well we knew it was coming I guess it's finally here what's going on guys It's your boy the Beast of Ecom and I am back with another video dropping nothing but value bombs if this is the first time ever watching one of our videos hello and welcome if it isn't it's nice to see you again please do if you get some value like comment and of course smash that subscribe button and hit the notification about as well so you stay up to date with my latest videos because you do not want to miss out on any of my upcoming content so I want to talk about this massive update that Facebook have done recently which has completely changed the game for every single advertiser on the platform now it doesn't matter if you do a Shopify drop shipping if you are doing a niche store a general store a branded store selling info products print-on-demand affiliate marketing it doesn't matter this affects absolutely everyone so what is it I'm actually talking about well Facebook have rolled out a new feature a transparency feature which allows anybody to go onto any single fan page and see the adverts that they are running yep so those dark posts you thought were hidden from everyone are now officially unsure to the whole world now this was officially only available in Canada they tested it out in Canada but now it's officially gone global which means that anyone any one person any marketer anyone in the world can click on any single fan page and just see the adverts that you're currently running so before I actually talked about what this means for you as an advertiser let me show you exactly how it works so you can get to grips with it and of course start testing it out okay so let me quickly show you how this new update actually works so you can get to grips with it as you can see I'm on the Facebook page for pet ninja I think someone in the comments on one of my videos said that they thought that pet ninja was my website unfortunately your hundred-percent wrong so I thought I'd just use this as an example so as you can see on the left hand side it will say a bunch of tabs and this one here says info and now if you click on that that is load and it says active ads from pet ninja now of course it's defaulted to United Kingdom which is where I am but you can change that and as you scroll down a little bit you can see all of the adverts that they're currently running for the United Kingdom and if you click on that what you can do is of course change it to anything in any country United States or you can click global ads as well if we click on that we can scroll down we can have a look at all of these products the creative and stuff like that now you can as well see the engagement as well that is going on on the advert so if you actually click on the video turn that down and if you click on it widescreen you can see here now that the creative ok get yours here etc and you can see the amount of likes it's got you can see the shares the amount of views and of course you can see the comments as well so you can see the engagement you can see the advert you can pretty much see everything that is out there so that is how it works that is the new update let's have a conversation about it so now that you've seen how it works what does this mean for you as an advertiser is it the end of Shopify dropshipping is it gonna harm you brand you know what are the pros what are the cons let's talk about it well the good thing of course is that it's opened the playing field for everyone it's leveled the playing field okay it means that you can now find products you pretty much have no excuse to find products if you're relying just on dropship in you know you can go to any single page ok click on that tab and find their winning products you can of course see the engagement as well to see if it is something that is getting a great reaction or not and you can basically just go to any single page and find products which means you don't necessarily have to start relying on those spy tools now remember that angle should always be if you are just starting off with dropship in should be to build out a long-term sustainable brand okay that's I do with my winners you want to be testing stuff on your general store okay find those winners and I once you find those winners break them out into a new store find a supplier okay brand them yourself trade market copyright it and build it into a long-term sustainable brand like I said that is what I do and that is what your goal should be to do – now once you get to that point where you trade marking stuff and your copywriting your logos and all those sorts of things it doesn't matter if people can see you stuff anyway because at the end of the day you can just literally sue them if they are taking your material now you are gonna build a massive brand loyalty and be building an asset that of course you can sell in the later stages of the business if you wanted to now drop shipping is still the easiest method to get into e-commerce okay you don't need massive warehouses that you do with a brand okay you don't need any sort of you know inventory so to speak to start off with and again it the barriers to entry to drop shipping are so low that again testing products and all those sorts of things you can literally do and start making sales so again there's nothing wrong with drop shipping to start off with now Willis up they actually kill drop shipping on Facebook well let's talk about that for a minute just because you can see these products working again you can see these creatives does not mean that you are going to be able to recreate that success why just because you watch Bruce Lee on TV in films does not mean you know karate so what do I mean by that well you may be able to see the product you may be able to see the offer but there's an important part missing which is the audience and the targeting a lot of mentioned in a previous video okay you need those three things aligned to be able to create success so you know you need the product you need the audience and of course you need the offer so if you can see only two parts of it you still missing a massive part now how many