CPA Marketing Tutorial – Immediate Money 100% FREE [2018]

June 22, 2018

what's going on guys today we're gonna talk about making immediate money with cpa marketing and IP hopping now I didn't anticipate you know essentially making this video but I got a lot of questions through email ever since I put that last not the specific last video but one of my last videos which was how you can make I think was five ways there's total five ways to make $1000 this week or something along those lines if you want to check that out go ahead I won't drop a card to it but it's on my channel and currently it is on the home page of my channel if you're a new subscriber so go ahead and check that out it might be like four or five videos down I also link it in the description for you if you want to check it out too but moving on we're gonna talk about IP hopping here and I'm going to show you a short tutorial of how you can implement it now before we get into that I do want to preface this by saying like I said in the last video that I do not actually do this I do not actually practice this this is something I merely tested out because I'm always trying to think outside the box and bring you guys new methods and this is the most ethical way to make money online but you asked for it you wanted the tutorial on it and I'm gonna give it to you because I want to help you guys succeed so what if I had to give you and this is not advice but if I had to give you you know a good model to use this for moving forward it would just beat a pocket like five six hundred maybe a thousand bucks max because there's a real short shelf life to doing this so you want to kind of get your money get out get out the door fast and then implement that money or if sorry invest that money into a you know a feasible business model going forward so you know what whether that's dropshipping private labeling you know content creation or anything like that any of the business models that I teach or you know anything like that you're gonna want to take the money that you make here and invest it into a normal business model that sustainable long term so we're gonna jump into this also before we get started stay tuned through the entire video because I'm not only gonna ask you today's question but I'm also later on in the video going to go through and announce today's winner because it is Monday and we give away 100 bucks every single Monday going forward here on this channel if you haven't already you know check the the video I'll drop a card to it right now it's basically announcing how you can basically enter and all you basically do is answer the question that I asked you in the video so moving forward with the CPA marketing and getting immediate results now basically what you're doing is you're gonna IP hop and you're gonna click your own offer so to put it short to put it simply without wasting too much your time you're only gonna need a website now this does not need to be a paid website and obviously you're gonna need to be in a CPA network of some sort so I always recommend Matt's bounty if you want to join the max bounty you know network through my link I believe I get a partion a portion of your a percentage of your commission now it doesn't take away from you but it obviously helps me it's an affiliate link if you want to go through you know Matt's bounty through there that'd be awesome if not no worries at all you can join a bunch of them on another one I recommend is peer fly I also did an entire video on the top ten networks that I recommend so if you want to check that out I want to drop that as card obviously as well but you can go ahead and check that out it's on my channel under the CPA marketing playlist moving forward into the business model and just teaching you so you'll see here this is an old blog website one of the first that I created a while back when I was still doing kind of cpa marketing and affiliate marketing you see here I'm trying to get people to sign up for surveys and so on and so forth selling my you to me courses and I still use this here and there to promote you know this is basically where I hosted my my CPA offers to click them to test them out and basically what you're gonna do is you're gonna need two things obviously the CPA network and you're gonna need a website that you can basically put your affiliate or your CPA offers on so that you can go ahead and click them once you are under a new IP so that's basically to put it simply what I did here if you scroll all the way down to right here where it's testing these out real fast you'll see that I have a bunch of offers right here that are all from Max bounty that are all from CPA network now if I click these I'm not gonna actually fill them out but if I click these they should take me to CPA offers affiliate links this one's a little slow right now it's weird I haven't checked this in a while let's try this one this one will say it's loaded don't know why they're so slow but you get the picture they're all basically CPA offers that probably pay me a commission I believe it was in between 3 and 5 bucks so every time somebody to Matt's bounties knowledge clicks to one of these links and you know goes through the link and signs up their email we're number or whatever the link actually asks most of them are single opt-ins and this is something I talk about in depth in my course if you guys want to take my course it's $10 discount link it's in the description it's the first link in the description not gonna push it on you because I'm literally giving you the the business model right here but there are some things that you're gonna want to note need to know if you're not that comfortable with it because to avoid detection and basically you know use proxies if you don't have you know I'm gonna give you a great business model Taconic use computers near you but if you don't have that then you're definitely gonna want to look into the course because that's going to give you some things and ways to protect you like you know potentially clicking your links or dropping your links on top of that in like Facebook groups or reddit you know subreddits and stuff like that to basically mask the fact that all your links all your clicks convert you don't want them all to convert it's gonna look shady but that's just something to keep in mind that I talked about in the course now just to give an example another one right here caring for a parent somebody comes through we all know what's EPA off you know CPM marketing is it's basically cost per action when someone comes through and they perform an action on the link that I provide them I get a commission for that cost per action now this is how you can make money with it immediately basically what you're gonna do is you're gonna take all these offers from any of your CPA networks that you're that you're a part of and you're gonna post them on a site that looks legitimate obviously this legit site so when your CPA you know manager you're not your CPA manager your affiliate manager on your cpa network you know looks through at the site where all the traffic's coming from it looks legit and it doesn't just look like it's a hosted site now you want another thing a little caveat this page right here is actually hidden nobody can see this unless they know the URL and so that's how you go about implementing it but just to put it simply without giving you the meat potatoes of everything else all you need to do is put your CPA offers on a hidden page on a legitimate looking website and then click them now how can you click them and look like somebody else well you need different IP addresses there's two ways