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Advanced MMS Marketing Strategies | Sending vCards (Virtual Business Cards)

July 5, 2018

I'm Derek Johnson with tatangocom

And today, I am going to be showing you something that I think most mobile marketers don't even know that you can put inside an MMS message So most mobile marketers know that in an MMS message you can include a subject line, over 160 characters of text, and media contents, such as a video, an animated image, so a GIF, or just a static image But there's one thing that I think most mobile marketers don't know that you can put inside an MMS message, and I think it actually could help a lot of mobile marketers and their brands in certain situations And that one thing is a vCard, a virtual business card So I'm going to show you an example here of what a virtual business card looks like when it's sent via MMS message

So I'm going to go to my phone here And I'm going to send a message to a shortcode A shortcode is a five to six digit phone number that is used by a brand to communicate to consumers So because it's an MMS message, it's going to take a little bit of time to render and to send back the MMS message that includes the vCard here But it shouldn't take that long because a vCard is not that big of a file

So wait here, and it just came in So as you can see, this is an MMS message And instead of an image or a video here, it's actually a vCard, a virtual business card So you have the subject line, text, which you can send over 160 characters of text because this is an MMS message, and then you have the virtual business card As you can see, it even has like a little avatar here

And this is my personal vCard You could also include a business vCard if you want to So I'm going to click on this And here's all my information So my phone number, my email address, my company website, even an address with

I could click on this and go to the default mapping application on the phone So pretty interesting if you had locations or offices that you wanted people to save to their mobile phone That comes to, I think, one of the most important parts of a vCard is that you can actually save this to your mobile phone

You can actually even send it in a message to other people You can share it You can create a new contact or add to existing Most likely, you're going to create a new contact So I would just click this

And I could click Done And it would add all of this information to my contact book on my mobile phone So pretty cool Now just so you know, this was an example where I texted a vCard to a shortcode, and then I responded with the vCard You can also send a mass text message out with the vCard

So it doesn't need to be triggered by a keyword A vCard could be put into a text message that is sent via mass MMS message out to all your customers or consumers So hopefully, you've learned something here today that you can include not only an image or a video inside an MMS message, but you can also include a vCard, a virtual business card

Source: Youtube