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कैसे बने Market के Leader | Market Challenger Strategy | Marketing Series

Hello friends my name is Sahil khanna and you are watching intellectual indies and today we will be talking How you can become a market leader

This tropic has one to two parts in this video we will be talking about strategies to which by applying we can became a market leader if we talk about motor vehicle then general motor used to be the market leader at the beginng then toyota over took general motors and then volkswagen If you observe then market leaders are countenusly are changing Why is this happening? In telecome airtel used to be the leader but with the entry of jio market got disrupt and by now they are competing among themself In computer chip market, intel is lead as we have heard about i3,i7,i9 but if we research more then we observe AMD is also giving a tough competition to intel may be in coming years AMD could lead the computer chip market aya naya ujala char bundo wala before that what happens? before that ingigol used to come in powder form so ujala found a market need and introduced indigo in liquid form they introduced the same product but in a different way and pushed into the market by the slogan by aya "naya ujala char bundo wala" haven't used that,then you must first I must clear that if you want to become a market leader then must have to be passionate for your work

if you aren't then your strategies would fail so lets see how can we become a market leader in this there are two to three types of it first one is we took the market leader as our competitor and started competing with them second one is we took our level of competitor and took their share of market to our advantage so slow and slow to grown our market by beating others and the last one is we took the so mall market leaders and acquiring them all to become a market leader if you have watched my ola and uber video in that I mentioned that ola has acquired Taxi for sure this is also an example for leadership means acquire your all competitor to become a market leader What walmart is doing? In india flipkart and amazon used to be the leader but walmart has acquired flipkart to become a leader here walmart has a lot of purchasing power recently I heard that our trade and union of india has disapproved walmart to acquire flipkart it may lead to market disrupt blabla

bla if you want a video in this tropic then click the i button and opt for yes or no Now we will talk about 5 attacking strategies basicalley they are general attacking strategies first one is frontal attacking strategies means attacking form face to face basically attacking straight forward here you need more money to market you product you need to have less price than your competitor,even in loss also need to have more marketing budget then our competitor basically we need to be ahead in each and every front then our competitor if you want to do frontal attack then you must have a huge budget airtel and jio is the best example of it jio used frontal attack strategy by providing free data in the market jio distrupted the market also jio has a lot of money mukesh ambani is behind the jio so he throw a lot of money into the market to beat airtel in telecome sector so airtel was unable to compete with jio and a lot of potential customer shifted toward jio most of the customer has both jio and airtel but now customer got used of free-free and freejio is free now the price is almost same for all operators but still jio has positioned in our mind that jio is free so in telecome if we see the market leader in terms of cheap plans then it is jio according to you who is the telecome leaderclick the i button and opt for it next one is flank attack means identifying the market gap that is there is a gap of a particular product which my competitor isn't targetting so I need to capetalize that product and started working on igt

as I previously gave you the example od ujala people used to buy powdered neil and then need to mix it but ujala introduced in liquid form and it made simple for the customer if you don't know about neil than it is used for whitening of cloths next one is encirclement attack hope you heard about sun microsystem if not than have you used javaIt is founded by sun microsystem so their competitor was microsoftSo what they did to beat microsoft they sold their lisence to small farm of java so most of the firm started using java and when the digital era started java became the market leader as most of the developer know about it so here you did not attack at the front you did reverse by attacking at the back here you did not let your competitor know about your attack you need to let know them when you are fully prepared and the time is over for them now you need to think how you would use these strategies to your advantage next one is bypass attack means applying lot of technology in product so consumer did not have any alternative in buying my product

or I entered into unrelated market lets take an example google and yahoo I like google so we will discuss about google so google introduced a perfect search engine algorithm which yahoo doesn't had lets take the example of android before android symbiam used to be the the market leader and at that point google has offered nokia to take android but they did not buy today all nokia phones are on android but nokia has lost its market leadership at that point if nokia had bought the android then there would have been a different scene if we see almost all phones are of same design if we look past nokia phones then all the modeles are of different designs they used to work on innovation now nokia does not have any more leadership so I have one more example in my mind is CD disc CD disc used to be the market leader but with the advent of ipod now you can have 100s of songs anywhere sudden technolygical advancement lead to new marketThe one who has money shifted toward digital platform so if you can do this type of changes in your product think what can I do in my product so unique that if my competitor thinks to beat me it would take 8 months to do that if your market is big then your competitor would be the end in 8 to 10 months after that whatever you do you will be the market leader last thing is gorilla marketing which I have already made a video on that so if you want then can click on the i button So one thing you must keep in mind that leader will be global,country wise or state wise most of the leader are state wise I am telling you once again that we have a chemical work most of the time we supply the leaders who are state leader but no one knows outside of their state take an example of wagh bakri chai

Have anyone heard that wagh means Lion and bakri means goat so according to them is tea is drunk by both lion and goat this tea is hard and sweet too so this company belongs from gujarat this company is leader in gujarat for tea leaf most of you comment if I am from gujaratso please comment below how much is wagh bakri known in your area I am from Delhi and here wagh bakri isn't a big brand here red level,taj or may be uttam chai if you are from delhi then do tell which tea leaf is famous in delhi do tell of your own state which tea leaf is famous there so we have to analize which tea leaf is leader in which state so here we can work on this strategy also don't think directly competing with coca cola or pepsi we can be a part of small market leader and later working on big competition

so my battery is getting low and I think I had covered all the points in this video So my this tropic ends hereHope you liked my video for questions I has asked do comment below in the comment section buy,good night

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