Das Facebook Profil | Folge 01 Facebook-Marketing leicht gemacht

Hello, my dears, today for the second video to celebrate my podcast I am very happy that he is on iTunes – we are still with him now zeroth episode

iTunes is not that fast – little learning for me – that means it will take a while During the day then comes the first Facebook episode out and it's about the Facebook profile Today in this live video I would like to pick up on a few topics that are in the Facebook profile we can still look at you, I do not discuss in the podcast, that means a few tips I share the screen with you because you have certain Just show things better And I'm curious about your feedback

So I want to use this video below in the comments to mine Live video now here like to start a discussion and also about the Podcast episode That is, I explain what can we do with the Do Facebook profile, why is it so important Why neglect it very much many and that's why this is for us the comments thought of as discussion everyone uses the profile differently Dare not really I'm also on the privacy in the podcast and we look at a few things today I jump right in and share my screen I do a bit smaller if you have questions in between then Just let me know and let's see that we can do it the way I do now just have to switch back shortly because the cam is not otherwise that's different with this technology I'm currently live written with the middle mhmm and the cam just would not be moved so but I can make it very small that means I show you what we are in the profile at all because there is a function here see my podcast now this is my current episode download conti and she will also be as it is said during the day on itunes There is a favorite feature that I show you today with my profile I would like to see these three dots from the view of and here Now it's going to be exciting because we're actually doing it too rarely and when we click the then we have the view as it is public here above tells us on facebook so looks like a profile for and then the we can narrow that down even more and we can say that I would like it to be displayed on behalf of a specific friend only I have worked like that and why it makes sense, I'll show you right away thrilling now here but look at this and yes click through times look Now what the public sees of your profile you give that over or do you bring that over what is really exciting here or find you your fans that means you ride them on your facebook page For example, this would be possible via the job title maybe you have posts here that you do not actually have public yes, yes, that's very important photos, for example Maybe not necessarily a customer of mine, or even friends here Public yes so here very very important that the friends are not visible such information is also the info info here for example that you only there that in there you really want to show that out is this view very very important look at this necessarily like that with you looks and I do it regularly every few months I watch here even more often when I am very active in the profile and you see here already my profile video we can already set videos in the profile picture there are already all the blue verified hooks have can do that on the side already I think at some point that will also for all of us be possible in the profile is already on the phone that means on the smartphone you can already set a video here short record on the smartphone or I have a photo here now animated is synonymous that just a video short clips can be that and for it I have used lumi here I have a blog post to who interest has a mobile app with a watermark in the corner and if you want to get away then you have to think a couple of two euro i believe pay and buy the app once otherwise you have one little watermark in the corner but it's funny because that's just it profile picture again so a bit noticeable in the bustle of the whole profile pictures we have so that means this animation is also in the newsfeed by newsfeed is our homepage where all the last ones are news appear here that means you can join look look really times and that would be my tip in parallel like on the profile what that looks like for the public and we look Let's see how we can do it I can just do it here again finish the preview why that makes sense and how we use the privacy I can change settings in the podcast that I am talking about here with friend lists worker that means I can now here if i put somebody in a list so i say i have a list for example that means known i can say i want to go here the contribution I write here now just a hello makes that maybe still bunch with a few cats cats always go and and then we can do that here in the privacy settings just as on the cell phone say who should see that yes that means we can here one just sharing with myself, for example, I do that quite often when I am on the phone to take a picture and want to bring to my side but still Somehow I would like to work on something special, for example, then I share that my private profile only with myself to it then quickly synonymous on the pc too is a workaround now with that iphone is a bit easier because it's all faster Synchronized synchronized but I used to like to do that in the past and what we can already do now is in advance plan that means we can say here when this contribution should appear yes that means we can now enter a date here And as I said we can say that we only want to be with me I would like to share it with all friends except one For example, my family is supposed to list this I can not see it or I can make it public and I do it all in public what I want to show everyone what is relevant with the public that I'll show you some time somebody sent you a friend request I'll be in the public view again and you will not yes, here accept girlfriend add someone for you I do that yes not that click over this button again and then we will the lists are displayed and I add those already at the request in this list no because otherwise I'll forget about it later both request also in lists sort how that works, I'll tell you in the podcast again and then if I do I've also sent him a message but mostly if the one does not accept that if he does not say because I do not want that accept as a friend so he subscribed to you automatically that's his name gets all your public contribution contributions also displayed in the newsfeed yes And that's just more exciting that is friend and abo is not that same that means I can also make friends here if I go out again go and do not subscribe to it that means I could say the marit here now neville is with me I do not subscribe anymore that means I am