CTA Calls to Action – Email Marketing

hello this is John Ruman I'm an international business coaching consultant named my company's JJR Global and calls to action are a critical component of any email campaign ever or social media for that matter so I'm doing an email marketing course starting on the seventh of July and this will help you out with it if you can't come you'll find this as value is of value as well so the call to action is we live in a world where people are very distracted think about it the time you have to watch this video right now is hard for you because you're so used to having so many other input and various things to keep you busy okay and feeling like if you don't have your phone in your hand you're kind of naked in some sense so what I'm gonna invite you to do is every single time you do a Facebook Instagram LinkedIn a YouTube thing if you actually are using comments to create that and anytime you have a video and most importantly whenever you're using email I need you to and you need to use a call-to-action why and you notice anytime you have any sort of advertising has a sign up now click here all that kind of good stuff the reason that you need to utilize that is it allows for you and that person to be told what to do we are kind of feel like when they interact with you they lead a little bit so for example right now I'd love for you if you're watching this for example and you see it on Facebook or you see a you know comment please if you see it on Facebook share it and I'd love for you to share this your friends because they all need to understand the value of the call-to-action so leverage call to action so you can get your audience and the people who need what you have to offer to buy from you it's as simple as that so stop doing posts stop doing emails that don't lead them on a path they need to know that you're in control roll that you are the one who has the direction that they are being taken on take them on this journey and guide them every step of the way it's as simple as that so at the end of every post social media wise and of every email email wise do use a call to action let me tell you briefing about this course if you email if you don't you need to do it anyway email is probably the most beneficial thing you can do financially so please consider this it's on the seventh of July Val Park Shopping Plaza it's 9:00 am

to 2:00 pm it will be a hands-on workshop you will need a laptop phones and tablets simply will not work and you will at that point be learning how to make marketing email marketing if you don't have a list how to create one how to grow what you have and all that so we'll take you through the whole process again 9 am 2 p

m the total investment is 600 TT you can do half up front and half yeah one time if you watching this on Facebook I will post this in the event you're gonna click on the link if you're watching this on Instagram shooting you know direct message and I will gladly send you the link as a reply so does hate email marketing so any questions you have I'd love to hear your favorite call the actions that you use to help you maximize your success for social media any sort of online presence so thank you take action sign up for that class have an awesome weekend thank you bye bye

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