04 | Como encontrar mi nicho de mercado para comenzar con affiliate marketing

Hello I'm Gopika from wwwlivingwellandhappy

com, the subject of this video is how to choose your niche market to start with affiliate marketing One of the most difficult things when we start affiliate marketing is choose our market niche, that is, the topic of your online business There is this general idea that to be successful with your business you need be an expert within the niche that you choose and have a lot of experience in that theme Let it be that you like to do a lot and have a true passion for it But the truth is that, in reality, you can become an expert in any niche that you choose even without having any experience or knowledge, or any Previous passion for the subject

You can start without knowing anything about a niche and dedicating time, energy and educating you in a consistent way you will be able to Offer quality help to your audience In fact if you can accelerate the process of finding a solution to a specific problem Then you can stand out as an authority within your niche At the time to choose a niche market you must be careful not to focus on a very general topic, such as: trips, diets, music, these are themes too many generals and become an expert in them and excel will be more difficult What you should do is, within those general niches look for niches specific, the more specific the better because that way you can find a public that seeks particular solutions and help them more easy A technique used to find specific niches within larger niches is called "alphabet soup" For example, let's say you're interested in travel theme, then what you're going to do is: you go to google -we'll go to google- and in the search bar you type: "trips", automatically google is going to show suggestions of topics that are popular within what people search google every day on that specific topic

Then I can immediately draw some ideas with the shot, for example Here I see that Google suggests "cheap travel", "travel to Cuba", "travel all included "See? Those are already three ideas of niches interesting with a single search Now if I still can not think of a niche with this then I can click on one of the options and I get many new ideas from specific niches and so I can continue, also, putting letters next to the main word, for example I can start with the "a" and so after you go with the letter "b", the "c" with all the letters of the alphabet Another very big platform that you can help to look for specific niches is amazon with its system of categories, for example we are going here -we are going to go to amazon- and we are going to choose "bricolage and tools" and we are going to use the "alphabet soup" technique: we put the letter "a" and there we get many, many options, we put the letter "b", see? It gives us all kinds of ideas that we can then deepen to find niches of profitable market that interest us You can also use this technique in pages like e-how, pages of the style "how to do something", with pages that show the "hows" and that can give you many ideas -then we go to the ehow page and there you see, you will immediately have all kinds of ideas to find niches profitable For example here we see, here of one, we see "vegan cookies", "ventilation domestic "," Roman curtains "," candle making ", et cetera, etcetera, so you can keep looking down on the page and you'll find ideas to find the niche market that interests you Through the years in your career affiliate marketing can involve you in many different niches, at the beginning Yes, I recommend that you focus only on one, and then, through the years, when you already have the experience, you diversify towards other topics, because that's the marvelous internet: there are so many people looking for solutions, billions each day, that any niche that you are going to choose is going to have a positive result If you study, you spend time, you become an expert in your subject So my recommendation is that at the beginning you do not want to include a lot: dedicate yourself to one, focus on a topic and so when you already have your operation system of affiliate marketing, when you have found your way of working your marketing formula, then you can start applying that formula to many different niches

So in this short video I explain them in a simple way what is the alphabet soup technique to help them find their niche market when starting with affiliate marketing Do not forget to download my book where I give tips to start successfully with affiliate marketing clicking on the link that I put here below and visit my web page wwwlivingwellandhappycom

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