Der Facebook Algorithmus | Folge 03 Facebook-Marketing leicht gemacht

Hello, dear ones, we are once again live to celebrate my podcast starts That means I'm live every day this week – one hour today postponed

Today, my daughter was a bit but I brought a really good, exciting topic for you The little one is sleeping and I have time for you The theme of today's podcast is the Facebook algorithm I explain how it works he – very roughly, of course – because there are so many factors And I will look a little bit into the future and see, where is it? even with Facebook

In the end, I'll tell you why Facebook will eventually will know that you need a new refrigerator and like that can work First of all, I want to celebrate a bit with you, that means, I would like to start a raffle today This is until tomorrow 16 clock and you can win three of my growth courses, three Places in my growth course each worth 400 euros, so over 1200 euros the value is ultimately I want to do that today because you hopefully already heard in my podcast rhine and condition is here that you me A review leaves behind that means there are a few things you should do I will do that again after I went live here video in the description first explain step video sharing on your page on your facebook page second So subscribe subscribe to the podcast and give me a review leave as you subscribe me you see in the description if you click on the link then you have all the options and how to make a review itunes leaves you in the comment below in the same wait I'll pack it in I think I had it prepared but not yet pressed enter so I look and the third point would be then comment here under the video once because it is so with itunes you can too without having to give that a real name, that is to say you have to specify here once in the comment below where you give me the review left if it was not with itunes as best and for example like your nickname is there and then you are welcome to write about it what you like for themes in the podcast so it is very simple three steps video subscribe and review so leave a short comment I really only want for those who really own me so if you have not heard yet then maybe leave it behind also not necessarily in a review or higher until tomorrow 16 o'clock and then here's a short commentary below the comments I loose that is the comments because I will then three people Loose and will check after that whether the review has been deposited is so simple everything else follows here after the live video in the description and then we go now into the topic the future of facebook not only the algorithm but what will there be there so come everything that is then so exciting things and I want you a short overview shows the thomas hutter shared here on his page yes, he summarized the f8 conference a bit and we did look at what kind of theme is here and there are camera effect platform I do not know if you already saw it have and I will now start synonymous to share my screen and show this is what happens to you so nice because that's pretty much that's pretty exciting that means I'm going in this is the one here thomas has already done this and show you my cellphone screen I've got that over you can say for a moment if you can see that If you want to know what kind of a technique I am the user here Quicktime is Quicktime Quicktime I share here watching my screen on the phone screen and what I have now do with my camera I just go with my finger from the left side Move to the right side and push that picture awakens as you can see I put up my canvas and I'm here as a photo is relatively simple to slide into this photo function that's actually very exciting I look at it probably better so and now we start to speak of augmented reality that is what we mean There are also moments of reality I would like to talk about today and there are virtual ones reality what we do now and here click on the left of this wand is augmented reality that means me clicked on it the little cat and what happens here is the reality that is, my image is still the same but it will be just changed that can be imagined for example if you are there, it's pretty funny, so there are many options i click here through what you can do here everything beautiful and the glasses move with that means the reality is changed but it is just Reality and what we can do what we do not good what we are can also do virtual reality is synonymous with facebook already has This means that you can already use the virtual reality where I then put on a pair of glasses and be transported to another world at the moment that means it has nothing to do with real reality anymore extended reality but with virtual reality so everything is different as it would actually be in reality as an example, the people are put on the mars and you see looks like the Mars is around you and the people are being projected there, so to speak is a very different kind of reality and i have a very nice i do that's just a gimmick that went the match at go I'm out of my cellphone again and again love the way back that of course are the gimmicks first only yes me Now wants to see what's up there is possible and what is here now, for example, is object detection that is all still in English but now I'm going in again that's for example already yes i do not know if you have the amazon app too at home, yes, if you already use it, I'll do it just so it works now But not if you have the Amazon app then look at the top right in the Amazon app is a small camera icon with this camera symbol you can click on it and then put the camera of your mobile phone on a specific product that means you can find out who or what that is and amazon recognizes this product and seeks that at the moment Amazon announces the cheapest price so that's already on Amazon is really working About 50 percent say I like it is not always so correct but every time if i bought my micro here at Amazon I have a scanner here He immediately recognizes this at certain points and also features that will be on facebook then sometime We have the hand tracking so where the hand goes exactly long, for example facebook we have segmentation