Although she is still friends with her she also sees that we are friends but she just does not see that I no longer get posts from me But I can also say hey marit is a super good friend now synonymous directly times and I attach them here as the first show in 2 ie their Contributions get a higher rating for me and I can easily get here position a bit better and get more of it displayed algorithm works very well on thursday in the podcast episode I explain exactly how it works but we can do it here of course manually set a lot and edit and that was I also show you in the newsfeed so if we are on the start page on it that we have worked there as well, if you hate away now and say okay I have a lot of stuff here in my newsfeed that I do not please do not hesitate to say here arrow down you want to say Do not subscribe to any more from melanie then you will not see anything of her anymore newsfeed must reset the active again in the settings or you do not want to see anything more from this group facebook marketing kathrin hill this is a stupid example now because this is my group and you will Of course, my contributions have been but I want to show that you manually Here you can go and sort the newsfeed a bit yes you can do that partly here about the lot about this I can say three points I want instead of the top messages I want the see latest messages because this can also be how you look melanies post is 22 hours old facebook sorts that to me that's it algorithm then i can just say i really just want that now here on facebook is in very recent so now I'll see if you have any questions if you have questions then say Okay cats always go yes so I really want to keep it crisp Today we do not talk about it if you have to ask then tell me you know that I always try to keep me short too and what important to tell so everything else to the profile I explain in the podcast yes if the live then today then I say then I post again and what I mentioned in the podcast For example, here is my my picture yes we can not here this edit pictures here we can insert five favorite photos I do not use this for business now so I could mean mine now too my podcast, for example, the prominent represent and I believe that I'll do the same, that means if you live the photo here, yes and if you click on it then pay attention to it I did not do it right now but if that's high select a favorite photo here then grab it there's a description of rhine to your podcast and a facebook page depending on your free and then of course it would be very clever if you insert the photo a button purely graphically but only so that the people click and then in the second step in the description the link So here's a little tip on the edge I can click now directly implement and then you can look at me in the profile one These photos are also public yes so very important that it can then everyone So do not look any fun photos next to necessarily and that was now here One last tip if you have any questions then just let me know Of course I am always happy when your questions come I have already quite get great ideas for new podcast episodes So write to me podcast kathrin help if you have ideas what you would like to hear topics about facebook marketing then i treat the very much in podcast and parallel of course here always in live video we have to see where we do something I make of course the visual then he here in the live video and the podcast is that is a bit explain there I say that's right now i'm up here i here and there because of adviser image I can read that so badly from the Sandra but has a question that is the big disadvantage of eac m high because you can ask the question very quickly Read very badly yes I see how many spectators I have 24 we are just that you can see him you can also see it live at b, but that actually works pretty well that you have no problem at all exactly i said that before stephanie with which software I do that with ecm m is unfortunately only with the mac but I also do some with leif I do that with zoom I do that directly through the desktop via facebook and maybe I have already seen small tip on the edge of the west did not see my newsletter not yet subscribed you can now have a link to send video directly without having to plan the people that means I have Now just subscribe my newsletter subscribers without a scheduled video zoom Sent a live video by saying I go to url and then facebookcom / kathrin hill so these are the pages of these url / live and that leads visitors to the current live video or the last live video so the last thing that went online is of course whole exciting that means we do not necessarily have to work with software around the to plan live video but you can just go directly to the desktop live here yes I also show it very fast, I swing a bit and now But in the end, I think there's something for everyone here means you can now just click here to start live video and then at least Show yourself so you can not unfortunately share the screen yet You need a tool for that, but at least you can use it a little bit of narrative work I like to work on think that's enough for today if you have questions I'll answer them then please write please please listen to my podcast subscribe him and If you like, you can also start evaluations now Of course, first of all let's listen Just leave a rating like that but listen in and look that suits you would be very happy which is just a bit better seen by the people and me I wish you a nice day I'm in the middle of party mood ie we have me I'm also a village here in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania we have 800 years of wittenförden like my village hot and i am in firm committee i am also here community representative and me am also the chairman of the cultural association and have really fun there This week has a full week and the same goes historical tour going on and I'm totally involved yesterday man 500 Visitors at our opening events totally loyal to me have a video rotated or cut together from 1936 from my great uncle who was shooting in the village back then and there quite great shots at arisen I degree digress a bit but I like to tell you that because it is a big part of my life right now this organization of the week has lasted one and a half years and i can like to go live in the profile a bit and show you what we all there on my legs until then I wish you a nice day see you on facebook again and ask the discussion to follow one just like a podcast just below the video if you have any questions Topic facebook profile then she loves to post and me then answer again in written form until then you love

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