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$5 Facebook Ads For Shopify – How to Make Profitable FB Ads Using $5 Ad Sets (MICRO SPLIT TESTING!)

Well Hello Ninjas! Today we're gonna talk about how I set up a Facebook ad Campaign from scratch for all of my Shopify products and we're going to Reveal one secret method that I called micro split testing and how it could Change or Shopify business overnight stay tuned All right guys let's get into this and actually go from scratch how I would go About setting up a Facebook ad campaign using a technique that I like to call The micro split test and what this does guys is it allows you to get the fastest Amount of very accurate data about your audience that's gonna get you more Buyers quickly without spending a fortune to find your perfect buyer so Let's do gaming keyboard all right so gaming keyboard and you know whenever I'm browsing Aliexpress I like to sort by orders Just because orders gives you a little bit more kind of information as to what People are actually buying right because if there's a ton of orders here that Probably means that a lot of people are successfully dropshipping it because you Know with drop shipping they wouldn't order it unless they'd already sold it And so the most orders kind of shows what you know I like to see for 7 Dollars and 43 cents here we've had success selling this product for you know forty nine ninety five because it glows and you know it has that kind of perceived value like I've talked about in a lot of my Shopify videos so let's talk about how I would actually target people that would be interested in buying this keyboard right if you need a tutorial on how to actually import this product to your Shopify store and all of that take a look at our completely free training it will be the first link in the description our Shopify training we're gonna go through that and a bunch of other stuff showing real products that I actually sell all the time that are making a ton of profit for me on my Shopify stores so how would we actually target this particular product right if I was trying to find people who were interested in buying this gaming keyboard how would I do it so the first thing that I would do guys is I would start with audience insights and so audience insights is a really cool tool that I talk about all the time that shows you information about people on Facebook right so before we enter any specific interest it's showing us that fifty-four percent of all of Facebook is women forty percent forty six percent of all of facebook is men but if we add an interest here like twitch right twitch TV our twitch com is a website where people watch other people stream video games so it's a perfect example of something that somebody if somebody likes the twitch page on Facebook then they're also probably likely to be you know in the market and buy a gaming keyboard so we're gonna click twitch here and now we see that that fifth before percent of women change to 15% and why that happened was because 85% of people on Facebook who like twitch are men right but a really cool part of audience insights and we're gonna go through this super quick cuz I've talked about it before is it shows you other things that people are likely to also like right so major league gaming Alienware is a huge one right Alienware is a big kind of gaming keyboard company twitch overwatch elderscrolls destiny nintendo right a ton of really good stuff here so I'm gonna keep this open guys and then we're gonna talk about how to actually do this right and so let's say that you want to sell a product but you don't know anything about it right you you maybe you found a product and you knew it was related to video games but you do your aren't familiar with video games you don't know what twitch is another thing you can do is just type in you know video games here and if you type in video game and where we are right now actually is word is creating an ad set right so inside of the ad set there's this detailed targeting section so if we click video games here what we can do and a lot of people don't know this actually is Facebook will give us other suggestions right so like PC gamer is a good on PlayStation Xbox right fortnight all of these different suggestions that we can then check as well so let's actually go about building this audience right and how I like to do that is actually just using a split screen so I'm gonna put half the screen on this side half the screen on this side so I can have you know audience insights open wall and building out this ad set so we're gonna call this one gaming keyboard micro split test and the point of micro split testing guys is to figure out which interest is going to perform the best with the least amount of money right because the people who succeed at Facebook out are the ones who test we're gonna show you how to test very quickly using very small budgets because you know you never know how the markets gonna react like I can make a bunch of guesses and sometimes I'm so completely surprised even after years and millions of dollars spent on Facebook ads as to what works and what doesn't based on interest because somebody who likes Alienware might be five times more likely to buy this specific gaming keyboard with this specific audience in this specific place then somebody who likes you know roosterteeth for example and so what we're gonna do guys is we are going to actually build this out a little bit and so what we can tell by the demographics is these things are kind of true throughout right so we're not gonna split tests really except for two times on age so what we're gonna do is we are going to actually come up to where it says create multiple new ad sets and this is a great trick this is gonna say you guys so much time so if you aren't paying attention you know pay attention to this little part cuz it's gonna literally completely change the way you advertise on Facebook and so create multiple new ad sets and what we are gonna do is we are going to do a couple of age ranges right so let's let's just keep it simple for now in the United States but you know I would like to split test the United States the UK Canada Australia kind of the big four of shopify in like another tutorial but you know I mean I'll show you how to do that really quickly just with the UK so we're gonna choose ads location variation and then instead of the United States here we're gonna do United Kingdom United Kingdom and what you'll notice now is the to add sets up here has changed right so the total budget is up to 40 we're gonna talk about that in a second and we're also gonna do an age range variation because we see people who like twitch right people who like video games cuz twitch is synonymous with video games so that's why I'm choosing this one it's like the most related thing I could possibly think of for video games so people who like