we have a lot the tectia more natural that in videos then people really not only be recognized on photos like it was already the case is then this frame editor what we have just looked at us have and there is already the option that you yourself such a frame Yes, it can be done in development this is already possible today of course, very funny there are options and we can now Let's go further so here it looks like here you can have your own Upload frame and then it will be augmented again augmented augmented reality reality studio that is just in the beta version that means we have not yet in Germany and can not do so yet use but I play this once from time to time we do not need the throne just to see you see that is not just a frame but the whole moves too directly with and is a whole experience in the end, this is what we see here We have not been able to do that ourselves as far as I have done before that we have seen in germany then we have no access as I said only in the beta version but it works quite well so there it is a lot of options facebook develops very much there and I want to have one picture show here what is planned in the next years that's what in The f8 conference was also presented by mark zuckerberg so first in the ecosystem of facebook will continue for the next three years Optimized and then we first of all have the products here be absolutely in the foreground that you can watch it video on first yes and here depending on how you then you go down or to the right so search groups of messengers that are so for me the main areas on facebook we should use whatsapp certainly also many companies do not take yet and instagram that are For me, the six main products we use here are our people our fans can reach our potential customers on facebook totally exciting and there you can pick out a theme and you with the deal with more video if possible always start with video yes but we For example, the messenger bots have something for the messenger Of course, super super exciting also gives me one more time Lecture will probably soon follow a podcast because it's easy a huge theme is what have been heard and then here in the 10th year future outlook we have the connectivity in there drone so here we have satellite readers yes yes we have the intelligence so artificial intelligence yes where we for example and I had that already At the very beginning I said that we have the camera I showed you how to see how I make videos of myself and the vision was and that was the lecture I heard from coffee hackel one of the leading virtual reality consultants can be said that way makes a lot in the usa, for example, develops the virtual Realities for people who can not move anymore so in a wheelchair For example, they are sitting or bedridden and are projecting at theirs home for example where they just could never go back and so really great story telling what we have for it have options and yes you can argue maybe but the Development just goes in that direction, that's why it's very important that you really look here what options are there I do not want to have a basic discussion and contribute to this because I can be controversial because what I said just how can facebook know that i need a new fridge and cathy has said in her seminar that's how she pretends so she does not know if that's how it is will be but I could imagine very well, certainly in another future but it will be soon you know that facebook optimizes our newsfeed the algorithm works so we get the content that we really want to see is what that is crucial and facebook also shows us the advertising ads we like so want to see the advertisements very very clever very sophisticated we Here are the best target group statistics we have anywhere for any ads can have that means now and that is the vision when we make a video we film ourselves and the fridge is in the back with in the picture then facebook and so the idea of ​​cathy will someday will recognize the The fridge will capture that for over ten years is and will then be on advertising in newsfeed a new refrigerator suggest that fits for us so so the vision I thought it was very exciting for you and I want it today Actually, giving facebook is far from having to the development so here is quite a lot of what will come that is very very exciting everything here at all on visions on the part of facebook is and that should not scare you but rather make you think they are developing and you can see that even if you look at the Ten years ago, none of the kids had a smartphone in their hand on the road is on the way, but today is the development goes in that direction and now it is different the crucial and For example, let's take the messenger bots that we have Developments so a bit of this technology just use it cleverly do not exploit that spamming with it but just normal as normal people and the others do not exploit it and I have a vision that that can work very well if we all help each other and ourselves do not want to play against each other in any way I hope that was exciting for you to see in which direction it sounds like my podcast pure as I said it is about the algorithm on facebook as well as today works and how you might like them a bit can trick and tomorrow is the result of how to increase the range So a bit more constructive on the algorithm itself today, then more likely bit technical but once you understand the algorithm then it also makes everything a bit more then you know where you have to focus on that I will ask your questions later Let's have a look today I wanted to make quite short and tight and crisp if you ask to the topic virtual reality advanced reality or too old fish intelligence so artificial intelligence when I like to shoot inform me gladly because I'm not very deep in the topic in it and then maybe I'll be happy to do it now would have switched to later, we still have a game look at you I'll change the description right away and then you can do one of my own Winning Growth I would be very happy to see you tomorrow 16 You can join in and then I say thank you and thank you a nice day is her dear

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