Best Practices for Email Subject Lines

Hi there and welcome to our SendPulse channel! What are the first things you notice when opening your inbox? Right, sender name and subject line These are two elements that grab attention and prompt recipients to open the incoming message

In this video, we’ll share ten best practices for creating strong subject lines that make subscribers want to open your emails 1 So, the first thing you could do is dwell on the benefits a recipient gets Users open emails for a reason, so give them this reason by mentioning the benefits of your offer in the subject line Check out an example from Clinique

In its subject line, the company wrote "Try this foundation trick Free makeup duo with purchase," so that a recipient can see what perks are waiting for them with half an eye 2 Asking a question is another option for your subject line Questions provoke curiosity, especially if they are pointful and relevant to your subscribers

Check out an example from H&M The brand’s target audience is mostly students who are waiting for summer and vacation That’s why the company presents its new summer collection asking its subscribers a question to the point, "Dreaming of summer?" 3 Also, you can draw the attention of your subscribers by mentioning a famous brand in your subject line Famous brands turn heads and bring the desirable opens

Neiman Marcus used this trick in their subject line to announce the arrival of the new Louis Vuitton collection in their shops 4 State a deadline for your offer or mention the limited availability of the product in your subject line Throw in your subject line some words that threaten scarcity or urgency to motivate people to open your email and make the purchase Urban Outfitters, for example, show up saying "13% OFF your ENTIRE order – TODAY ONLY

" The subject line speaks for itself, and a recipient knows straight away what the email stores 5 Incorporating numbers into your subject line is our next tip for you You see, the human brain is receptive to numbers because digits help organize information in a logical order Moreover, numbers are more believable and convincing for people

Subject lines like "15 books to read before you turn 30" or "Learn Italian in 2 months with these tips" are quite noticeable, right? Shopify, for instance, use numbers to clarify the content of their email at once: “From Ideas to Action: 6 Creative Ways to Show Customers You Care” 6 Another option you can choose is to name a celebrity Tips, given by famous experts or celebrities, can work as a social proof — if a famous person is doing something, it might be right So, include an opinion leader's name in your subject line with a short snippet of what happened

Here is an example of Harvey Nichols’ email campaign They invite to read their email with the subject line "Meghan Markle's beauty must-haves" As everyone has been buzzing about the royal wedding lately, and Meghan Markle in particular, an email with such subject line will more likely get opened 7 One more trick for a catchy subject line is to mention the pain points of your target audience

If you have a clear idea of your target audience, then you might understand the problems they’re struggling with Personalize your subject line to the recipient’s pain points and try to solve it with relevant content For example, Buzzfeed write “We feel you, girl” in the subject line of an email which female audience might find familiar 8 Our next idea might surprise you, but it really works: create a contradictory subject line

Just imagine you're checking your inbox and come across the following subject line: "Don't open this email" Feel like opening this email? It's an old, but still efficient trick Curiosity is in our nature, so make it work for you by creating subject lines with opposing content Chubbies use this idea in their email campaign and send an email, which starts a “DO NOT OPEN” subject line There you are, they caught the reader’s eye and are half-way to having their email opened and read

9 Another idea for a catchy subject line is using literary devices Literary devices are expressive means of language, such as metaphor, repetition, pun or allusion It might sound nerdy, but don't worry Just check out how Chubbies used allusion referring to a famous song in their subject line: Are you singing it already? 10

Finally, create an intriguing subject line Create tension or leave the subject unfinished to shock your subscribers or wake up their curiosity For example, Valentino informs about the abandoned items in the cart saying: “We wanted to let you know…” This way the subscriber might get curious what the email is about and open it There you are, our ten tips for magnetic subject lines revealed Liked the video? Subscribe to our channel, press the bell button and don't miss out our new videos

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