RCS Demo | Mobile World Congress 2018

July 5, 2018

Derek: Hello, my name is Derek Johnson with tatangocom

Today I'm going to be looking at an RCS business messaging demo from Mobile World Congress shot by the GSMA This one is from Bookingcom If you're interested in watching the original video the description below will include that link So this is Booking

com RCS messaging demo Jan: Good Morning, this is Jan Saan from cmcom in the Netherlands We are back again at the Mobile World Congress, this time it's in Barcelona This is the Booking

com Derek: Now right off the bat a lot of cool things happening here at the top of the message So, the first thing you're going to notice is that there's no shortcode here

It's actually the brand name that they're using So the shortcode has been replaced with the brand name So, in this case, Bookingcom Now behind that, you'll also see that there's a color, which is blue, which is Booking

com's kind of primary color This is by design Bookingcom can select what type of color they want in the mobile messaging experience for the consumer, which just kind of makes it more kind of feel familiar to the customer and it kind of keeps with the brand that is messaging you So if you're text messaging, or if you're RCS messaging I guess you would say, Bank of America would be red and then Booking

com would be blue and 1-800-flowers would be purple So, you'd have all of these different experiences and they look, you know, on point in terms of the design of the brand and the feel and kind of the experience Now, another thing you're going to notice is that little icon on the right-hand side That's actually a verified icon, which means that this message is actually coming from Bookingcom

This is not a scammer pretending to be Bookingcom, which can be very valuable for things like booking travel, but even more valuable for things like when a bank communicates to you and, you know, needs feedback or needs to know if a transaction was valid or wants you to call them So the verified little badge there is going to be pretty powerful You also realize below that there's a huge image Now while you can send images, and videos and gifs, via MMS, you can't send as high resolution of videos or images or high-definition images as you can with RCS business messaging

So this is another advantage RCS business messaging has over MMS, and definitely over SMS because SMS you can't send any images, gifs or videos Jan: homepage, verified brand booking

with a few beautiful pages Derek: Nice images you can see Big

Jan: showing how to engage with their end users and telling them that their bookings are actually confirmed and giving them much richer experience in what they expect from their properties Derek: As you can see on the phone, actually, where it says "Hi, Sam, your booking has been confirmed so you're all set for your trip!" you'll see that on the left hand side there, there's actually an icon, a Booking

com icon and it's blue Well, normally with a shortcode, so SMS or MMS messaging, you're going to see like a little face there and it's a very generic default image It's not branded for the brand That's something RCS business messaging allows that SMS and MMS does not Jan: The main thing that we have to tell our

Derek: Now again, here is kind of the top of the message You'll see the Bookingcom logo, you'll see more information about the company, including a company name, and then kind of a description of what the company is

This is going to be great when you get text messages and you're not sure exactly who it's from or why you're getting them, where, in a shortcode message, like SMS or MMS, you have to really explain it in the message, this is actually going to be included kind of in the top of the message so this is not actually in the message itself, it's more in the header, kind of like a "From:" line in an email It's giving you more information as to who this message is from And again, it says "Verified," and then if you actually click the "Info & options," it's going to open up another screen with more information about Bookingcom This is going to include how to report spam, so let's say they're text messaging you or RCS messaging you without their permission, or without your permission, you can report spam

It's going to have additional information like contact information for Bookingcom if you click that "Info & options" link at the bottom Jan: customers of Bookingcom is that the trip is actually confirmed Further on, you can see that the resort, in this case, has a specific check in and check out date, which is very important to tell these end users to make sure that they arrive on time and give the ability to them to make sure that they can add this to their agenda or Derek: As you can see here, a lot of RCS business messaging, I think, will be very similar to SMS and MMS It will be text-based, and there'll be images, which is not that much different than what currently MMS provides, or even SMS As you can see, it says "Keep your confirmation," there's a link to the cmcom All of those things are available in SMS and MMS

It goes to RCS messaging when they start including high-definition images, you've got the quick replies, the suggested actions, the custom branding, the verified sender All of those things are unique to RCS business messaging Jan: actually contact the Bookingcom customer support via chat in order to make sure that they have the right information Also, pictures of the properties are important to them, to make sure they have the very best experience, to see where they Derek: And this thing that he has right here, which is interesting, because it's not an image It actually is an image but then there's actually information attached to the image, and this is what they call a rich card It's essentially an image plus some information that you can include all kind of in the same message So as you can see here, this is like a check in, check out type informational message with the image You can see where these could be really valuable for boarding passes, or coupons, where you don't just want to send the coupon and an image, you want some additional information at the bottom there

Jan: are actually going This one's a trailer in the middle of nowhere, so it's very important to make sure

Derek: Again, another rich card here All that information is within the same message Jan:

to have the end user and the consumers go into the right place Derek: I'm going to stop him here The things at the bottom that you're seeing here are "Call property," "Open in maps," and "Install app

" So actually these are what we call suggested actions This is an RCS business messaging term A suggested action is essentially a button within an RCS business message that will do something, and in this case, it's going to open up the calling application on the phone and call this Bookingcom, or maybe the property, open in maps, or they can actually even click the "Install app" and actually open the app on their Android device Now it's important to know that RCS business messaging is only supported by Android devices right now, so you will not see a demo like this on an iOS or an iPhone device

Jan: When they need to go somewhere, or even call the property to contact them for further questions The other very big thing for Booking is that it's still driving the installing the app This is a very important thing for them, to give it even better Derek: One thing I've seen that's really cool is if he actually had multiple, more than three suggested actions, it actually, you can like swipe across and swipe this way, and it will show you more suggested actions, so that's a really cool experience if you have more than three suggested actions Jan: better and richer experience for the Booking customer

So in the near future, we will also be able to facilitate payments within this flow, which means additional things you want to buy within your Derek: That's really cool Again, as he said, this is in the future, but this is kind of where people are thinking RCS business messaging, or just messaging in general, is going to go

Once it gets payments, it gets really, really interesting for brands, because you can really do the whole customer experience from exploration to purchase to post-purchase, all within the messaging channel, which would be pretty amazing Jan: your traveling will be able to be bought by using Gpay, Google Pay, by just a slide of one button, and it's very easy access into your payments

Currently this flow is live and up and running in the US on the Sprint networks We hope that our customers and the customers of Bookingcom are very happy with this flow

We are looking forward to spread out this services flow to the rest of the world Derek: So great example from Mobile World Congress, from the GSMA, from Bookingcom, on how they're going to use RCS business messaging to make sure that people have the information once they book their experience, and then if they have issues, or if they want additional information about the property, you know, they have those suggested actions that give the consumer the information that they need when they need it Again, my name is Derek Johnson with tatangocom

If you want to see this original video, look in the description below, we have that link there, but that's it, that's an RCS business messaging demo from Bookingcom

Source: Youtube