3 of the Best Ways to Grow Your Email List – Video No. 4

3 of the Best Ways to Grow Your Email List – Video No 4 Tip 1 – Go for professional over slick with your emails

Don't send emails that look like flashy webpages This comes across as impersonal to the recipient Also, keep in mind that many email programs will not display HTML images So, do not focus on images in your emails Go for concise, professional, and inviting so that everyone can read it

Tip 2 – Use your readers to get content for your emails When your readers ask you a question, it makes great fodder for a future email Answering reader questions in newsletters in this fashion also makes your customers feel more important, because you dedicate part of your newsletter just to them You can use a traditional Question-and-Answer format, or simply state that a user asked you that question and give the answer Tip 3 – Keep your messages simple and to the point when using email marketing

People are very busy and do not have time to read through more than a couple paragraphs to figure out what you are trying to say Condense your message to a few short paragraphs, and stay focused on your main message if you found this video useful Please don't forget to Like our video, and subscribe!

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