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Today Viking software An overview of the Viking facebook tool Scan Post UID Used to search for competing ads Find articles with great content Auto-post auto-incremental sorting Increase the amount of interaction with the page and the article For example: Keyword box we type the keyword Sport shoes Tool will automatically scan and display the Fanpage series Automatically scan the latest post of Fanpage Fan pages and postings will be sorted by the number of like descending Fanpage has the most posts will be sorted first To check out the article right away Right click on the UID of that post Want to save the UID post The UID save option Auto Comment Select a series of articles on the Fanpage Even if it's your own fanpage Or the fanpage of the product line by keyword For example Search for software related faces Write comment content Add the characters {r} to create icons island phrase To restrict poin check Part time should be at least 300s to 400s If you plug in the comment all day should take a little longer time It forces us to use the token Let them rotate the comment Click start to start the comment Auto Reply Mesage on Page Function to send bulk messages to customers who have inbox to Fanpage of our own administration Select Fanpage Click on inboxed UID Tool will automatically scan the customer once inbox for that Fanpage Send message content Use {u} full name of customer Use {s} and {r} to display icons Time between submissions Minimum 300s to 400s The number of guests to send is very large so you should spend longer time Click start to begin Convert UID to Phone & Email This function will convert all UIDs Members in any group out email and phone number In keyword entry we type keywords related to page needs to scan data For example: marketing vietnam Click on Find group we check the button to scan Click the scan to start scanning the UID and automatically switch to email and phone numbers After scanning we want to save the data Just choose Save Email & Phone If you have a user's UID file You can completely convert that UID file to email and phone number Use the Scan UID from file button on the right It will automatically scan the UID No need to click this button and scan again And this is my result Scan Email & Phone on Post of Page & Group Scanning Email and Phone Numbers From post on group or on Fanpage When post or fanpage has many people leave email or phone number For example they comment email or phone number for advice or documentation In this case we use the Scan Email & Phone function to scan all the data to a file Search with English words We choose 1 or more faces Press Scan comment to scan Then select save data with 2 option buttons Save UID or Save Email & Phone button UID Comment to data Used to extract emails and phone numbers from the user UIDs Have commented on any post on any fanpage Functionality only applies to post on fanpage Not used to scan post on group Select Import from URL paste the link Then save the data file again UID function like to data will scan and extract emails and phone numbers From the user UIDs like post on the fanpage Its use is similar to the UID comment to data function We will paste the article link into the import button and it will automatically scan UIDs, emails and phone numbers Thank you for watching

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