to do that you can get a proxy one that I recommend is tor browser or you can simply you know go to computers that are around you and click your own offers now like I said this can raise you anywhere from like five hundred to a grant and then you want to pocket that money and then implement it and put it into a legitimate business like we talked about before so whether you're gonna go to libraries near you and you can obviously if depending on if you're in a rural area or you know kind of around a lot of in a city or something like that that might benefit you because you'll have more access to more computers around you but if not you can always use proxies or you can simply you know go to there's there's specific examples for me but there's it depending on your area there could be a number of different examples for me specifically it might be like UPS FedEx stores staples OfficeMax libraries and literally that's like five different examples and all those have multiple places around me that I can go and change my IP address and literally just I walk in ice I click my my url into the UM I clicked my URL I typed my URL into the browser obviously click a few offers sign up with a few accounts that I made up you know obviously emails you know fake names and stuff like that and like I said this is not the most ethical and I don't do it but you guys wanted to hear it so that you could make money and then implement it into a legitimate business model and I'm all about helping guys make money so I wanted to touch on this today so that's basically how you do it it's literally that simple you put your you put them on a website with a hidden page go ahead and click them whether you're going to a library a store or you know you're using a proxy and that's how you make Commission it's literally that simple but like I said you don't want them all to convert so you're gonna want to dilute your links basically whether you want to post them on a Facebook group just to get clicks and where people actually don't convert or you want to post them in a subreddit or anything like that you don't want every single click that goes to those links to convert because that's gonna look shady and they're gonna look into that a little bit more if your numbers look good they might just look at your website be like okay this is a legitimate website they're sending traffic to it they're making money it's that simple so like I said course in the description if you want to grab that by no means necessarily do you need to moving on now today's question and I keep outlining these for you guys even though I said I wouldn't but today's question is you know what business models if you had to rank your top three business models here in 2018 what would they be in what order and you know why so for me specifically this is something talk about in depth in you know some of the future concept that I plan on putting out got a lot of great ideas I'm really excited about that should be coming in in a week or so potentially so a lot of great you know ideas for videos like this and you know engaging pieces of content but for me it would be content creation one because you don't have to invest any money into you know potential products just the knowledge and then it's you know passive pretty much after that for for number two it would probably be private labeling and number three right now would either be drop shipping or RA or online arbitrage so that's me you know what name give me your top three and why they're in that order in the comment section down below and let me know now for the good stuff and announcing the winner for today so I did five videos last week so we're gonna go through a random number generator and we're gonna generate a random number in between one and five okay and whatever number that is will be the video for that week so in order as I drop them and then I'll go through and I'll literally read the comments to the end and kind of pick the best answer that I feel like speaks to me because that's the best way to kind of vet out you know spam comments and stuff like that and you know see who's really putting thought into these and who's really watching the video so that's what we're gonna do one one in five literally right on the screen right now generate number so it's video number two now video number two was I started with it was the first one was the win hundred dollars every week on this channel and that was the card that I dropped the second one was five ways to grow an Instagram fast in 2018 part one so that's what we're gonna go ahead and look at and we are going to pick a winner from this video now I might be reading these on the screen so it might take me a minute so I'll speed this up if it does take me a little bit and then I'll pick one and I'll tell you which one I picked and why and that person wins 100 bucks but today's video is going to be the first one obviously for Monday and then going forward for the rest of the week so make sure you answer that comment or that tech that I can talk today that question down in the comment section below and you know you have a chance to win again so let's see I believe the the question I asked on this video was what is your best tip for anybody getting into Instagram you know influencing trying to build their Instagram account what would be the best tip that you could give them you know to get them started so let's go ahead and read these and see which one I like the best alright guys so I think I picked the best one now remember I do love all these comments I'm genuinely appreciative of all of them and if you didn't win today that's no big deal I'm gonna be giving away a hundred bucks every single week make sure that you answer the question that I actually asked um if you want to comment other things excuse me that's totally welcome to you know drop another comment but you know specifically answer the question in depth that I asked and that will give you the best chance to win because what I'm basically doing how I'm gauging this I'm is I'm going through and I'm picking the best answer that fits the question that I asked that speaks to me excuse me and in my opinion djay true flex has the best answer he basically said best tip so far was to put a targeted word before your name it makes you rank up in the search bar for that so for a specific example he used a comic book page or hip-hop page for if it you'll see all like the fitness influencers it's like you know instant it's it's like you know Brian Guerra fit or this fit you know fitness this and that's definitely a great example and a great tip and I like his comments so DJ true flex you are today's winner either message me on YouTube not I almost said you and me I'm so used to saying that either message me on youtube I don't really check my youtube messages that much or shoot me an email to Brian that's Brian with a why at BG meeting innovation calm or you can simply comment on this video and let me know actually encourage you to comment on this video when you see this so that other people don't think that I'm giving just giving away money to my friends because that was a lot of when I used to give away money you know the $300 winner and the $100 winner I got accused of that a lot and that's obviously not true so DJ true flex you're today's winner comment on this video you know let me know somehow whether you email me and I will get you your hundred bucks for sure with that being said I'm going to end the video hope you guys liked it implement these CPA methods and you can make money and invest them into a long-term business model going forward

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