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300 PER DAY WITH CPA MARKETING [BEGINNER METHOD] Free Traffic 2018 – New Method – Secret Traffic

June 22, 2018

Hey what’s going on guys it's day 50 of my youtube Video challenge and In this video we're gonna talk about how to make hundred to two hundred dollars on Daily bases with free traffic and CPA marketing and if you're someone who's just getting started and trying to make money online and trying to make that first sale on affiliate marketing or Shopify and spending a lot of money in Facebook ads and Bing ads just stop it right there because when you just getting started always go for free traffic because even big affiliate marketers are using free traffic methods To drive lot of traffic to their affiliate offers and to there own digital products and are they making a lot of sales and these are some offers and you can find this office on maxbounty dot-com and you can see it here like when it's come to CPA it's Really really easy to make money on CPA marketing because there is a reason why because when it's come to affiliate marketing and we need to make some sales to get your commission like the payment the payout is going to be really high like they pay 50 to $60 60 percentage of their total sales of but still getting the sales is really tough when you're just getting started in internet marketing That’s the reason why I suggest you to go for CPA marketing because you can see here for just Email lead they gonna Pay you money like the first one that it's paying you 515$ Per lead that’s just a email lead like they submit there emails and they gonna pay you money and getting accepted Maxbounty is really easy but it's going to take some time to verify your profile and get that sorted that's why I suggest you guys to go for yoonla yoonla is also a CPA network where you can refer someone to yoonla and you gonna get paid for the lead and if you’re someone who's interested link in the description just join yoonla and like when you join yoonla you'll be getting all this free startup course there they will teach you how to do a affiliate marketing and you're not going to pay anything this is free if you're someone who's interested joined yoonla dot-com link in the description the fast link in the description and it's really little the information they're giving out is a very very high quality and are and you're not going to pay anything like Literally Zero there's no hidden charges and that they're not going to ask for a credit card or PayPal account it's totally totally free like you don't even want to pay a dollar for this information they're giving out it for a free and now you just go ahead and sign up for yoonla when you sign up they're going to give you this free Starter course which has like a one to five sections that they go to teach you on how to build your business On internet and how to build your digital lifestyle and and how to promote Offers on affiliate marketing and CPA just went through all this sections and up the information they give me out is a really high-quality and mostly young information like this will be cost you somewhere around 200 to 400 dollars yoonla is a CPA network are it's something like a maxbounty where gonna get paid for each leads you sent to yoonla like that for just a Email submit they gonna pay you money and let me show you guys my affiliate dashboard and I just became the affiliate to yoonla and I just started promoting yoonla like I'm not spending a lot of time on yoonla and I've only spent like I one two hours on daily basis to promote this particular offer and you can see it here like it's just been two three days and right now I almost got like 18 clicks To my affiliate link you can see it here you're like I almost got a lead from United States I'm not even spending lot of time I'm just getting started with this particular account because I already have other affiliate offers i’m promoting actively because I'm making money on the other affiliate offers and shopify – I'm not Spending lot of time on this particular yoonla and but still it's working like I you can see it here like I almost got four dollars for email lead or when you send time from Tier 1 country you could get paid much higher then a tier two countries are so pretty much Yoona is going on I think I might make a lot on yoonla on coming days and if you’re someone who is interested just subscribe to my channel and I give a like to this video so I'll be posting more videos on this particular concept and let me show you guys on how to drive free traffic to offers like this and make money online so you don't have to spend money on our Facebook advertisements on Bing ads and Waste lot of money but just getting started because advertisements really Work when you have experienced that's the reason I'm asking you guys to go for free traffic and free traffic really do Works and let me show you guys some examples on how to do that for example let's say that you're trying to promote our email lead offers something like email submit CPA offers so for example let's say I'm promoting YOONLA and I always go for QUORA is the high quality traffic right now in industry and they do have the organic reach that the reason I go for quora and I spend a lot of time on Quora I ask a lot of questions and I answer a lot of questions and for example let's say that someone asked a question on does CPA marketing really make money so what I'll be doing is I'm promoting your YOONLA so I just type something like this yes it's really working to everyone who's ready to put in some work and I believe just getting started all this go for CPA because you're not gonna make any sales just going to send traffic and you're getting paid for the email leads that opt-in so just mention something like this I end of just mentioned and just put your affiliate link here and and just answer questions like this on daily basis like up back in the 2017 I use to answer like 40 to 50 questions on daily basis and i just insert my affiliate link on all those up hands i made on quora and posting I was getting like a hundred