AskSnapMobile | Mobile Marketing | Episode #6

July 12, 2018

Morning everybody This is Andy Mack from SnapMobile, back with another episode of ask SnapMobile

I believe we're on episode 6 If you haven't seen the show, we do these quick two minute daily videos outlining some things that are involved in building a mobile app We see a lot of people that come through our door every month who ask questions that we want to get out ahead of those questions with these videos Hopefully, some of the content helps as you think about building an app Today, I want to get into marketing, and, this is mostly for consumer facing mobile apps

A lot of questions we get, rightfully so, are involved around the technology that we're building and thats super super important I mentioned that in some other videos, we need to be thinking about the goals, and the features, and the users and then the measurement A lot of shortcomings that I see, and this is more or less entrepreneurial, folks are not thinking about the distribution of their mobile app and the marketing side of things I would be the first one to admit that's not something that we handle here at SnapMobile We want to stay in our own lane

We only want to do things that we know we can be really really good at, and that's building the technology, but that does not mean we can, and when I say we, the entrepreneur or the person building the business, needs to be focused on the distribution of their app I'm sure everybody's heard this, but the app stories are incredibly incredibly diluted right now There are so many people building apps that literally could do anything that you want So what that means is you're gonna build and release an app, you're gonna spend a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of energy to build a great piece of technology This is not the field of dreams – just because you build it doesn't mean that users will come

We really need to hone in on a marketing plan and a strategy The third part or component to that is having the budget and the funds to be able to distribute your content in a way that would get people excited about what it is that you built So, I created this video today and I'll share more information down the road about how you should look at marketing I just don't want people to overlook the fact that after you build an app, there's a lot of work that goes into making sure that people know it's there in the app store How do we optimize search to make sure that people can find it

How do we create marketing material throughout all kinds of social channels to let people know that you're there You've created this great service or great tool, it just doesn't happen overnight It takes patience and if you don't spend any time trying to get people to understand and know what it is that you built, the honest answer is they won't download it because they won't know it's there Just the token of advice, we see too many people that are coming through our office who aren't thinking about that aspect of it We tell them but I can see it in their face that they don't truly understand how much work and how much capital it's going to take

Not the build, not the build, but the actual marketing to make sure that people know what you built They'll download it and use it which will ultimately help your business to be successful Hope that helps As always please feel free to put questions down in the comments below I'm happy to dig in and answer those with you if not there's always more videos to come thanks so much for watching we'll talk to you soon

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