times have you seen a winning product on Facebook and you think okay you know what I'm gonna give this a test and you throw some money out and you find that you don't find that it's a winner it don't bring you the sales I've done it and I know personally that people watching this video have done it too that's because there's a few different things that come into play that influence whether something gonna be a winner or not and it's more than just a product just the audience and just the offer things like ad account history relevancy scores quality scores pixel data all of these things have an influence on whether something is going to be a winner or not so remember just because you can see it does not mean you are going to be able to recreate that success it's as simple as that now another thing is you actually have to find these pages which isn't as easy as it is of course if you're just doing dropship in these dropshipping stores what they do is they hyper niche their pages which means if they're selling cat products they'll send it on a cat page if they're selling dog products they'll sell it on a dog page and they'll have all of these different pages okay all running with different winners on so although you may find one page that store may have you know another five to ten different pages that may all have winners on so you might find one it doesn't mean you're gonna find all of their winners now is this going to create competition with your main products and your main winners who knows it may do it may not but remember there's a lot of different things that come into play and if you have winners right now I wouldn't start pulling your hair out thinking that everyone else is going to recreate that success because like I said there's a lot of different things that come into play into your product being a winner over the next person now if you are the first to market you're gonna get the lion's share anyway so if you are scared scale hard and scale fast but remember there are a load of different things that come into play and if you have something working on facebook nine times out of 10 Facebook will favor your advert over the copycats because you were the first to market you have all of those different things which are previously mentioned which is why your advert is working also Facebook isn't the only traffic source if you are just reliant like I mentioned in my other video on one traffic sauce then you are in serious trouble don't just rely on Facebook yes it is fantastic yes you can drive targeted traffic but remember there are loads of different ways you can go out there and find traffic that are super underutilized and probably a lot cheaper than Facebook for example Google AdWords YouTube ad verse okay Pinterest adverse there's loaded different places that you can use also ready verse there are lonely different places that you can use okay that can bring you in targeted traffic as well as Facebook now if you are super scared of this update and you don't want the world to find winners first and foremost just get over it and secondly if you are that scared and you want to take measures then just create more fan pages just find a product and once that product is winning on that page then just create a new page test products on a new page until you find a winner and then just create a new one and test products on that and so on and so on and so on or alternatively just ruin a turn of $100 adverts so that it fills up the whole thing making it a little bit harder for people to find your winning products again I wouldn't even bother with doing any of that okay the main thing is you need to move towards a brand okay a sustainable brand which means that no one can copy your stuff regardless that is where you ideally need to be now do I think this update will kill dropshipping absolutely not and am I worried about it absolutely not why because obviously of course I've got branded stores that I'm working on and alternatively I'm a marketer who adapts and survives it's as simple as that if you are not in this game okay as a business person as a marketer okay as an entrepreneur you have to adapt and survive there has been many changes with Facebook throughout the years okay CPC is rise in you know CPM is rise in different changes algorithms all these sorts of things okay if you are not in this game to adapt and survive then you are not fit to be an entrepreneur it's as simple as that you roll with the times and you keep moving that is the reason why we're consistent with our producing results okay we adapt we survive because at the end of the day there's nothing we can do to change it so all you can do is adapt survive move and keep pushing it some people will absolutely love it some people will absolutely hate it I'm pretty much indifferent it doesn't make any difference whatsoever but just use it while it's here it's here it's here to stay so use it utilize the tool while you can now of course if you got some value from this video please do of course like comment smash that subscribe button hit the notification bar as well see stay up to date with my latest videos now I'd love to know your thoughts on this update what do you think of it which side are you on do you absolutely love it do you absolutely hate it are you indifferent what are your thoughts so let me know in the comment section I'll be reading through them replying to them and having a little bit of a discussion down below so make sure you comment down below with your thoughts and what you think of this new update remember I have got a free mastermind group click the link down below I'm in but the marketers are in there we talked about in the simple ecommerce Shopify drop shipping all helping each other grow if you want to reach out to me on a personal basis best place is probably Instagram you'll pop up on the screen drop me a like drop me a follower drop me at the m and we can connect on there that is it for this video again I hope you got some value let me know your thoughts down below in the comment section and I'll see you next time take care

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