twitch are fifth almost 50% of people who like twitch are 18 to 24 and the other almost 40% is 25 through 34 so we're gonna do something like this we're gonna choose 18 through 24 year olds and then we're gonna add because that's the biggest portion here and we're gonna add an age range variation and we're going to do 25 through 34 year olds and the reason we're going to do that is the other 38% is in that age range and so now we have a couple of permutations going when I say permutations I just mean you know different split tests like a different ad set right and you saw that when I added these two it jumped from to ad sets to four ad sets and now our daily budgets eighty so it's good to keep an eye on that we're gonna do English here and instead of choosing all four gender since since only 15% is women we don't really want to waste our ad impressions on women in this particular case because you know eighty-five percent of the people who are interested in twitch which is synonymous with video games which is synonymous with gaming keyboards are men right so we're gonna choose men here just because it's gonna be a little bit more likely to be profitable kind of from the start and so now we're gonna go over to Page Lex right because Paige likes our detailed targeting for the most part and not every page is gonna be available in detail targeting but most of them should you know for the most part so what we're gonna do guys is we are going to add a bunch of stuff here we're gonna choose twitch alright 21 million people like that we're gonna choose that one and then we're gonna go to add detailed targeting variation right when we add this detailed targeting variation and I want you guys to see this really quick right so there's four ad sets right now but since there's other variations like there's one for United States United Kingdom there's ones for ages right now when we press add detailed targeting variation right here instead of going from four to five or four to six it's gonna go from four to eight right because of the permutations and so four to eight right and then the next one that we're gonna choose is Major League Gaming if somebody likes the major league gaming page then they're very very likely to want you know an above standard and above average keyboard a gaming keyboard and they'd probably be more likely to pay significantly more for that gaming keyboard so let's choose a couple other ones we could also choose Alienware cuz Alienware is kind of known for being you know competitive gaming computer gear and so we're gonna choose Alienware here oops Alienware and so now we have three maybe we can choose one more like Nintendo Newegg Blizzard twitch overwatch let's choose one more we'll do a sweet fortnight because it's super popular right now fortnight 61 million people so that eight went to twelve right and so now what we're gonna do guys is we are going to quickly edit the placements and you know I explain why I do this in some of my other videos but I've just proven you know that the Facebook feeds are significantly more profitable for these type of ads and when we go over all of the different types of ads super super in-depth into Facebook as ninja master class if you guys are interested there will be a link in the the first link in the description is completely free training talking way more about that so now what we're gonna do since we have 12 ad sets right what I like to do is spend $3 per day per ad set three to five dollars I generally spend five but if you're more on a budget you can do three right so I'm gonna do 12 times five which is sixty dollars and this is a daily budget you can also do lifetime but we're gonna do 12 times five which is sixty right so we're gonna do sixty dollars a day which means it's five dollars per ad set and even distribution versus balance distribution does all this means is if you have 12 ad sets all 12 will get the same amount of impressions or if you do a balanced distribution let's say that you had one ad set that had like a huge interest like twitch with like 20 21 million and you had one ad set with like a major league gaming that had 1 million obviously 21 million is much larger so it should get 21 times more of the ad budget since there's more people to show it to so I like to do even distribution just to keep everything even for now and then what we're gonna do is click continue and so that guys is how you create micro split tests on interest right and that's how you use audience insights to come up with what your best page likes would be for a particular product right and the part that we found has a hugely passionate fan base which is gamers it has perceived value because it has a kind of the LED backlights you know it's very very inexpensive relative to how much you can sell it for on Amazon these go for you know even like hundred 100 or more dollars per unit and this is just a great type of product that we've made a lot of money you know drop shipping from on Shopify with using this exact micro split testing method and what you're gonna find guys is some of these ad sets are gonna perform better some of these assets are gonna perform worse right maybe two out of the 12 have purchases have purchased this that are that are profitable for you maybe three out of the twelve have you know break-even and then maybe you know the rest of them have negative margins or aren't bringing profitable right so what you can do is you can pause the ones that aren't performing you can scale the ones that are profitable and then the ones that are profitable you can duplicate those ad sets and then test them with other types of interest guys and that that is a little bit more complicated you know to optimize and scale ads but again we do talk about all that in the Facebook ads a ninja mask for us if you guys are interested a free training down in the description guys so that is micro split testing for Shopify products we've made a lot of money doing this exact strategy guys where we do our research with audience insights and then we just split test based on the best interest relative to that product micro split tests scale the winners pause the losers and just start to optimize from there guys it's very very profitable and easy to do if you do it this way and don't have to have a huge buzzer to do it guys so if you have it make sure that you do click that little subscribe button turn on the notification bells because we are giving away $100 daily plus thousands of dollars of courses for you guys every single day and I wanna give a huge shout out to our winner yesterday right here so congratulations on that shoot us a message and we will get you hooked up with one hundred dollars straight to your PayPal and thousands of dollars worth of course its daily guys so I love you guys so much until next time see you on the next

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