order to follow you they have to tap that post, get into your bio or your user profile, and then they'd follow you from there But because they're going to that view first, that view has a huge grid of like all of the stuff you've posted and as soon as you open it you can see the first nine or 12 posts or the most nine or 12 posts that you've posted, and so it's really important that what you show there is really compelling to people, that it makes them want to follow you Which means it needs to be very consistent, people know what to expect Maybe there's like a color theme to it, or there's some sort topical theme or something about it where they're like okay I see what this account shares, that's something I want to see in my timeline, I'm gonna follow them, but if they go to your bio, your profile page on Instagram, and they just see your most recent nine or 12 posts, and they're al over the map, here's a scenic photo, heres a close-up on a product, here's a selfie of me, here's a meme, here's a video, and it's just all over, there's no consistency to it, there's no theme linking it all You're a lot less likely to get people to follow you because they don't know what to expect coming down their timeline

They're not certain in their mind like yeah I do want to follow this person, I know what to expect, that's the kind of stuff I want to see, they're a little bit unsure Like what's gonna happen next, what's gonna come down my timeline when they post tomorrow, they don't really know, so they're gonna be less likely to follow you So it's actually, I feel some people just counting that it's just maybe not that important but I feel it's very important that your bio looks great That there's a theme to it, that it's consistent, that people know what to expect And on Facebook, of course, have branding consistency

Your posts should look, you know similar in that people can tell who it's posted by all the time You should have brand consistency But it's not so important that, there's no one view on Facebook that shows everything you've posted and that people are looking in that before deciding to follow you So it's less important but that's another way that those two platforms are extremely different So with that in mind, you need to approach them with different strategies

Think about all that, all aways that they're different and use that to come up with what you're posting, how you're posting it, and that's gonna help you understand how do to use those two platforms in a way that suits them differently, individually, separately Okay, that's a lot about that, Facebook and Instagram I think I had another thing I wanted to mention about this but I think that probably plenty enough So we'll just move to question two Question two is my target audience is final profanity but I always censor myself on social media, should I be? So I know who this came from cause it came in over LinkedIn

It's a guy who designs video games, really cool guy who has this video game that he's been working on for a long time and it's a wrestling game And it's a wrestling game modeled after like I think like the old Nintendo 64 style wrestling games, there's a lot of violence, there's blood, there's gore, there's nothing censored about it Like his video game would be an R-rated video game and so is it okay to be basically R-rated in your advertising like should, but specifically like it is okay to show a little bit of blood violence, okay to have a little bit of profanity and he was giving the example, he sent me a screenshot or just gave me the link to his recent Instagram about how his video game was on sale on steam, 25% off or some like that and it was like something about this is effing huge sale or some like that and literally said like eefing I'm not saying eefing because I don't want to say eefing, cause I'll say fuck, that's fine, but in his thing it said it's eefing nuts And he's like I feel like it should just say it's fucking nuts or something like that

So here's my take on this, first of all no you can't Like Facebook and Instagram, it's in their terms of service that you can't use profanity in your advertising So they're probably gonna screen your post and stop it from being pushed out there So you can't use it And I get that your audience is perfectly fine with profanity, they're perfectly fine with seeing the drip of blood while the guys getting like smashed on in the ring or whatever

But Facebook and Instagram says that you can't So that's the real quick answer That gives you the answer But I wanna talk about like the more content related stuff like what if you're making YouTube videos, what if you have a blog on your site, that kind of stuff that's not advertising, where no one's really controlling what you put I think go for it, like you need to speak the way that your audience speaks

You need to speak in a way that relates to them So I say go for it, and I have this issue a little bit that we had to sort out where we were gonna stand on it because one of my oldest clans, well my oldest one where I got started in this, I've been doing, I've been managing Poker News Canada for five years almost now, yeah it's about five years And actually right now because I've been with Poker News for so long, they're a client of mine, the World Series of Poker is going on in Vegas right now, and that's you know, Poker News is the official reporting people of World Series so we have like 40 plus people working on this because we're the live reporters of it, and so I'm in there editing and whatever So Poker News is obviously for people of a gambling age, so in Canada 18 or 19 depending on your province, in the states 21 plus, that's our audience And also, when we're live reporting, we're there at a tournament, we're saying what said at the table, how the hands played out, and sometimes, imagine that, people actually swear while they're playing poker and they're like oh fuck, he got there, whatever

Something happens that's unlucky and when we're quoting that because the table talk is kind of an amusing part that's what makes your live reporting more interesting, we've chosen to yeah, write it out And we sometimes have reporters who are new and they come work for us and sometimes they like bleep it out or put whatever, something in there so that it's not written out, but I think, and maybe this is not the official stance, but it's how we do things when I'm editing, is just write it out Like these are people who, they're all adults, they all speak like this, they get it, plus we're direct quoting someone, how they're saying it so we put it in there You know Poker News is like the most well known news site that covers the poker world, has millions of fans, I don't see a problem with that I think it's fine, that's how our audience might talk, or maybe they don't, maybe they don't like it, but I mean if you're in the poker world you're used it cause you're gonna hear it, I don't care where you're sitting down to play poker, you're probably gonna hear some profanity

So use it, talk the way your audience talks, and it's just gonna across more authentic I mean, if your audience talks that way and you're putting eefing, and other then the ads where you have to but you're saying that in your own blog post, or I'm saying in my videos, and I'm like saying eefing when I don't mean to Like it just isn't authentic, and that's the most important thing on you're social media, and all your content, be authentic, talk to your users the way they talk, it's gonna come across so much more genuine, and that's honestly one of the most important things in your content, genuine, be authentic So talk the way they talk, that's my two cents on that So thanks for watching, that's our two questions this week

If you had a question about marketing or social media that you want me to answer next week shoot it to me wherever you can find me I'm on Twitter @Lane_Anderson, use the hashtag #ASKLANE there or on Instagram, shoot us a message to our LondonRoadMedia Facebook page, use the landing page bitly/asklane, you can throw your question in there and that keeps it completely anonymous, it's just a form, what's your questions, hit submit, that's it, I don't know who you are And then, actually my questions been coming in on LinkedIn more and more if you wanna find me on LinkedIn shoot me messages through the direct messenger there and I'll add them And then answer them all next week

So thanks for watching, I really appreciate it I enjoy doing this I've been getting lots of positive feedback, so we're just gonna keep going at it This was episode seven of the Ask Lane show, thanks for watching, do something awesome (upbeat dance music)

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