to 200 clicks on daily basis like because I do that on daily basis and it's something like compounding where the answers you post on quora will be pushed a lot by the platform and may be getting a lot of traffic like you can see it here like this particular the first answer almost got the 1900 views and all these Spend some time answer some questions like this because if you get a lot of upvots you're gonna get a lot of views like this one got almost two thousand nine hundred and I he he do have a link here maybe almost up let's say for example now he might get 500 and 600 clicks on that particular link on worst case on best case he might get at all so 500 up to almost 900 clicks it's all about the contact you give out on quora because you can literally do this on daily basis like I just start to do this on daily bases and try to answer 50 to 60 questions on daily basis mostly everything will be compounding at you do that for 10 50 days and for example let's say you doing that for 30 days and you answering a 25 questions on daily basis so that's 750 answers and 700 750 links on quora so well for example let's say we have almost each links are getting clicked 2 to 3 times on a daily basis so that's 2,000 to 250 are 2250 clicks on daily basis because I yeah because all these answers we putting in now quora will be compounding and you'll be getting a lot of clicks on that and let's say for example are you getting a one to two Percent on conversion but still it's going to make you a lot of money and the second best source for free traffic is YouTube because I always spend lot of time on YouTube , quora , Reddit because not many internet marketers are talking about all these platforms because they are using that that's main reason you should have seen more people Asking you to go for a Facebook ads and quora other advertisements of the Because it's getting saturated at the same time there's no competition in all these platform quora reddit there is no competition Quora not even touched by the market and Pinterest because the i seen lot of people are promoting their websites on Pinterest because they're getting 100,000 200,000 visitors on every month just from Pinterest it's going to be free traffic and you're not paying anything to Pinterest and at the same time you can't work on all these sites that's why I just try to spend time with one or two sites like just go for Pinterest or just go for quora or reddit because the potentials are same and let me show you guys on how you can promote this offers on l YouTube and YouTube is the best traffic source compared to quora and you can see there like I just type survey money in something like that you can see lot of Offers on survey people take survey and they gonna get paid and there is 9300 search volume on YouTube per month so you can also make a lot of money with CPA marketing surveys and you don't don't even have to show your Face on you can do something like this just you can make and you can also make videos on slideshows and you can also make a lot of commissions from a Affiliate marking CPA marketing and let me show you guys some examples are let's find somebody video okay uh this one nah so uh so it looks like it's a slideshow video that they almost have 52,000 video views and it looks like he's promoting some CPA offer and it's a inbox Dollar so inbox dollar is a survey network where if someone sign up for Surveys and they gonna pay three to four dollars for that particular Email lead this guys doing CPA offer and you can see Like his his video is getting Ranked for online surveys dominate surveys and almost pretty much everything and he have five hundred fifty two thousand video views so on most on he might have a thousand to five thousand dollars up from just from this particular video because the organic reach in YouTube is not dead like Facebook the videos is gonna get promote a lot now and he can still make videos like this and it's really easy to make videos like this you can find some websites now you're not going to spend money on software or anything else just go to some websites and they can make you free slideshow videos and actually one of my old video I show you guys the website I don't remember what the website name is you can find the video like that even make a slideshow videos and it adds the voice and everything for you and it's you free you not gonna pay anything and just go ahead and implement the strategy which I showed you guys because the strategy really works but it's gonna take some time like ah you need to spend the first two months or the pasta 15 20 days you're not gonna make any sales because mostly year you'll be only Putting out two or three videos or two or three answers on quora you can't expect result from those all you need to do just the frequency is really matters there's a reason and just put out answers on daily basis and if you can if you are someone who's just getting started and you have lot of time to do this just go ahead and answer 100 questions And put out three four videos on YouTube you going to make it like within 10 to 15 days you going to get results and you might make 100 to 200 dollars on a Daily basis it's all about the frequency and just because it's not working just don't leave it because it's just getting started it's never gonna work and it's going to take some time just stick with this and this method really works and even big affiliate marketers are using this method and driving lot of sales to their websites even now a affilaite marketers like a Tai lopez , deadbeat super affilaite and other big youtubers are doing this method to try a lot of traffic they're not spending money on advertisement they having following it's really easy to drive those traffic store offers and this method really works trying to take action and if it's someone who's interested join yoonla the link in the description the first link and if you're someone who's interesting video like this to give a like to this video and do subscribe to my channel and see you guys on the next video Thank you

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